Port huron ; Calm and Peaceful….


Peace of mind is important for our existence…. What all things make your mind calm??? 

Write your suggestions in the comment box below….

I have a suggestion…. Spend time in a beach…. We feel our burdens less after visiting a beach…. I have been to Port Huron beach last year….

Let me share my experience I had in Port Huron….

So as always lets jump into the topic…. (Hi… hi…)

Lighthouse Beach

This beach is a complete package for whole family. 900 feet of waterfront with a historic park and picnic area, what else we want for an amazing trip??? There is a light house nearby which is an added benefit.

04780584-46AE-4275-B3F5-491584D6A54CFort Gratiot Lighthouse

Kids can play in the sand (I suggest to take sand play toys for extra fun for kids). You can dip your toes to enjoy the seducing beach. Kids those who can swim…

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