Hillary Clinton Is Guilty Of Massive Treason Why Is She Not In Prison?


Here in America most people are well aware that there are different laws for the rich and famous than there is for all the working stiffs. Rich, famous, politicians are almost impossible to bring to justice when they are breaking the laws of our country even when the laws they broke put the whole country in jeopardy. Think of it this way, it’s like trying to stop a Cop who is drunk on duty and driving a 100 plus miles per hour down the highway, they know that the public can’t stop them and give them a ticket, this is why so many Police Officers in this country are so arrogant toward the general public. Besides reality is that there would be a very good chance that if you did try to make the Officer obey the laws there is a very good chance that it would be you who would either be put in jail, or worse. This situation is even worse when a high-ranking politician is randomly committing what is treason like when the arrogant habitual liar Hillary Clinton is concerned. Lots of people in very high places want to make sure that the White House stays in the hands of a Democrat, even if it is a lazy ass like Mrs. Clinton. If you are tuned into reality at all you know that I am speaking of the current resident of the White House and his Attorney General. Does this also make them guilty of the same treasonous acts being they know exactly what she did, they know it was totally against the law yet they protect her? Why? Is it because they care more about politics than the people? You have heard of guilty by association haven’t you? Just in case you are wondering why I called Mrs. Clinton a lazy ass is because she didn’t want to have to be bothered with using the State Department’s secured computer server. To lazy and too arrogant to care that she was running Top Secret and above messages across her unsecured server knowing that Russia, China, and only God knows who all else was reading all of those messages. Folks, that is treason. Mrs. Clinton should have been put in cuffs the moment it was discovered that she did these things. Folks if she can’t be trusted to protect the people of this country from the people who want us all dead, just what would make a person think that as President she could be trusted to protect we the people? Instead of putting a traitor like her in Leavenworth maybe there is an open cell for the likes of her at Guantanamo.