Modern America And The Old DucK Dude

Here in the U.S. there has been a national debate of sorts going on about the comments of a reality show figure who is one of the stars of the program called Duck Dynasty. This person whose name is Phil Robertson is the patriarch of a family whom this program is centered around. This program and this family are/were very wildly popular here in the States, as of the time of my writing this article. I had not followed this program at all, not so much as watching one program, but you can’t miss the marketing of Duck Dynasty products in most every major retailer you walk into as well as the marketing you see on your television.

In early December I turned on my TV one morning and caught about the last ten minutes of a Barbara Walters program called The View. I know that I am a guy and that this is more of a Chick kind of a program but I have watched it many times in the past anyway. It’s not a bad program at all, not my favorite by any means but I find it better that the other programing in this time slot, plus it goes off at noon when our local news programs come on. This morning the whole Robertson family from Duck Dynasty were the programs guests.  In this ten to fifteen minute’s of programing I learned that the Robertsons are a Christian family, that they can sing, quite well actually, as they sang a Christmas song. I also learned that they had a Christmas album coming onto the sales market soon. I also learned then that Phil is the figurehead of the family, that he is 68 years old and that he is a Vietnam Vet.

About ten days or so later Phil Robertson made some comments to a GQ reporter in an interview that has raised quite a stink here in this country. As I said earlier I don’t know how much or even if this is news in any other nation but it has caused a lot of debate here, most of it highly tinged with hatefulness. Here in America our media, especially the national media, TV, Radio, and Print are almost all what I call to be way far left Liberal, as is Hollywood, as is the far left of the Democratic political party which our President is Commander and Chief of. When Mr Robertson made these comments the media jumped all over him about what he said and to his credit Mr Robertson did not change his story or back down. It is obvious that Mr Robertson has both conviction in his Christian faith, and he has a backbone, something that most of our political leaders, the big media, and Hollywood seem to have none of.

After Mr Robertson’s comments were made I heard outrage from the gay community mostly at first then from some of the so called leaders of the American black community like the Reverend Jesse Jackson condemning what he had said. Some of the gay guys that got their face in front of cameras made comments about things that Mr Robertson had compared being gay to. One I heard several times was that he compared being gay to beastilaty. All I can say to these type comments are that I have read what he was suppose to have said twice and I have watched him making his comments a couple of times and I personally never heard him mention beastiality, maybe he did somewhere but I didn’t see or hear it. Mr Robertson did mention homosexuals and a few other items that the Bible spells out as being sins though. What really ticks off most of the gay community is when their lifestyle is called sinful and the Bible does exactly that. This is one of the big reasons the gay community in large numbers along with Hollywood, the media and the far liberal left of our country are so angry at Christianity is because the Bible says they are sinning and this infuriates these folks. There is a big problem here in America with the falling away of people from the Churches, a huge reason for this falling away is the tremendous ego’s of so many people today. These people refuse to be told that they can not do everything and anything that they want to do and the Church and the Bible calls them out on this so they turn on the Church and Christians and scream and holler about how hatefilled Christianity is because the Bible says no to them.

Now I would like to address comments Mr Robertson made about black folks in his GQ interview. Mr Robertson was raised in the deep south in a self admitted white trash life style. To a large degree the term white trash tends to be put upon the very poor of the white race here in our country. As most people know that when you are very poor this means you have less possessions, seldom can get a quality education, enough food or clothing and you tend to live in less than quality housing. This is true for any of the very poor no matter what skin color one happens to be wearing. Mr Robertson was born in 1945 so his growing up years, up to 18, were before the major marches led by the likes of  Doctor, Reverend Martin Luther King JR.. In the interview Mr Robertson spoke about the black folks that he knew when he was growing up who were the same ones he lived around and worked in the fields with hoeing and picking cotton with. He said that while he was growing up he never once saw a black person get mistreated with his own eyes. A person does need to remember back to their childhood especially if you had a real rough one like I did. When you are used to being treated like garbage (white trash) all the time you are so used to it, it becomes natural and you don’t really think much on it, people can be treating you bad and you don’t even realise it because you are so used to being treated like you are nothing. He also said that the black folks he grew up with seemed happier during those times because they/along with himself, were working and singing church hymns and lived a Christian life. He said the things we all see today like the hatefulness toward each other was something he didn’t see with his own eyes back then. The man did not say that there was no evil toward blacks or the evil from blacks toward other races while he was growing up, he just said he didn’t see any of it. For this man telling the truth that he saw in his life these so called black leaders like the hate filled fraud, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, (my opinion of him) have been blasting him. Who is committing the sins here? At no time have I seen or heard Mr Robinson refer negatively toward any race, has he ever done it, I don’t know, I’m not hooked to the man at the hip. But for what he has said in that GQ interview people need to look in the mirror and check their own souls before they spout hate.

In our country the far left (media, Hollywood, far left democrats) started yelling loudly right after this GQ interview got out to the public. The company that owns the rights to the Duck Dynasty program (A&E) quickly suspended Phil Robertson from the show. Evidently this program is the top earning program that A&E has and I hear that it is the top earning and most watched reality program in the history of reality programs. The figure I have heard a few times is that it is valued at 500 million dollars. Well as I spoke earlier,  the Robertson family is a Christian family, this is a family program, they function as a family. What happened is that the family decided to quit the show if their leader could not be part of it. A&E quickly decided to reinstate Phil, during the short suspension A&E was absolutely blasted by the fan base demanding they reinstate Phil, personally the loss of a 500 million dollar cash cow may have also played into their decision. Either way, it helps A&E take the high road against the leftist hypocrisy.

