Brooklyn Bound during 2020 Global Pandemic

One Place at a Time

Hi there!

Day 65 of Quarantine in the Big Apple and the party is just getting started!  The days are long and observing out the window seems to be on repeat. I am being ordered by the Governor Cuomo to stay indoors and my field of work is not considered essential. I have been out of work for 2 months now and have been keeping busy everyday. I know, it could be way worse and I am thankful to still be able to be in New York during this time as a vegan diabetic dancer.

The center of the world. The ground zero. An island I will not get to see in such peaceful condition, due to being stuck in Bedstuy. Brooklyn vibes feel like any other regular day. Besides the streets being less busy, people in Brooklyn are living normal lives with masks on.

Ambulance sirens still fill the…

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A PAUSE…in the History of Time!

Stories by Shivangi

‘London Statue STOP’ – the denner would yell and all of us would stop, statue-like in whatever positions we were.

Those who moved would be out of the game, some would nudge and poke, some would hastily change positions, while many would simply enjoy the pause. But that pause was for a game and this pause amid Coronavirus is for…life itself. Distressing, funny, confusing, unprecedented…

India has locked down completely, USA is in turmoil with more than 3.8 million unemployed people, Spain and Italy are under great pressure, countries are taking desperate measures.

For the first time in history, no one is in controlof the situation. And humans don’t like not being in control. Who is the denner? When will he say – Go?

This sudden pause…a break in our fast paced lifestyles is toppling, wrecking, shaking and affecting many lives. Many people have readily halted while many…

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Hong Kong – Zoological Botanical Garden

100 Country Trek

Short and easy bus ride to the gardens from our Hotel. Easy bus ride as I say… tough part, steep climb up the hill to the Park entry. Located on the Northern slope of Victoria Peak. Founded in 1864, it was originally developed for plants.


Approaching the Western side of the park we hear strange howling sounds. It is actually from these monkeys swinging from tree to tree in their enclosed cages. There are buff- cheeked gibbons, an orangutan, a sloth, black and white lemur and others types of animals as well.  An African spurred tortoise looked sad confined in a small space.

We have seen many of these animals in the wild. It always makes me so upset to see animals caged up and crammed together.  The happiest part was the cat standing on his own at the top of the steps.

Plants and Trees

Best part of…

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Yet another Postcard from Dubai

View from the Back

It’s early February  – bear with me here – and this year, just like the last few years, we’re enjoying some sunshine in Dubai. My beloved is here for the dental exhibition, an opportunity to meet with a number of his distributors, largely local dental professionals and the company’s Indian partner. I’ve topped and tailed this business committment with a few day’s vacation.

We may still have spritely springs in our steps but neither of us are spring chickens – much as it pains me to admit it. We may look and act a lot younger but we both admit we are slowing down and it takes us longer to recover from things like jet lag. However, there’s nowhere nicer to recover than in the hotel we rather regard as our home from home in Dubai.

However, despite this being a catch-up post, I am getting ahead of myself.


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Fort Conde, Guantanamo Bay

Town Traveller

Located around the western part of Guantanamo Bay lies Fort Conde. Neglected through the years, as nature took over covering the entire structure. While the fort itself  awaits its time to shine.

So today we decided to go visit Fort Conde, it was mentioned weeks ago that people on the base can visit this secluded place. There isn’t a lot of things to do in the island but the fact that very few know this place is interesting. There are several myths or rumors of what Fort Conde is, others says its a Spanish fort built by the Spaniards while others says only remnants of the fort remains. Well me and my friends decided to find out for ourselves.

15443161_10207870303258884_6309013854947875454_o.jpg On the way

First you will need to register at the MWR  Marina behind the NGIS, a small road going downwards. If there are only 4 or less in your party…

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Quebec is Amazing!

The Library Lady Travels


I recently had the good fortune to go on a cruise which started out with 3 days in Quebec, Canada. It was gorgeous, especially this time of year, quirky – see the runaway clown – and enchanting. How’s that for a bit of hyperbole? Actually, words don’t really suffice so  I’ll share a few of my favorite photos.


