(Wisdom Poem) Standing Against The Lord



Why would a man stand against their own Creator

Man in his pride stands, before whom we should bow

The Lord knows our wickedness that we call triumphs

For riches, some do slay the widow and the fatherless

They through ignorance believe the Lord does not see


Foolish men do think themselves to be wise, yet are fools

The Lord knows the thoughts of all men, and they are empty

Without the Lords help the wise and the just would perish

The thrones of the wicked shall be consumed in the flames

For those who consume innocent blood end their own names


Through unbelief the Hebrews for 40 years dropped like flies

Do not harden your heart through lack of faith, lust and greed

The Lord formed the Land and the Sea, they are His footstool

God formed the eye to see, the ear to hear, the mind to learn

Standing against the Lord is like the wisdom of a Dung Beetle

(Religious Poem) The Mighty One Of Israel



I have not hid my face from the shameful and simple

The Ignorant have plucked the hairs from off of my face

Yet I have not been rebellious to the words my Lord has given

The Lord opened my ears and I have not turned my face away

The Lord awakens me each morning so I may hear His words


The Lord has given me the tongue of one who is learned

I now know how to speak wisdom to those who are weary

The Lord clothes the Heavens with blackness and gives us drink

At His word the rivers dry up the fish then the men soon die

Has the Lord no power to deliver upon the words He feeds us


Only the fool believes the Lord’s hand is unable to deliver us

When the Lord first spoke there was no man to hear His words

When the Lord spoke Creation itself opened its ears to hear

The Wise and True says to owe no one so no one can own you

The foolish walk in the darkness and give away their freedom


The unlearned will drink their own blood as though it is wine

The Heathen who oppress you shall dine on their own flesh

Many of a strong-arm will come to remove you from your inheritance

You shall be surrounded by many yet I will save My faithful Children

The Lord is your Savior and Redeemer, I am the mighty one of Israel