Well, I might as well finish this article up with the newest last thing that people are gripping about with Phil Robertson. He was talking on film about men, women and marriages. No, this comment isn’t about gay stuff, the controversy is about peoples ages. He said that when men are looking for a wife they should look for the younger women. He said that the older ones are concerned about your money and that the teenage girls are not. Now if he was talking about someone like himself at 68, or myself at 57, and if he was talking about legal teenagers (18,19) years old I would think he is crazy. Besides me not having anything in common to share with a girl that could be by age my granddaughter, a girl that age would have a sex drive that would kill an old man like me, or him. I know, some guys are saying, yep, but I would die with a smile on my face. But all joking aside, Mr Robinson was 19 when he married his wife of 15, this would have been in 1964 I believe. For him and his bride this year will be 50 years of marriage, pretty cool. In 1975 I was 18 when I married the mother to my blood kids, she was 15. I totally believe he is speaking to the young men, that he thinks personally that they should look toward the teenage girls when looking for a good wife. I do not believe he is telling anyone that they should go find them a 13 year old to mary, that would be illegal in every state as far as I know, but 18, 19, and in some states 17 is of legal age. Personally I have always thought that maturity is a major factor in a marriage and it is probably more difficult to find that the younger you go, but thats just me.

One of the good things about our country is that we are suppose to be able to speak what we think and believe but I doesn’t look like we the people are going to have this Constitutional privilege much longer. Between the NSA, the Patriot Act, and the self righteous hatefilled mouthpieces (media, Hollywood, both political parties) it is already to a place that if any of us say anything that these people don’t like they are going to come at you hard and heavy and telling the truth is not part of their arsenal.

In My Time

O Lord, the things I have seen in my days I have been given

O Lord, the things by your grace to me You have shown

South-West Virginia and Your beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

Iron Ridge culture, hard working poor white trash, 1950’s.

“I’m going to start remembering now”

These, the first words I ever remember

Spoken aloud, words from within my own soul

Inner words, everyone has a soul, I know They speak to all

Placed all the rooms in our little home, which I still remember

Outside, counted all the concrete blocks front to back

Two years old, friends how do we do and know such things?

Born with math skills, but look at Mozart what at three he could play.

Summertime, setting on the front porch, my two siblings by my side

Walk across the dirt road to the wood gate

Sunny day, watching the cattle on the other side

Mom gave us each a nickel for us a Coke to buy, a great treat at the time

Walked to the Shell just below the house that sheltered us five.

O how hard it was on Mom, to always be so poor

Minimum wage factories, workers just chafe on the rich mans floor

I guess it’s easier on the pre -school children, the classes they don’t know

School starts, you see other children, realities you had not seen before.

Mid 1960’s, poor flight to to west, a better life your hoping for

You trade the Blue Ridge for the Great Sioux’s Black Hills

O Lord, on at trip like this, the things a child’s eyes ingest

Moon light shines, illuminates the beauty of the big rigs

August Rattle Snakes playing in the sand, 114 in the shade

30 days later, chest high snow in September, O what a land.

One year later, hoping for better, for a good job toward Windy we ran

When you are so poor, you spend your whole life trying to escape it

But even young, I knew that pain, always present in my Mamma’s eyes

Life is always hard with an alcohol disease riddled parent

Knowing that you are hated and he beats you with glee

Even harder on the child when they know other adults know and see

They never ever come to your aid, they always just let it be.

Life’s early hardships, good or bad, they help create the person inside

About forth or fifth grade I walked into your door Lord

My life long rock, my life many times You have saved

Poor white boy, learning of life in the mid-west, with a Hill Billy mind

With some knowledge of Dakota’s  beautiful Black Hills

These life’s lessons, good and bad, always living behind my eyes.

Now I am aged with gray beard and store bought eyes

Now the projector in my mind plays me many memories

Occasionally I see some of the good I have done in my life

Though I do try to castrate these pictures from my mind

A lofty heart leads to evil, I wish to give ego no quarters to hide.

In my life I have mastered the art of many evils

O how I wish I could say that this thing was a lie

But when you have seen and have known pure evil

Pay some attention to the news, evil all around us resides

Demons have no fear of man, they will lie, looking you in the eyes

They will tell you they are Angels, for your best interest they care inside

Do not be deceived, mainly in the worlds capitals they hide.

In my time Lord You have shown me many things

Through Your Spirit You have given me some site

In life it is so easy to become a manic-depressive

You have so plainly shown me our planets plight and demise

Our leaders and the media so filled with venom to Your light

Evil so blinded and hungry for more power, money, and pride.

I know that by the time the trumpet sounds

I will once again be just dust upon the ground

Though I cringe for all our children, and theirs

The battle of the Nations against their Creator

For left behind loved ones, Armageddon lies ahead.

As the Lord and His Angels return to fight from the clouds overhead

The Demons pre-judged, to Hell they will now be thrown

Leaving the poor defrauded people to fight God and His Angels alone

They are now like grapes in the press, confused, disillusioned, and dead.

Lord I thank You that this event I will not have to see, “In My Time”.