Silver Back Gorilla Has Short Lived Escape At London Zoo: Sedated: No Injuries


LONDON — A silver back gorilla escaped from an enclosure at London Zoo Thursday, sparking a frantic search by keepers and armed police. Some visitors were locked down in a cafeteria until the animal was sedated and recaptured.

The male gorilla, Kumbuka, was subdued by a tranquilizer gun and recaptured within an hour, zoo officials said.

Malcolm Fitzpatrick, the zoo’s curator of mammals, said there were no injuries to visitors or zoo workers, adding that Kumbuka recovered quickly.

“I’m happy to report he’s actually up and grumbling and interacting with the rest of his gorilla family,” Fitzpatrick said.

He said Kumbuka got out of a back den into a secure keeper area, but never made it into the parts of the zoo where about 100 visitors remained near closing time late Thursday afternoon.

The gorilla’s escape is being investigated by zoo officials. There were eyewitness reports indicating he was agitated before he escaped from the zoo’s Gorilla Kingdom attraction.

The zoo, inside Regent’s Park in a crowded London neighborhood, houses at least seven gorillas. Its website describes Kumbuka as a western lowland gorilla who has fathered two children since 2014.

Eyewitnesses said Kumbuka banged on the walls of his enclosure before he got out.

Jonny Briers, 22, told the Evening Standard newspaper he observed the gorilla charging at the glass at the end of its enclosure, but that the glass didn’t break.

Briers said he heard a siren go off shortly afterward and saw zoo keepers running from the scene and telling visitors to get inside.

“We went into the aquarium, and they locked the doors,” he said.

Witness Brad Evans told BBC Radio that he was drinking coffee in the zoo cafeteria when zoo workers told visitors they were locked in and couldn’t leave because a gorilla had gotten out of its enclosure.

He said armed police quickly arrived and that customers were allowed to leave the zoo shortly later.

In May, a gorilla was shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo after it grabbed a 4-year-old boy who had fallen into a moat.

In 2007, a 400-pound gorilla escaped from an enclosure and ran amok at a Rotterdam zoo in the Netherlands, biting one woman and dragging her around before he was finally subdued.

The Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo was evacuated and the 11-year-old gorilla, named Bokito, was eventually contained in a restaurant within the park.

The Tigers Are Wise Where The Humans Are Ignorant

(This article is courtesy of the Shanghai Daily News)

Investigation says Beijing fatal tiger attack not to blame on zoo

A Beijing wildlife zoo has stopped allowing visitors to drive through its tiger enclosure following the death of a woman who ignored rules about staying in her vehicle.

The Beijing wildlife park was not to blame for the incident, according to the results of an official investigation announced on Wednesday.

The tourists ignored park rules and clear warning signs when one of them got off their car in an area that contained three free-roaming Siberian tigers, an investigation by Beijing’s Yanqing district government found.

It’s not known why the dead woman’s daughter, surnamed Zhao, 32, got out of the car but when she was dragged away by a tiger her husband and her 57-year-old mother, surnamed Zhou, dashed out to save her.

Zhao survived, but suffered facial injuries, while Zhou died as tigers attacked. Zhao has since left hospital, China Central Television reported.

It said the woman had left the car despite repeated warnings from staff at Badaling Safari World. In a statement yesterday, the zoo said it was suspending the drive-through service and would be renovating the facility to improve safety.

The incident occurred on July 23 when the women were visiting the zoo with Zhao, Zhao’s husband, surnamed Liu, and her 2-year-old son.

At around 3pm, Liu stopped the car just 19 meters from the enclosure’s exit. Zhao got out and walked round to the driver’s door. A patrol vehicle broadcast warnings to get back in the vehicle but one of three adult Siberian tigers nearby pounced and dragged her away.

Liu and Zhou rushed out to save her but Zhou was bitten on her back and neck.

Zoo staff managed to cage the tigers but when they returned to the scene, Zhou was dead.

Zhao was taken to hospital.

The investigation report also indicated some problems with the park’s emergency training and suggested it find better ways to remind tourists to pay more attention to safety.

The park has 12 tigers in total, with three in the free-roaming zone when the attack happened.

Badaling Wildlife World covers an area of 400 hectares and has about 10,000 animals.

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Would John Boehner Be The Perfect Choice For Mr. Trump As His V.P.?


For several days now this thought has been in my head and then this morning I read on my Google News that Mr. Boehner gave a speech last evening where he made different comments about the different Presidential Candidates. So this is where the title of this commentary today comes from. Mr. Trump has been saying since his big win in Indiana that he plans on choosing a V.P. from the political world, someone to help him navigate the D.C. political zoo? I believe that would be a very good business decision, a logical thing for anyone in his current position to do. I am not a person who knows any political insiders, Mr.  Trump could pick a well-known Governor, whom I have never heard of. I put these thoughts down for the purpose of getting some of you to think about whom you believe would be a very good choice for Mr. Trumps running mate. I give honest thought to you, what I personally think and believe would be the best choice that I can think of and the answer I choose would be Mr. Boehner. Who knows the workings of the front and back rooms of Congress better than Mr. Boehner? Right now he is out of all elected political office so neither party can leverage against his ‘Congressional Seat’. You may well have someone else in mind, I am rather sure that some of you think Mr. Boehner is a horrible choice, isn’t it awesome that God gave us freedom of thought?


I just got to thinking about people whom I would hate to see as Mr. Trumps choice and all of a sudden faces started popping up, first one popped up was ole Newt, the Cruz ticket, Cris Christie (to immature for me and he is so unwise about medical pot, he doesn’t have a clue so he acts ignorantly). For the kicker think of having Mr. Trump choosing, Rush Limbaugh, Bernie Sanders (He would actually be a real good idea), and the biggest gasp would be , Ms. Hillary. What do you think on this issue Mr. Trump is facing? Regardless your view of Mr. Trump this is a very serious issue. Think about this one huge error in judgement by Ronald Reagan in 1980 when he chose former Director of the CIA Mr. George H.W. Bush as his V.P.. Think about this, if Mr. Reagan had not chosen Mr. Bush Senior, the world would not have had to endure Mr. Bush Junior and the world would not have had the Iraq war. Would there be such thing as the Syrian Civil War going on right now if America had not illegally invaded Iraq? If there was no such thing as the Syrian Civil War, would there be such a thing today as ISIS? Vice Presidents really do matter sometimes and I believe that for this candidate Mr. Donald Trump, it matters a lot. I personally think that Mr. Boehner would be an excellent addition, back to Bernie for a moment, what do you think of that ticket, would it win? You know something, it just might. One last parting shot to/at Mr. Trump, Sir, if you do not disclose your audit returns information very quickly after the IRS boys and girls release them to you, you will lose the interest of millions of us ‘just regular folks’. You have made this an issue when there was never a need for it to be an issue but you yourself have made it into a foolishly one. You knew that you would have to turn those final numbers over to the talking heads in D.C. before you signed up for this adventure, didn’t you? Now you have created a game of Guess The Donald’s Real Net Worth. My guess is 3.3-3.6 B. That would be quite the achievement in one’s life, but not after you have been bragging up the idea of the number being at least 10 billion. Bragging is an embarrassing quality for anyone to have, it makes one look very childish, very foolish. My closing statement is this, if Mr. Trump doesn’t go ahead and fall on his ego and get it over with way before this summers convention, it won’t matter who you choose for your V.P., you will not win in November.