A trip to Liubjiana


A trip to Liubjiana !

D9ECB581-2762-4A70-B7DE-9F699110C43AI haven`t written in a while . Busy … Busy !

But I had the time to make a short trip to Vienna to meet a friend from childhood that managed with a Law Degree to get a job at an Audi dealership  as a consultat . We knew each other since we we`re 10 years old . I loved this girl . She was the most beautiful of all in my neighborhood .

After spending 2 nights in Vienna wen`t back home to Romania , my home city , Bacau , but before I made a quick stop to  Liubjiana . In all my honesty if I had to choose from Venice and Liubjiana , Liubjiana will be my favorite . Besides the fact that the city is filled with students from all the neighboring countries ,  I`ts a city full of lights . All the…

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Eduardo I de Inglaterra**Conocido como “El Zanquilargo” o “Piernas Largas”


Eduardo I de InglaterraEduardo I de Inglaterra

Eduardo I

Rey de Inglaterra (1272-1307)

Nació el 17 de junio de 1239 en Westminster. Fue el hijo mayor del reyEnrique III.

A los quince años contrae matrimonio con Leonor de Castilla.

eduardo-I-de-InglaterraMantuvo una posición dudosa durante la lucha que los barones mantuvieron contra la Corona, exigiendo reformas constitucionales y eclesiásticas, mas cuando estalló la guerra entre el Rey y la nobleza, luchó al lado del Monarca y ganó la batalla decisiva de Evesham en 1265. Cinco años más tarde deja Inglaterra para unirse a la séptima Cruzada.

Reconocido como rey a la muerte de su padre, ocurrida en 1272, por los nobles ingleses, cuando todavía se encontraba en el extranjero. A su regreso, en 1273, fue coronado. En los cinco primeros años del reinado de Eduardo acabó con la corrupción en la administración de justicia, restringió la jurisdicción de los tribunales eclesiásticos a…

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Under Cover



Day 243 – September 10, 2018

Irony – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Stoic – Manic Mondays / Bridges – Photo for the Week #8 / Day 10 – #SeptemberSquares / Stability – FOWC / Grace – RDP / Tempestuous – WODC / Made of Wood – citysonnet DWP

Another day of rain, more flooding, and more photos of water, equaled a trip to find the flooding.  Found it. Before I even checked what the prompts were today I knew I wanted to stop at this bridge.  How fortunate the irony when I assembled today’s prompts. This is the Utica Covered Bridge, the fourth that I have photographed this year (more photos below).  I tried to capture the sheer magnitude of these tempestuous waters.  When I approached the bridge, there was no way I was able to keep a stoic demeanor.  To put this in perspective, the tree in the…

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Just travel


 Goa is not only the land of beaches or city of
churches; it’s a feeling that defines thrill in
most amazing way

                                         GOA BEYOND THE BEACHES..!

Why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond its beaches ? Even when i were close to my eyes a month back and think of Goa i would think of beaches – pristine blue with golden sand and perhaps a bottle of Goa’s favourite chilled beer King’s. However , that trip to the land has changed it all . Here is a small Travel blog story on Goa beyond beaches.

goa beyond beaches - street photography Goa beyond beaches – Panjim

We were a group of friends who have visited Goa last month , and stayed in…

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My Encounters with Organized Labor

No Facilities

It’s a holiday weekend (Labor Day) here in the US. I wrote this post in 2013. Since so few people visited this blog at that point, I revised it for today. You’ll be please to know that I trimmed about 100 words off the original.

The first time I came face to face with organized labor was in the parking lot of a machine shop that made gun barrels. The night before, I had worked my first solo shift running the drills. The daytime driller met me in the parking lot with a scrapped gun barrel in one hand and my tally sheet in the other. I wasn’t sure how he got the tally sheet; I had dropped it into a locked box. He informed me that I had drilled too many barrels, pointing to an edited count with the end of the gun barrel – “this is how…

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Messages from the Edge

Out an' About

My sunglasses dropped down the cliff. I was mortified.

Looking down at the ocean from high above I felt an overwhelming urge to get them back.

Ordinarily I would have cut my losses and left them. The jagged cliff hung high over the ocean and the sea below was rough and choppy, but I could see my sunglasses on the rocks below and I believed there was a way down. I was determined to get them back.


