(Biblical Poem) There Hath No Temptation Taken Me



There has no temptation ever tempted me

O’ what a huge lie that would most surely be

Has there ever been a sin that didn’t stain me

In my youth there many ladies delighted me

Though nothing about a man ever did excite


There are some sins that I have not yet done

I pray that with my gray balding hair they stay

Age is a present to some, yet a curse to the many

Those with a greedy heart curse their inabilities

With age, hopefully wisdom given heart and Soul


If man knew all our sins, would from a tree we swing

Temptation, what was its worth, when in a box we be

How will we be remembered, as a fool, or wise were we

The Pied Piper from Hell, certainly knows all our tunes

Did we choose to let temptation send us down to He





(Faith Poem) The Cross



Upon the Cross in silence He Suffered

Upon the Cross they mocked the Lord

At His feet the Lord’s Mother wept

Upon the Cross He bore our sins

Upon the Cross he paid our price


Mid day the darkness settled in

The Earth did tremble and did shake

Imagine the ones who nailed him there

Did Pilate really wash his sins away

High Priest dismayed the Temple torn


Abba Father Father it is done

The Son of God He took our place

His side pierced no bones did break

Laid in a Tomb to wait three days

Thank you Lord all our Souls you saved