Walk / Don’t Walk?


I woke up this morning with the theme tune to “Sykes” in my head – its a TV sitcom from the 70s which we used to watch growing up. The show starred Eric Sykes, and Hattie Jacques as his sister, then there was Corky, the local bobby, + Mr Brown, the next door neighbour. All excellent character actors and very funny too! 

Those characters remind me of the old Giles cartoons, they appeared daily in a newspaper from God knows, before the war, till way into the 70s – there were crazy looking characters like Granny, a sturdy looking victorian lady, and Chalky, the school teacher, Aunt Vera, a skinny woman who always had a cold, hence the hanky! There was a lot of love for the people in those cartoons, and in Sykes’ TV show too. 

If you click this link, and click the random image button…

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Happy Gardening



The Growzilla highlights an intense LED develop light on a Yo-Yo framework so as to convey the lights near your plants. This development framework can develop from SEED to HARVEST in 10 weeks. By following our simple to take after directions, you can expect thick, tasty, and exceptionally solid plants.

The Growzilla comes completely gathered, simple to take after directions and boundless telephone/email technical support. This develop box is fledgling benevolent. Basically, take after our well-ordered direction guide and you will get on hydroponics in the blink of an eye. We will give all that you require. All you need to get are the seeds or the plants. Set up your pre-amassed develop box and begin developing! The Growzilla will deliver a full gather in…

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Să călătorim cu pasiune

Magic and Books

Cu toții ne dorim să avem parte de vacanțe cât mai exotice, palpitante și pline de descoperiri. Majoritatea dintre noi ne alegem vacanța în funcție de buget, de timp și dorințe. Cel mai des alegem locurile unde avem parte de soare, marea, cui nu-i place marea? Tuturor, dar diversitatea și atracțiile sunt cele care ne fac să ne dorim să explorăm și alte atracții turistice.

Vacanța mea a început cu destinația Constanța, Eforie-Nord, mare, soare, plaje, vizitarea unor atracții turistice, relaxare și încântare. Cel 5 zile au fost plăcute, chiar dacă nu am apucat să văd chiar tot, nu-i un necaz, la anu’ vom vizita ceea ce a mai rămas de vizitat.

După cele 5 zile la mare ne-am îndreptat către Curtea de Argeș, acolo nu am poposit mult, cu toate că mi-aș fi dorit să fi stat mai mult, apoi spre Transfăgărășan. Ei, acolo au început peripețiile. Îmi era…

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How to win friends and influence people

The unfiltered backpacker

Most of us make the majority of our friends in the playground when we start school. A few people come and go, work colleagues, friends of friends, a drunk girl in the toilets of a club, but after the age of 6 we rarely find ourselves walking up to a bunch of strangers saying ‘hey, can I play with you?’. My biggest fear about going travelling was being alone, what if no one likes me? How the hell do I make friends?! But a wise woman once told me ‘you can’t force friendships, you’ll find your people’ (thanks Jess you ledge).

Feeling lonely is a killer, and whilst travelling the best way to combat that feeling is to stay in a hostel. The worse the hostel the better the people staying there. I stayed in a dirty, noisy, badly run hostel for almost 5 months (!) and I became part…

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Claim Of Miracle Bible Producing Oil : So I Went To See For Myself

Reality Decoded

I got a phone call from an associate of mine about a Bible that was producing oil. A real life miracle happening in our day and time. I went there myself to see this miracle.

When I  arrived I first talked to a local woman who tried the oil and she stated that it cured a hip pain she had, she seemed very convincing. With that said I don’t know her so I don’t know what the truth is.

I then met the owner of the bible and he gave me the full run down on the history and some other testimonies of people who have tried it. Again I don’t know him and I wasn’t there when these things happen so I can’t verify what he is saying to be true or false. I took a few pictures of what I was seeing: IMG_0181


I haven’t been taught to believe…

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La Croazia in barca a vela, attraversando l’Adriatico.


La Croazia negli ultimi anni ha saputo sviluppare ottimamente il turismo nautico, offrendo sempre più servizi e flotte di imbarcazioni a noleggio.