What the heck ?! questions-1922476__340 On our first day in Quebec, we were strolling around the city and stumbled onto this! It looks like a rogue hot air balloon . . . maybe it was running away to the circus? Or could it be a weird art installation? Are there any Quebecois (not a typo) out there who can shed some light on this?

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12 Days in Argentina (Part 1)

Mauby Tales & Travel

Argentina, the land of tango, soccer, Eva Perón, Che Guevara, good wine, Patagonia, and architecture that in one moment reminds me of New York and in another, draws stack similarity to Paris. Argentina has always been on my list of places I had to visit. The country was a mystery to me with the chords of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” rings in my ears. Yes, I was a child when Madonna sang that song, giving a lasting impression that this country was one of resilience, elegant, and style. I had many preconceived notions about this country before I dared to venture. Every one of these notions painted it in a very positive light. Strangely enough, after visiting Argentina for 12 days, I walked away with some of my assumptions satisfied, but also a bit saddens by some elements of my trip.

I broke my trip into two parts, starting…

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Everyone MUST live under the Islamic Law … or DIE!

Wim's Blog


The Islamic Law is part of the Islam and can’t be separated. The Islamic Law applies to the lives of Muslims (sexuality, food, rituals, leisure activities, dress, hygiene etc.). The Islamic Law not only describes those laws, but also supplies the rules for punishments, which must be implemented by the letter of the (Islamic) Law. What we all see happening in Syria, Africa and Iraq, the ISIS (and other Islamic Extremists) behead, stone and crucify people, and the reason is the Islamic Law. Furthermore, there is a strong trend of Muslims in host countries in Europe and the US, that they want to have the civil law replaced by the Islamic Law, even when they are clearly the minority. That this is a bad idea, is an understatement. This article describes what the Islamic Law means for people like you.

What’s the Islamic Law?

The Islamic Law or Sharia

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Scout Ranger Captain Rommel Sandoval’s Promise: ‘Walang Iwanan’

Color My World

by: Preciosa S. Soliven

a repost from The Philippine Star, 30 Nov 2017

Thank you, Precious, for this wonderful article honoring a young officer who died during the last quarter of the Marawi campaign, Captain Rommel Sandoval. Thanks too to Natashya Gutierrez of Rappler for her write-up. To you, Cavalier Rommel, my snappy salute!!! You embody what our alma mater song ever so gently inculcated in our hearts…

When bells for us are rung, And our last taps is sung

Let generations see, our country free!

Oh, Lead to righteous way, Those solid ranks of gray

Thy virtues to display, Academy, Oh hail to thee…

(Note: The late Capt Rommel Sandoval would later be awarded the Medal of Valor, the highest award bestowed to members of the AFP.)

September 10, Day 111 of the Marawi Siege

The Marawi siege lasted from May 23 to Oct 23, 2017. (Read: Marawi Will…

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Zweimal Apfelernte

Hornissen gelten zwar als räuberische Jäger, sind aber in Wirklichkeit Vegetarier. Nur die Larven füttern sie mit erbeuteten Insekten. Die erwachsenen Tiere ernähren sich hingegen bevorzugt von süßen Baum- und Pflanzensäften sowie Obst. Bei uns haben es ihnen vor allem die Äpfel angetan.

Zwischen den beiden folgenden Bildern liegt der Sommer, das erste ist von Anfang Mai, das zweite von Ende September.

Wir hatten letztes Jahr so viele Äpfel, dass ich mir einen Destillierapparat gekauft habe, um Schnaps zu brennen. Trotzdem sind noch Reste übrig geblieben, mit denen ich dann im Frühjahr die Amseln gefüttert habe. Auch eine Hornisse hat sich daran bedient.

Ein paar Tage später kam der Frost und dementsprechend mager war die diesjährige Ernte. Ich habe keinen einzigen Apfel abbekommen. Die Hornissen und die Vögel waren schneller. Wir Menschen sind quasi der Puffer: Ist der Ertrag schlecht, müssen wir als erstes verzichten, nur im Überfluss kommen wir…

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