Series: Introduction (Of Times I have Seen#1)


Kumar, A

Born on the 17th of July in 1971,

Died due to untreated tumour in the brain. The 17th of July, 2013(aged 43)

Author of The Times Past, and O’the Girl Beyond the Sheep Hut(published posthumously in 2015)

Collected Baffles(Anthology of Short Stories), 1999

Of times I have seen(Autobiography),2019(posthumously)



This piece of work was retrieved by the Municipal board workers when they were moving out the furnitures and other trifles from the house of Mr. Kumar for the Municipal Office by order. His unnatural death was a surprise for everyone, and a shock for the moneylenders, who would not settle only for the royalties recieved on his books. After a legal procedure that went about for six months, Kumar’s properties were bequathed by order to Mohan Paisawala, Suresh Yadav and Loknath Bala and the case was permanently closed. However, it was agreed upon by another legal…

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