So slowly, ever so slowly, I took the first step. I could see what resembled a narrow goat track and felt a sense of determination.  As I set off, each step taken with blind faith, footings appeared in the rocks.

Another step, then a third, and each time I could see a little bit in front of me, not much but enough to convince me I could make it. Half way down and the…

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The End of the Okinawa Fighting

Pacific Paratrooper


Hari-kari to end Okinawa

‘The Fall of Japan” by William Craig, excerpt submitted by Rosalinda Morgan who can be found at https://subliblog.wordpress.com/

On the evening of the twenty-first of June, Generals Ushijima and Cho sat down to a sumptuous meal in their home under Hill 89. Overhead the Americans walked on top of the escarpment, where Japanese soldiers continued to resist them by fighting for every rock and tree.

The generals ate quietly. As their aids offered toasts, the two leaders drank to each other with dregs of whiskey preserved for this moment. A full moon shone on the white coral ledges of Hill 89 as a final tribute rang through the cave: “Long live the Emperor.”

At 4:00 A.M. on the morning of the twenty-second, Ushijima, cooling himself with a bamboo fan, walked with Cho between lines of crying subordinates to the mouth of the cave. There Cho…

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Discover The Photographs Of Artists Rats By Ellen van Deellen

Flow Art Station

13Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 1023639ba4ba1281b624d4afba21bec08b63Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 43Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 163Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 173Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 53Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 80_a4b0f_31b1c5e5_orig3Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 133blog_yummypets_rat_clarinette_02_141093084fb55aeeeb2bea03efde18946912.jpg - Copie3baab49469fd98882997d3fdf75c74ba - Copieflat,1000x1000,075,f.u2q3Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 159.jpg - Copie855303439058919474f1e20d6a7c5191a4a018b3fdb0033bthe-chess-players-ellen-van-deelenarticle-2234744-1617B86B000005DC-0_1024x615_large.jpgcute-rat-bear-Ellen-van-Deelen-blue - Copieflat,1000x1000,075,f.u2a.jpgblog_yummypets_rat_caddie_02_143Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 2535299000081ad_big.jpgcute-rat-bear-Ellen-van-Deelen-yellow - Copie

Discover The Photographs Of Rats Artists By Ellen van Deellen

On Redbubble

Dutch photographer and artist Ellen van Deelen has created series of photos: with musicians rats, and scenes of lives of our daily life.
As the main characters were his pets Moppy, Witje and Rosie.
One day, Ellen saw a mini guitar playing in the shop window, and immediately she presented the picture of her two students as musicians. Not without reason the rats in their mental development are considered to be one of the closest to humans:
Moppy, Witje and Rosie, under the direction of the hostess, quickly learned to take tools and pose in front of the camera. It should be noted that Ellen herself loves music, likes to play violin and guitar. In the photos, the rats appear in images so beautiful and very touching.
“They are very smart and respond to their names – said…

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The palace in the small town


There is a small town called Resen, located in the southwestern part of Macedonia near Prespa Lake in the Prespa region. Prespa region is known as an agricultural region producing apples. It’s one of those places in the country that are off the tourist radar, however, there is one intriguing building that attracts the tourists.


This building outstands from the other buildings in the town by its size and its style. That’s why there are stories connected with this building, especially for the reason why it was built. Here are some of the stories:

Once upon a time, there were two friends who spend their childhood together, they were even calling themselves “brothers”. One of them decided to leave the country and live in Paris, France. After a couple of years, he sent a postcard to his brother and wrote:

“Dear brother, this house in the postcard is my house…

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3 Days and 2 Nights in Sa Pa, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam


   Sa Pa, the marvellous mountainous area in Northwest Vietnam, home of several ethnic minority groups, is getting more and more popular. Lily’s Travel Agency, one of the best tour operators in Vietnam, can offer you an awesome and memorable journey to Sa Pa. Here is our 3 Days and 2 Nights experience to share with you!

Day 1

     After hotel pick-ups from our hanoi hostels and snores on a comfortable sleeper bus, we finally arrived to Sa Pa town around 5AM. We were served breakfast around 6AM, and started our trek to the mountains around 8AM. Our group is composed of Mexican, Chilean, American, Singaporean, and German tourists and a Black Hmong tour guide named MamaMu. We trekked for almost 6 hours and found some interesting sites such as marijuana plantation, green tea plantation, heaven’s gate, ethnic tribes, and indigo-dye making facilities. We trekked for almost…

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