U.S. Senators Call President Trump A Pathological Liar And Mentally ILL


Bernie Sanders calls Trump a ‘pathological liar’; Al Franken says ‘a few’ Republicans think Trump is mentally ill

February 12 at 11:44 AM

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday called President Trump a “pathological liar,” while Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) reiterated that “a few” Republican senators are concerned about the president’s mental health.

The strong words from two high-profile senators came as Democrats attacked Trump’s travel ban and said that members of his administration should be investigated or have security clearances suspended for recent comments or conversations with Russian officials.

Sanders made the charge on NBC’s “Meet the Press” as he attacked Trump’s travel ban — which faces a federal court challenge — and Republican plans to revamp the Affordable Care Act.

“We have a president who is delusional in many respects, a pathological liar,” Sanders said.

“Those are strong words,” moderator Chuck Todd interjected while asking Sanders whether he can work with a liar.

“It makes life very difficult. It is very harsh, but I think that’s the truth,” Sanders replied. “When somebody goes before you and says that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally … nobody believes that. There is not a scintilla of evidence to believe that, what would you call that remark? It’s a lie. It’s a delusion.”

Sanders made the comments in response to Todd, who said that some of the senator’s former aides are trying to draft him to start a new political party. For now, Sanders said, he remains committed to “working to bring fundamental reform to the Democratic Party, to open the doors of the Democratic Party” to younger, economically distressed voters.

Franken first raised questions about the president’s mental health Friday night on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” saying Republican senators privately express “great concern” about Trump’s temperament. The senator doubled down Sunday morning, telling CNN’s “State of the Union” that “a few” Republican senators feel that way.

“In the way that we all have this suspicion that — you know, that he’s not — he lies a lot, he says things that aren’t true, that’s the same thing as lying, I guess,” Franken told moderator Jake Tapper, mentioning the president’s repeatedly false claims of voter fraud.

“You know, that is not the norm, uh, for a president of the United States or, actually, for a human being,” Franken said.

Franken also blasted Trump’s travel ban, saying the president “and his group are trying to make Americans more afraid. I think that’s part of how they got elected: just make us more afraid.”

Elsewhere, Democratic lawmakers called for investigations into White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who last week used a national television interview to encourage viewers to buy items from a clothing line designed by Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter. The comments appeared to violate a key ethics rule barring federal employees from using their public office to endorse products.

Hours after Conway’s interview, members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee called on the Office of Government Ethics to recommend discipline, given that Trump, who is Conway’s “agency head,” holds an “inherent conflict of interest” because of the involvement of his daughter’s business.

Conway’s comments were “a textbook case of a violation of the law,” Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (Md.), the committee’s top Democrat, told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

“You cannot go out there as an employee of the government and advertise for Ivanka Trump or anyone else, their products. You can’t do that. And anybody else would be subject to a minimum, probably, of a reprimand, or they could literally lose their job over this,” he said.

Cummings added that Conway’s promotional message was “very blatant” and “intentional,” and said the Office of Government Ethics should “take a thorough look” at the situation before recommending a potential punishment.

November 1st There Will Be 5 Presidential Candidates On The Ballot


As most of you know this Presidential election cycle here in America this year has been different to say the least. Many ‘norms’ for how candidates can act and speak have been blown out of the water, mostly by Mr. Trump on the Republican side. During the primaries on the Republican side there is no doubt that Mr. Trump has brought out many new voters as Senator Bernie Sanders has on the Democratic side. These two candidates seem to be polar opposites of each other though. I am personally disappointed in Senator Sanders fans though in that they were the ones who started the violence at the Trump rallies. I was hoping that he and his followers were better human beings than what a lot of Mr. Trumps supporters have also displayed. Even if you or I or they do not like what a candidate has to say no one has the right to silence another persons right to “freedom of speech.” On that thought of freedom of speech comes the matter of the Republican and Democratic establishment anger at the American voting public and how deeply crooked they (the political establishment) are. On the Democratic side is the unconstitutional factor of “super delegates” which make it almost impossible for anyone who is not “their” candidate to beat out “their” candidate. Why I say they are unconstitutional is that during the primaries a candidate that isn’t their favorite but is the people’s choice, these super delegates vote count for far more than your or my vote. On the Republican side the establishment Republicans who call themselves the “base” of their party cannot mentally except that the voters have told these folks that this “conservative base” is in fact not the real “base” of that party. There is also the fact that in a lot of states like the one that I live in will not allow registered Independent voters to vote at all during the primaries, yet come November these same anti-constitutional frauds actively seek our votes for their chosen candidates. Everyone Constitutionally has the right to cast their one vote for whom ever they please yet both the main party’s disallow us our Constitutional rights.


