Dammit Bill (Cosby): A Sickening Probability America/Wired World


This sickening situation that has been unfolding more and more in the news lately about Bill Cosby has many sickening issues involved within it. I have refrained from putting pen to paper on this particular issue until more confirmed news became public. Just a few moments ago I completed watching and reading an NBC article dated today, July 22, 15. I was already more than a little nauseated by previous reports in the news this past year or so, this report along with some of the others just seems to confirm the worse.


Here is the disgusting thought that I am posting this post today about: For decades now tens of millions of people of all races have invited him into our homes, to our families living rooms: A serial rapist, a total predator in every sense of the word. About the only thing this man hasn’t done is kill and eat his victims. I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION AND THAT IS WHY IS THIS man WALKING AROUND AS A FREE MAN? WHY IS HE NOT IN JAIL?—-I never yell like that, sorry. But dammit Bill!

China: Welcome To The World Of Global Greed At A Global Level


China is learning something about a “free market system” in that the only thing, and I do mean the only thing that matters is higher and higher profits for the ones who control the stocks. The more stocks you control as a person or a country, the more control a person or country has over you or your country. The ones that don’t matter to the ones who are forced to look only, and I do again mean the only, is the balance sheet. This meaning the balance of your personal check book to the persons who own the stocks which own the companies doesn’t mean anything at all to them. All that matters is that the ones below in the chain do what you tell them to do so that you don’t intern lose your position and income. The world of business is savage to say the least, there are those who can never have enough billions, o yes, and the control those billions have over other people’s lives. O yes, and the control they have over the company that employees you and your neighbor, and so on. In a free market economy no country can complacently dictate policy toward an economy when it is on the world wired market and blankly expect the whole world to obey their commands. In the end game, who has a seat at the suite? Political leaders, military leaders, Admirals of industries, I guess it depends on how small or large a table, how many seats. In the end game of this world is the fact that higher income means more to millions of people than their nationality, families, or so-called faith system. China is learning all of these things now. Their Government wants the higher profits of the free market but are realizing now that they can’t control it like they thought they could. Welcome to the world-wide wired system of greed and graft gentlemen, at a  global level.