Si può dunque decidere di noleggiare una barca direttamente a destinazione oppure partire dall’Italia come questa volta ho fatto io, da Bisceglie (poco sopra Bari, in Puglia), attraversando l’Adriatico per arrivare direttamente nel cuore della Dalmazia centrale, all’altezza di Vis e Lastovo.

La barca che ci accompagna in questo viaggio è un Amel Super Maramu del 1994, catch d’annata ottimamente manutenuto, grazie al lavoro di Massimiliano, titolare di www.sailing.co.it. che mi farà compagnia nella prima tratta Bisceglie-Lastovo-Spalato. Dovrà rientrare subito dopo per portare dei clienti nella Grecia Ionica… sempre da Bisceglie.

Un giovane pieno di iniziativa e voglia di fare che oltre ad essere istruttore vela FIV si occupa anche di manutenere alcune barche, collaborando con gli specialisti di zona. Compito difficile quanto gravoso ma al…

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A Gentle Autumn

A Light Circle

This autumn in northern Europe is unseasonably gentle and warm. The turning of the leaves from deep green to all the colors of flame and sunset, the baring of elegant dark, sloping branches, the abundant soft coverings on the ground, the scents of damp earth, fallen apples and acorns, crumbling organic growth. All these magnificent changes are occurring in ultra-slow motion. To be savored like a fine wine, a glass of rosé held up to the world, the honeyed drops clinging to the tongue, the luscious perfume lingering.

Stay. Stay out a little bit longer. Won’t you stay, dear summer, a little while longer?

Maybe this is a thin golden lining to global warming, though I hope it is not the case. I see it as a blessing, a small measure of calm, a much-needed respite. We could all use some gentle tranquility in a world inclined towards the severe…

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In the Land of Israel

Diary of an Aesthete

Israel, that ancient and mysterious land, a name, a word so evocative, a place like no other, with the vast waters of the Mediterranean on one side, and a whole host of powerful Arab nations surrounding on all other sides, has been a strong and fascinating country for me to explore… and another key destination on my Global Pilgrimage.

Behold this new world, a land you always dreamed to explore but never imagined would so soon
become such a magnificent reality…

A melting pot for the world’s most influential faiths, a land of believers, the setting for some of history’s greatest and most terrible stories, legends, wars, and of course holy books like the Quran, Torah and the Bible. Israel is considered the Holy Land by all three of the major Abrahamic religions, being the place where God was said to have given life to Adam and Eve…

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A trip to Liubjiana


A trip to Liubjiana !

D9ECB581-2762-4A70-B7DE-9F699110C43AI haven`t written in a while . Busy … Busy !

But I had the time to make a short trip to Vienna to meet a friend from childhood that managed with a Law Degree to get a job at an Audi dealership  as a consultat . We knew each other since we we`re 10 years old . I loved this girl . She was the most beautiful of all in my neighborhood .

After spending 2 nights in Vienna wen`t back home to Romania , my home city , Bacau , but before I made a quick stop to  Liubjiana . In all my honesty if I had to choose from Venice and Liubjiana , Liubjiana will be my favorite . Besides the fact that the city is filled with students from all the neighboring countries ,  I`ts a city full of lights . All the…

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Eduardo I de Inglaterra**Conocido como “El Zanquilargo” o “Piernas Largas”


Eduardo I de InglaterraEduardo I de Inglaterra

Eduardo I

Rey de Inglaterra (1272-1307)

Nació el 17 de junio de 1239 en Westminster. Fue el hijo mayor del reyEnrique III.

A los quince años contrae matrimonio con Leonor de Castilla.

eduardo-I-de-InglaterraMantuvo una posición dudosa durante la lucha que los barones mantuvieron contra la Corona, exigiendo reformas constitucionales y eclesiásticas, mas cuando estalló la guerra entre el Rey y la nobleza, luchó al lado del Monarca y ganó la batalla decisiva de Evesham en 1265. Cinco años más tarde deja Inglaterra para unirse a la séptima Cruzada.

Reconocido como rey a la muerte de su padre, ocurrida en 1272, por los nobles ingleses, cuando todavía se encontraba en el extranjero. A su regreso, en 1273, fue coronado. En los cinco primeros años del reinado de Eduardo acabó con la corrupción en la administración de justicia, restringió la jurisdicción de los tribunales eclesiásticos a…

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