Which One Would It Be?

Which One Would It Be?


This title is something that I just had cross across my mind a few moments ago. Turns out it is a short thought but with a very real possibility of coming true, maybe. And, is the thought here, what if is the answer to the question, what if, one of these Democratic candidates for President was going to be our Nations next President whether we like the person at all, or not, which one would you choose? I know that it is still months away, this Presidential voting season, yet eventually we are all going to have to choose someone, even if we choose to not vote at all, that is still a vote you gave away to someone else to do for you.


I am not saying that Donald Trump won’t be our next President, or some yet unannounced candidate Or even Mr. Putin. What I am saying is what if, what if one of those top dozen of so candidates running for the office of President, which one would you honestly say is your first choice? Maybe even who would then be your choice for VP? I guess I am just not fully satisfied with the choices, I am not fully sold on anyone of them, are you? I guess my leanings are as an independent that leans toward the conservative/moderates in the Democrats direction. I have turned my face from the Republican side of the Isle mainly because of folks like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Fox News. Hate, hate and more hate, very sad. This is not the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan.


Mr. Biden they say is probably the most ‘conservative’ yet for me I just don’t trust him and as far as I believe, to old, and I am a 63 year old saying that. I don’t know who is going to win, I certainly have not been shown such a thing. What if, just what if now, what if (already to old) Bernie Sanders was our next President and lets say, Senator Warren as the VP? What if? I am being serious, what if one of the folks was going to be our next President, who would you choose? This short article was designed to be a little snack for your inner thoughts, I hope you enjoyed this food for your thoughts on this matter. May God have mercy on us all, no matter what flesh and bones sits in That Chair.

What If: What If Your Past Changed

What If Your Past Changed


This article is going to be one that is unlike any of the other stories that I have ever written before. I guess most folks would classify this article as a ‘Si-FY’ peace. What I am going to try to do this evening is to try to get each of us to think, to think outside our normal everyday box that we all live in. My Bride and I have been watching a program on Net-Flix called Continuum about some folks living in the year 2077 who got sent back to the year 2012 and the show is about the ramifications of that event. If you get a chance maybe you could look up this program to see if you might like it. It is not the greatest program that I have ever seen but it does bring up several interesting concepts.


I know that most everyone at some point or even many points during their lives have thought about things they have done, or not done in their own past. Maybe about what if I had taken this job or that job instead of the one that I did take or maybe what if I had asked this other person to marry me instead of the person I did marry. I am sure that you get my point. I am 63 years old now and during my life I have had many crossroads, some of which I regret not taking and others that I am glad I did choose to take. But, any variance off of the path we chose would have caused us personally to have had a different life than the one we have lived.


There are some folks who believe that this time that we are all living in is like a sheet of paper that folds over other time warps here on earth that are going on at the same time as the one we see, feel and touch each day.  Some call this alternate universes in time. Some think that in a sense there are wormholes here on earth that can be stepped through taking us to another date in time. Now I would like you to think about, what if such a thing was actually true and a person or persons could step through that portal whether it be on purpose or by a total accident. Now think about this concept, what if this did happen to someone but not ourselves. What if that person or persons effected our life, lets say even just ten years ago. It could be in a way that we would have never even seen coming, it could be a person that we never did nor would ever meet but something they did changed the course of some other peoples lives including our own. Think about going to sleep tonight and waking up to a total different reality. Lets say we are healthy, wealthy and self absorbed when we went to bed but woke up sleeping in a cardboard box in an alley, or maybe under a bridge, all of this because of something that someone else did or didn’t do. You could also reverse that order, you could have gone to bed under a bridge and awoke in a mansion with billions of dollars to spend. Go back further in time, what if your parents never met and you were never born, you went to bed tonight and never woke up because you never existed. Just food for ones brain to feed upon.


Personally I do believe in there being a Supreme Being who can and does control time as we know it. I also believe that there are many planets among the trillions of rocks in the sky that hold other life forms, have I ever met any? Not that I am aware of. But wouldn’t it really be odd for God to create trillions of planets and only put life one one? That doesn’t even make any sense. If there is such a thing as time warps here on this planet I personally am very glad that it is God who has control of all such things. Think about it for a moment, what if scientist of any time could walk in and out of time as we know it. Do you not think that the governments would be the ones who would take the control levers of such an event? Another view is that I am glad that it is God who controls time other wise what if another very powerful being with the powers of an Angel like Satan was able to manipulate time, we would all be dead or serving him as slaves. As I said at the beginning of this letter to you tonight, this is all just conjecture for the purpose of stimulating the neurons in our brains. But, WHAT IF?



(Philosophy Poem) What If

What If


What if we are but one speck of Dust…

In a line of specks of Dust…

What then

In Our Universe

With Webbed Lines of even more Universes

Through More Black Holes

At what point do we back off our ego’s and B.S.

Why is it that we know so little about what is

I am embarrassed to know as little as I do

Barely got down one Language, no luck on two

There are many whom are wise

Yet few less that I

I pray that after all is said and done

At Our Judgement The Lord Will Smile Our Way