Boote und Schiffe – Ende


„Doch ein Verlangen überkommt ihn, über das Wasser hin zu fahren.
Zur Frucht wird die Blüte, die Schönheit der Beeren erscheint,
je schöner die Flur je leichter die Reise,
all das ruft nach dem Menschen kühnen Gemüts,
dem Reisen fliegt sein Herz zu, schon zieht er in Gedanken
auf Meeresfluten in die weite, weite Ferne.“

The Seafarer nach Ezra Pound

Mit diesem Beitrag geht die Blogparade der “Boote und Schiffe” zuende. Wir haben unglaublich viele Schiffsbilder betrachtet und neue Schiffsbezeichnungen kennengelernt, wir haben Zeilen über Schiffe, Boote und Kähne gelesen, manche fuhren über Flüsse, andere übers Meer, wieder andere schwebten durch den Himmel und die Zeiten. Wir lasen über Fischer, wartende Frauen und den Ozean. Das alles ist so viel geworden, dass ich zwar meine Anfangs angedachte Diashow als Finale umgesetzt, mich aber in der Regel nur für ein, zwei Bilder, pro Person und ihrem verlinkten Beitrag entschieden habe.

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om proportioner i tid: Galaxer 2/4

En fråga som måste ställas i detta sammanhang är: “Hur gammal är vår kunskap om galaxerna? ” Sett till fenomenet självt är kunskapen så ung att den inte ens kan kallas nyfödd. Det är bara drygt 100 år sedan våra tekniska resurser och samlade kunskap i nära samarbete kunde erbjuda tillräckligt bra syn och dito öppenhet för att vi skulle förstå att vårt universum innehöll flera galaxer – att vår galax “bara” är en av många. Det ryms helt enkelt fasligt många hundraårsperioder på drygt 13 miljarder år och galaxer har siktats på över tretton tusen miljoner ljusårs avstånd.

Andromeda_Avvglaengder Andromedagalaxen, fotograferad i olika våglängder. Alla bilder förmedlar sin del av information. Bild(er): Radio: WSRT/R. Braun; Infrared: NASA/Spitzer/K. Gordon; Visible: Robert Gendler; Ultraviolet: NASA/GALEX; X-ray: ESA/XMM/W. Pietsch

Bilden ovan till trots, är det betydelsefullt, om inte annat så för vår ödmjukhets skull, värt att se tillbaka på våra galaktiska upptäckter…

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Weighing in Part 2 of Bishop’s Lodge: Is this a Resort Life for Horses?

Willow Croft

Here are the latest photos I took today: 3/26/2018.

Again, I did not trespass to take these photos. I stayed on the rightaway and used the zoom on my camera.

I have attempted to bring attention to these horses via social media and by contacting the Santa Fe New Mexican, the Santa Fe Reporter, and the KOB Channel 4 News

Via the Bishop’s Lodge website, the lodge, and presumably the horses (they are on the Bishop’s Lodge property), are now part of the Auberge Resorts Collection. There is also an HRV Hotel Partners listed on the sign.

Also, the Bishop’s Lodge website mentions that they have/will be:

  • in an upcoming episode of ABC’s The Bachelor.
  • Has made Architectural Digest’s Top 18 New Hotels in 2018 list

I have tweeted my previous blog and included the Twitter handles and/or hashtags for Auberge Resorts, ABC Network…

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Paseo por Villa Arnaga. Edmond Rostand

maria bilbao

Visito Villa Arnaga en Cambo les Bains, convertida en casa museo, está situada a 15 kms de Bayona y Biarritz, en el País vasco francés. El día está nublado, sólo algún rayo de luz, resultando una atmósfera blanquecina que le da un aire irreal, de cuento de hadas. La casa de estilo neo-vasco, obra del arquitecto parisino Joseph Albert Tournaire, tiene una fachada blanca dibujada con estructuras de color rojo-granate y una cubierta a dos aguas. Las ventanas son amplias para facilitar el paso de la luz. Fue vivienda del dramaturgo y poeta francés, Edmond Rostand. Nació en Marsella en 1868 y murió en París en 1918. Rostand, por sus problemas de salud, eligió Cambo les Bains para construir su casa familiar por su clima suave que le beneficiaba. Allí vivió con su mujer Rosemonde Gérard, poetisa, y sus hijos Maurice y Jean. Él mismo se encargó de diseñar el…

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National Dog Day(s)

Pacific Paratrooper


'Scoop' - Stars & Stripes mascot in Korea Sept. 1950 ‘Scoop’ – Stars & Stripes mascot in Korea Sept. 1950

Whether battle-trained or just loyal, man’s best friend has been photographed following troops into battle since the Civil War. And just like the changes in tactics through the years, the relationship between servicemembers and canine companions has evolved through training, on the battlefield, and how they’re used back home.