The Republican “establishment” has been freaking our that the American people chose someone other than one of “their” bought and paid for people. These people say that having Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in November will destroy their party, so these folks are going to find a way to have someone other than “the people’s choice”  as the head of their ticket. I believe that this will happen and I am guessing that they are going to find a way to make someone like Mitt Romney to head their ticket this November. Here is where the “5” candidates starts to come into play. Mr. Trump will still run for President whether he has the blessings of the Republican elite or not. This event will “I believe” then push Senator Sanders to run as the Independent that he really is anyway even though Mrs. Clinton has the nod from the Democratic establishment. So, this would make a situation come the November elections where we the citizens will have the following choices to vote for. 1) The Republican establishment candidate, probably Mr. Romney with a Republican establishment sweetheart like Jeb Bush as his VP. 2) Mr. Trump as an Independent 3) The Democratic establishment candidate Mrs. Clinton 4) Senator Sanders as an Independent. 5) The Libertarian candidate. Well, this is my thoughts and opinions on this matter, what do you think the situation will be come November 1st? There is also the possibility that Mrs. Clinton and/or Mr. Trump will be in a federal prison (where I personally believe they both belong) by November. There is also the possibility that one of these millions of people whom hate these two may well remove one or both of them from the land of the breathing by that time. I personally hope that does not happen because they also have the right to freedom of speech even if you or I happen to think they are both as crooked as a dogs hind leg. If such a thing is possible we may well see if one of these five people are worse for the world than the Shiite we have setting in the Oval Office now. May God have mercy on us all.

So Called ‘Super Delegates’ Are A Fraud Against The American People And Our Constitution


Today this post is going to be a short post as I am simply going to state my opinion on this issue. For those of us here in America who are paying any attention to the political primaries for our next President you have most likely heard of the term ‘Super Delegates’. The Republican Party does not have any of these ‘frauds’ in their system, but the Democrats have 702. These are people who are Democratic Party officials, Governors, former Governors, Senators and the such. In this political season the Democratic candidate needs about 2,300 won and or pledged delegates to win their Party’s nomination to run in the November 1st Presidential general election. Very early on in the process 495 of those ‘Super Delegates’ committed to Mrs. Clinton with only 40 committing to Senator Sanders with about 170 who didn’t commit to anyone yet, they seem to be waiting on the actual Democratic Convention this June before they commit either way. Before last night’s New York primary Mrs. Clinton had a lead of just under 200 ‘won’ delegates but when you add in those ‘Super Delegates’ she has a lead on Senator Sanders  of almost 700 delegates which is a lead that it is obvious she will now win the Democratic ticket because of those ‘un-won’ delegates.


What the Democratic Party machine has done is to tell the voters in all 50 states that their votes mean very little to them. Both of these crooked political party systems leaders along with the main media outlets have been kissing the ‘Establishment candidates’ rumps. What I am saying is both ‘Party’s’ decide who will be their candidates for the November election for President. Both party’s have shown the American people that they will decide whom we can vote for, that it is not up to the people to decide but the reality of the situation is that ‘to me’ the Democrats and their ‘Super Delegates’ are even far more crooked than what the Republicans are. To me this constitutes a fraud against the American people and against the Constitution. Our Constitutional system says that in elections each persons vote counts for only that one vote, these ‘Super Delegates’ should not exist at all. It is actually a hijacked system designed to make sure that their choice wins no matter what the people have to say concerning whom they might want. Here in America if the Democratic party actually wanted to be ‘the people’s party’ they would right now get rid of those 702 ‘party delegates’ and let the people decide whom we want to be our Leader, not basically those 702 people deciding for us.


If you remember the 2000 Presidential election Vice President Gore beat George W. Bush by 600,000 votes yet Mr. Bush won the ‘Electoral College’ delegates by (1) vote so he became the President instead of whom the people voted in. Think about it for a moment, in 2001 Mr. Bush took office on January 20th, less than eight months before America got woke up with 9-11. If Mr. Gore had been our President (the man the people voted for) when 9-11 happened what would have been Americas response? We may well have gone after the mass murderer’s in Afghanistan and even into Pakistan, but would the Iraq war ever have happened? Would the situation in Syria, Libya, or even in Egypt be where they are today? American politics this Presidential election cycle is showing the American people once again that ‘We The People’ are just un-trusted fodder. Do you ever wonder how many hundreds of thousands of people would be alive today if we had not illegally invaded Iraq? Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, and Mr. Rumsfeld would then not be the war criminals that they are today! Dishonesty does have a way of coming back at a person and biting them in the rear-end both in this life and the next one.

Conservatives Are No Longer The Center Or Majority Of The Republican Party


What has Mr. Trump done to the Republican Party? The answers to that are many I’m sure, some good, some bad, some real bad, but at least he is bringing life to a dying old white man’s party like it has not seen in our life times. I am an independent whom most times tend to vote Republican, but not always. Until I learned more about him, I had been rooting for Senator Rubio, now I am for Senator Sanders as a first choice, then Donald Trump as a second choice. This is my first two choices of the remaining four possibilities of people who we will get to vote for. I said four because even though I personally believe he would be the best President of the five remaining candidates, I think he has the least chance of the five of getting their party’s final blessing, this person is Governor Kasich of Ohio. Because I do not believe that Governor Kasich has any chance at all I look at the reps from each party as having two possible people to choose from. Senator Sanders has brought out many new voters to the Democratic Party as Mr. Trump has done with the Republican Party. There are many lessons the main stream media as well as the talking heads on their news programs are learning, slowly but they are being force-fed reality.


