Arboreal vine: Merval, who questioned Lula’s lectures, today has to explain his $ 375,000



Arboreal vine: Merval, who questioned Lula’s lectures, today has to explain his $ 375,000

Journalist Merval Pereira, who campaigned for Lula’s political arrest, or for the electoral fraud that resulted in the election of Jair Bolsonaro, today was compelled to explain why he received $ 375,000 from Senac – following a complaint on social networks. by Bolsonaro himself. In his article, Merval said the value refers to 13 lectures – not just one

Merval announces Lula's arrest date: 26 or 27
Merval announces Lula’s arrest date: 26 or 27

247 – When former President Lula, the most popular politician in Brazilian history, who received invitations to lecture around the world, became the target of a judicial war process to be arrested and then excluded from the 2018 presidential dispute, Globo journalist Merval Pereira was one of the protagonists of the media campaign against Lula.

In July 2017, for example, he wrote that Lula would need to explain his lectures. “When they blocked R $ 600,000 from former President Lula’s checking account – it is amazing to have this amount in the current account – the PT issued a note saying that he was going to starve. A day later, R $ 9 million appear in plans to Lula had every condition of being a millionaire, given the price he charged for the lectures he says he had given since 2010. But he needs to prove that they existed and that they were not a counterpart to contractors. Odebrecht said he had prepared a scheme with the talks so that the former president would have a good retirement, “Merval posted in his column .

This Sunday, however, it is Merval who tries to explain himself after being accused by Jair Bolsonaro of receiving $ 375,000 for a lecture by Senac. “In fact, I did not receive this total, because the program was interrupted, and I ended up giving 13 lectures, which were reported in local newspapers, in Fecomércio do Rio publicity announcements, on websites, and filmed. The lectures were open to trade representatives. , industry, education, local politicians, students The following were the cities of the lectures: Angra dos Reis (3/30/2016), Miguel Pereira (14/4), Três Rios (28/4), Volta Redonda ( 5/5 /); Barra do Pirai (19/5); Teresópolis (16/6); Valença (9/6); Barra Mansa (14/7); Rio das Ostras (28/7) Petrópolis (11/8 ); Rio de Janeiro (7/12 /); Cabo Frio (3/16/2017); Niterói (25/5/2017) “, wrote Merval this Sunday .

In Merval’s case, a verse by Geraldo Vandré that refers to a “day that is coming, that this world will turn” goes well… It is in the song Aroeira, from the album Canto Geral, released in that year of contests. And it fits well with the results gathered by sectors of the commercial press in relation to the Lula administration: “It is the return of the aroeira vine in the loin of those who had it given”.

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