With wagging tales and slobbering kisses, dogs now help assimilate servicemembers to life away after returning home — something Stars and Stripes has documentedseveral times in the twilight of the United States’ most recent conflicts.

Smedley Butler - USMC, San Diego facing his Drill Sgt. Smedley Butler – USMC, San Diego facing his Drill Sgt.

In celebration of National Dog Day, here’s a look back at the dogs that have greeted, helped and stayed by their best friends during the most trying times.

For a video about working dog, trained by veterans – for…

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A Girl with Thousand Fault. #LifeofAGirl

My Small World

A girl born, no one is happy

A girl crawls, no one seen

A girl walked, no one care


A baby is killed, she was a girl

A girl is trapped, she is responsible

A woman is raped, she is not dressed properly

An old woman has died, she has completed her journey

A Girl

A girl is a queen of her own heart

Her thinking is beyond the world

She is a little bird with large feathers

If she flies one day, no one catches her, no one bound her, no trap her.

If she started to shout then no one can talk in front of her.

She is a fighter, not a loser.

Love her to get back the love

Hate her and she will destroy you.

Care her and she will give you motherly feeling

Harm her she will give you feeling like death

One day…

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The Time Machine … Nel Castello dei Balocchi

EPOCHE' (fotoblog di francesco)

The Time Machine
Back to the Past

Mille Miglia Rimini The Time Machine
Mille Miglia – Rimini 19-05-2016

Nel Castello dei Balocchi
Rocca Malatestiana di Verucchio

… Elle me prit par la main et nous traversâmes plusieurs pièces; puis elle ouvrit la porte d’une chambre où s’offrait un spectacle extraordinaire et vraiment féerique. Les murs ne se voyaient pas, tellement ils étaient revêtus de joujoux. Le plafond disparaissait sous une floraison de joujoux qui pendaient comme des stalactites merveilleuses. Le plancher offrait à peine un étroit sentier où poser les pieds. Il y avait là un monde de jouets de toute espèce, depuis les plus chers jusqu’aux plus modestes, depuis les plus simples jusqu’aux plus compliqués. …

… Lei mi prese per mano e attraversammo diverse stanze; poi aprì la porta di una camera dove si offriva uno spettacolo straordinario e veramente magico. I muri non si vedevano, talmente…

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Antwerp’s Allure


Antwerp is a beautiful city only 45 minutes away from Brussels. In the mid-16th century it was one of Europe’s most important cities and home to baroque superstar painter Pieter Paul Rubens. I have no doubts that this charming city is the country’s capital of cool. It’s long been a powerful magnet for everyone from fashion moguls and club queens to art lovers and diamond dealers.


Behind me, you can see the spectacular train station. It is very grand and impressive. With its neo-Gothic facade, vast main hall and splendidly proportioned dome, the 1905 Antwerpen-Centraal train station is one of the city’s premier landmarks. It was rated one of the world’s five most beautiful stations. It’s also very practical, the multilevel platforms having had a full 21st-century makeover.


Antwerp’s Flemish Renaissance architecture is typified by the Grote Markt, a central square in the old town. For centuries now, the city has been…

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Everything is sacred


From my perspective, I see that it is true. From the contrast of a crow in the snow. to the ingenuity of humanity to create and express, lends to us all a richness that, if one is still and aware, provides meaning to life.

I love trains

One of my favorite things to do to provide nutrition to my soul is to visit The Minneapolis Institute of Art. It is free except for parking. I particularly am attracted to sculpture.


Here are a few that caught my eye during a recent visit.


From the eyes through the heart to the hands we all have the treasures left to “lose our selves and find ourselves at once” appreciating the creations of others.

Some paintings caught my attention as well. These and many more were ingested as a supplement for a healthier coexistence.

Doing this is a gift to myself and to all I encounter and beyond radiating love…

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Marine Dog – Lucca

Pacific Paratrooper

Two Heroes! Two Heroes!

Marine dog, Lucca, was given a wonderful tribute in the Parade Sunday magazine.  After more than 400 missions in Afghanistan, no one had been hurt by an IED when they were with her.  She was the only one that the Green Berets felt comfortable hugging after a tough day.

Mamma Lucca, as she is nicknamed, was injured herself.  Handler Col. Juan “Rod” Rodriguez quickly applied a tourniquet and she was air-lifted to one veterinary team after another in all-out attempts to save her life.  They succeeded, but Lucca lost her left-front leg in the action.  You can see her honorary Purple Heart on her harness.  Today she lives with her original trainer, Gunnery Sgt. Chris Willingham and his family.  She continues to serve at VA hospitals and in schools.

Could someone please explain to me WHY this Hero’s Purple Heart is considered HONORARY??

If anyone is interested in…

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