For the Republican Party the lesson is simple, most people in our country either never bothered to register to vote or were registered but just don’t tend to bother because you as a Party never bothered to put a candidate up for Office that was worth voting for. Our media here in America as well as the Party’s themselves have grown comfortable with the theology that if you are a Democrat you are a liberal and if you are a Republican then you were a conservative but the reality is that this assumption is not correct. Within most party’s of any size there are different levels of devoutness to the leaderships policies, but because you yourself are of a minority group within the Party, you tend to stay quiet, you only strike for changes when you become the majority within your Party. Most folks know that a decade or so back a political movement was born in America called the Tea Party which aligned themselves with the Republicans, just a more conservative version of the main stream Leadership on policy issues. Since then the Tea Party has put up many different people to run against sitting Republican Congress and Senate members because this group doesn’t consider the sitting member as being conservative enough. We have forgotten a group of people in this discussion and this would be the members of the Republican Party whom happen to be more Liberal in thought than the current sitting Leadership. Liberal and Republican, never, those two words can’t go together in the same sentence can they? But yes there are many, millions in fact, they are called, the disenchanted.


Disenchanted as in those who oppose the Democrats platform flat-out so they won’t vote for them but you, the Leadership of the Congress and Senate within the Republican Party keep putting up candidates that are so Conservative that they won’t vote for them either. But now Mr. Trump comes into your equation and blows your stats all to helium. You and the talking heads and the Media folks just can’t figure things out, folks the problem is you yourself. If all the people in this country did actually vote the Republicans and the Democrats would find that the extreme majority of the American people whether they are Democratic, Republican or Independent do lean toward the middle. We the people are sick and tired of gridlock in D.C. and at state and local levels, we want you to compromise on most things so that the Nation as a whole can rock and roll! It is you the main stream politicians who are the most guilty for screwing up our Country! Mr. Trump and these new followers of the Republican Party are talking to you the Republican Party Leadership, if you want to keep your job, you better listen. As an Independent I am telling the Republican Party Leadership that the worse thing that could happen to your Party is if an extremist like Senator Cruz becomes your Party’s Candidate. I say extremist like Mr. Cruz because he has made it his platform that ”he will not negotiate with the Democrats”. Folks he is the king of gridlock! The majority of the American people are ‘Moderates’, we are not Liberals and we are not Conservative. The Party that understands that first and adapts their ‘platforms’ accordingly will win the most elections. After all isn’t you staying in Office what your politics are all about?



The Game The RNC And The DNC Are Playing Against The American People Is Easy To See!



What the RNC and the DNC do not understand is that it is they whom no longer represent ‘the majority’ of their own parties. This Presidential voting cycle the American people are telling ‘the establishment’ of their own parties that it is you that the people are mad at. We have been telling you in the polls for years, we all know you are familiar with 10% approval ratings! There is a reason for that, it is you who are out of touch with your own ‘party’. The American News Media and Hollywood have been telling the American people what they believe we  should want to hear for many years now. The majority of the people have been telling you but you didn’t care because half of the Qualified voters don’t even bother to register because the ‘Parties’ have the control on whom we get to vote for (example is Super Delegates) and the answers are almost always, none of the above. Of the about half of the qualified voters who do register to vote, half of them don’t bother because of the same reasons. That means that even in a Presidential election year only about 25% actually go the polls and votes. This then means that all you really need to do is get about one in eight adults to vote for you and you win. What about the other seven out of eight that is telling you we are not happy with you? O, that’s right, it doesn’t matter, as long as you won the election, you still hold all the power. You are well aware of these facts, everything is analyzed these days. The only thing besides a bullet of course that you have to fear is if the American people themselves actually stood up and voted because then, you would lose your control, your power which you hold over all the people.


Now folks we see the RNC and the DNC denounce first Donald Trump as ‘not representing the values of the Republican Party’ thus Lying Ted Cruz would end up their party’s Candidate in November. The Democratic Party will end up disavowing Senator Sanders as not really being a Democrat. Then the biggest know liar in American politics, Ms. Hillary becomes the Democrat’s November selection. Yes folks the American public is damn tired of the games being played in Washington D,C, and Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders are bringing out millions of people into the light who are telling you that it is you that ‘we the people’ want the hell out of office. So, what is the remedy that I believe we will all end up seeing in November? I believe we will have at least a minimum of four main candidates that will be our next President. Either Donald Trump as and Independent, Senator Sanders as and Independent, or the ‘company’ candidates, lying Ted Cruz or the Queen of liars, Ms. Hillary. Is November of 2016 the time and place that the American people break from the chains of the Republican and Democratic parties and create at least a four party system? I believe what the two main parties are getting ready to do should defiantly remove all doubt from the public at large that ‘the establishment’ doesn’t give a damn what ‘the public’ have to say. I condone no violence, only quiet, listen to all the Candidates, let everyone else listen. Let the actual majority of the American people have an educated vote now, and in November. Most of the American people realize that the world we all live in has a lot of very important issues that are going on right now, we don’t need or want a person playing political games while our world is being destroyed by those whose minds and Souls are full of hate/evil.

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