Women In Madagascar Fight Sexism And Victim-Shaming By The Government



#MySkirtMyRight: Women in Madagascar fight sexism and victim-shaming by the government

Screenshot from the TV5 Monde (national TV channel) coverage on the wave “My Skirt My Right” in Madagascar

Men’s greedy needs to assault women reduce as women wear modest clothes. It is therefore every parent’s duty to guide their daughters towards the right path and stop them from wearing revealing clothes and exposing themselves.

This is the message (since deleted) that was published on the Ministry of Education’s Facebook page on April 12, 2019, as the Malagasy government urged women not to wear revealing clothes in order to avoid being sexually assaulted.

In response, many Malagasy women shared pictures of themselves on social media wearing skirts or dresses using the hashtag #MaJupeMonDroit (My Skirt My Right) to voice their outrage at this sexist request that essentially shames victims instead of sanctioning men’s aggressive behavior. A more rational approach to preventing rape would be to educate people not to assault women. Below is a screenshot of Ministry of Education’s original Facebook post in Malagasy, before it was taken down:

Screenshot of the Facebook post from the Ministry of Education on the 12th April, requesting women to avoid wearing revealing clothes.

The wave of protests rapidly spread online in Madagascar. The movement started on social media by the Malagasy NGO Nifin’Akanga, which is fighting to decriminalize abortion. On the same day of the Ministry’s post, Nifin’Akanga responded quickly on Facebook, inviting the Malagasy online community to participate in an online campaign:

/// Skirt challenge/// 😉 PLEASE SHARE !!
Take a selfie in an outfit that you like: skirt, dress, etc.👗
Add the
My skirt, my right…
His zip, his problem with the law.
My body, my right
My uterus…not your decision!

They were joined by activists in the country and members of the Malagasy diaspora. Many activists also used the internationally-recognized hashtag #StopRapeCulture.

An editor in Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, Soa Anina, listed on her blog 30 answers to 30 stereotypes of this movement. Here are a few of them:

No, the “sexual needs of predators” will not be kept under control this way, and certainly not if they benefit from the support of the Ministry. The government is only avoiding the issue by pointing the finger at the victim instead of the guilty abuser. No, it is not the responsibility of women to handle men’s and boys’ behaviors: men have to learn to behave with dignity in all circumstances, and parents need to educate their boys to become men. (…) The truth is, no garment will ever protect you. It is not about the garment: the pervert perpetrates the crime not because of his libido, but because he gets his pleasure from power, control and domination, all unrelated to the clothing worn, even if deemed “too sexy”. The Malagasy word “fanolanana” is an accurate description of rape: bend it until its resistance weakens.

The protest storm continued and was amplified by the national newspapers and online publications. Nasolo Valiavo Andriamiahaja is an editor for the newspaper l’Express de Madagascar. He associates all types of restrictive policies on clothing to a regression of women’s rights.  He recalls an anecdote from the King of Morocco during his temporary forced exile in Madagascar:

The Moroccan writer Tahar ben Jelloun shares that the king of Morocco Mohammed V did not hesitate to show off his daughters without the scarf, upon his return from Antsirabe (a province of Madagascar) in 1956, where the French colonial administration had exiled him. “Between the nineteen fifties and the start of the nineteen eighties, most Moroccan women had stopped wearing the scarf. They were wearing the djellaba and kept their head uncovered. It was the Iranian revolution and Khomeyni’s demagogic speeches that brought the scarf back.”

Following this uproar, the Ministry of Education formally apologized in a press release, putting an end to the storm:

Official statement from the Ministry published on Facebook explaining the withdrawal of the action against sexual assaults.

But for a number of activists and journalists like Antananarivo-based Mbolatiana Raveloarimisa, the fight is not over:

A lot of comments were trying to shame women instead of supporting the movement. This sad incident is only the catalyst that opened our eyes to a hidden reality. In Malagasy society, violence against women is only the tip of a huge iceberg. The entire administration is only the crystallization of a national silence on violence against women.

Taiwan Scandal: Sex For Business Contracts: Must Have Been Some Great Sex

(This article is courtesy of the Shanghai Daily News Paper)

Taiwan jails 14 people over railway sex scandal

TAIWAN has jailed 14 people for up to 17 years in a corruption scandal that saw railway officials accepting sexual services and visits to hostess clubs in exchange for business contracts.

In the biggest ever graft case to hit the rail sector, seven Taiwan Railway Administration officials were convicted and sentenced for corruption.

They were found to have received perks as a reward for helping firms secure contracts for eight rail projects, worth more than NT$1.1 billion (US$34.7 million), in the past six years.

A construction broker and six businessmen — including the head of a construction company — were also jailed for up to five years for bribing officials.

All were convicted and sentenced by Taichung district court in central Taiwan on Tuesday.

The highest-ranking defendant was Chung Chao-hsiung — a former deputy head of the TRA — who was sentenced to 10 years and two months for accepting banquets and paid-for hostess clubs in exchange for favorable treatment.

TRA official Cheng Wen-chung received the heaviest sentence after taking more than 100 hostess club visits.

“Cheng was implicated in more cases than other defendants and accepted the most hostess clubs visits. He seriously violated the civil servant’s code of conduct,” said Chuang Shen-yuan, a spokesman for the court.

Cologne Germany Helps Show The Immaturity Of Islamic Men Concerning Women


As most folks know that pay attention to the news from Europe like I do, getting most of that news from the BBC, there was a huge refugee issue in Cologne Germany this past New Years Eve. There were many incidents of criminal actions from Muslim/Islamic men against women there that evening. The stats I heard on T.V. last night was 375 criminal complaints with about half of those being sexual assaults on women by Muslim/Islamic men. Welcome to our country, accept our help so that you can survive and get a new start in life in our country, o yes, and go ahead and rape our women any time you feel the urge to act like an immature animal. I don’t believe that the German government when they opened their doors to you ever considered the reality of allowing the men of Islam, whom are some of the most immature men on Earth when to comes to women and sexual issues, onto Germans streets.


Think about it for a moment, think of all of the restrictions that the religion of Islam puts upon the women. Think about how they are supposed to dress, I guess that an Islamic man can’t control himself if he see a bare ankle of a 12 yr old girl. A religion were cutting /maiming, of women’s sexual area is condoned. Is this so that the men can just be animals with no concern if the woman is getting any feelings of enjoyment? Is making love not a consideration, is sex only about the taking of your property? Religions that allow ‘marriage’ between a 40 yr old man and a 5 yr old little girl is quite sickening when looking at this religion from western society’s eyes. Two hundred years ago here in America a woman’s dress came down to the floor to make sure the risqué ankles of a lady weren’t showing. A woman’s under garments were considered to be her ‘unmentionables’. We didn’t have thongs on the beaches, a person would have been arrested for being out in public dressed like that. Also, honestly how many men would have controlled themselves seeing a bare butt cheek? How many have trouble with that even now? Their culture/religion promotes violence toward women, how can we the world, expect results other than what happened in Cologne when uncovered up single women (no male family escort) some drinking alcohol, were roaming the streets? Islam because of its teachings is not like any other religion on Earth, it is completely non-inclusive. The only thing that we the people of the West are to these people whom believe in Islam, we are someone to use, then kill because only the true believers of Allah (must be of Middle-Eastern decent) will be allowed to live in their perfect world.