Kamala Harris proposes $100 billion plan for black homeownership

(OPED: Senator Harris wants to talk about anti-discrimination yet at the same time wants totally discrimination type laws for the purpose of helping out only one race of people. She is a total hypocrite in her propaganda. Besides she isn’t even a black person even though the keps portraying herself to be so. Her parents are from India and Jamaica, all of the folks that I have ever come across from Jamaica very much get upset if they are referred to as being Blacks. I hope and pray that this 2020 election cycle does not end up being a race issue election.)(Harris also pledged to work to expand HUD’s fair housing program, strengthen anti-discrimination laws.)(I agree with helping poor Black families out but only if all poor families are helped out, not to pick and choose by the color of skin.)(oldpoet56)(The far left Democrats like to talk about reverse discrimination and reverse racism, there is no such thing folks, all racism is racism, all discrimination is discrimination!)


Kamala Harris proposes $100 billion plan for black homeownership


Kamala Harris, calling on the nation to “deal with the racial wealth gap,” on Saturday proposed a $100 billion federal program to help black people buy homes.

The California senator said the plan, which would provide down payment and closing cost assistance of up to $25,000 to people renting or living in historically red-lined communities, would help some 4 million home-buyers.

The plan’s release comes as Harris surges in Democratic presidential primary polls following a debate last week in which she chastised former Vice President Joe Biden for his past opposition to busing and former associations with segregationist senators. The controversy has continued in recent days, with Biden defending his record.

Black voters are a critical constituency in the Democratic primary, especially in the South.

Harris, speaking at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, said her program would “put homeownership within the reach” of millions of families.

“A typical black family has just $10 of wealth for every $100 held by a white family,” she said. “So we must right that wrong and, after generations of discrimination, give black families a real shot at homeownership — historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth in our country.”

Harris’ housing program would come in the form of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grants limited to families with incomes up to $100,000, or $125,000 in high-cost areas.

Democrats concerned about income and racial inequality in the United States have long pointed to the lasting effects of red-lining — and persistent gaps in the rates of black and white homeownership, a traditional means of building wealth.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a fellow 2020 contender, previously proposed providing down payment grants to first-time homebuyers in formerly red-lined, segregated and lower-income areas.

On Saturday, Harris also pledged to work to expand HUD’s fair housing program, strengthen anti-discrimination lending laws and amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to require that credit scores include rent, phone and utility payments.

Senator Harris And The “Race Card” Issue

Senator Harris And The “Race Card” Issue


The Lord knows very well that I have no use for the Trump family as the feces rolls downhill from the Donald on through his adult children and that does include Don Junior. I know that Senior has had issues with birth certificates before with Mr. Obama and now it seems there is a tiff between Don Jr and the media concerning himself and Senator Harris of California. So, now I am going to simply give my unbiased opinion on the re-tweet that Don Jr posted about the Senator. Personally, ever since I first heard of Ms. Harris up until the past 24 hours I had always thought that she was a Black lady as in my opinion that is what she has always portrayed when I have heard her talk or when I have read articles by/about her. But, it turns out that I was wrong and it appears that Don Jr was correct on this issue concerning her. In everything I have ever heard come out of her lips she has come across as a very racist Black lady too me. In the past 24 hours I have found out that she isn’t a Black person at all, even though she has always talked as though she is, I guess it was for the purpose of getting the “Black vote” there in California. The truth I have found out today is that her Dad is Jamaican and her Mom is from India so, there is no “American Black” persons blood in her. I am just making a statement in this letter to you today. I am not sure by which item I am the most shocked by, is it that this Black lady is not Black at all, or that Don Jr may have actually spoken the truth on something. Lord knows he didn’t get that from his Daddy, hell, Senior may disown him for saying something truthful, ya never know, I’m just saying…..

My Views On Racism In The U.S. As An Older White Southern Man

My Views On Racism In The U.S. As An Older White Southern Man


This letter to you this evening is simply my opinions on the subject of racism here in the U.S.. I totally do not expect everyone to agree with anything that I have to say, but if nothing else maybe it will help get a few ‘water cooler’ conversations started. The news today has been filled with race issues stemming from the second of the Democratic Debates. There is a Senator from California, Ms. Harris who seemed to bring up the race issue during that debate via slamming former VP Biden on his record and his words. Now people like Donald Trump Junior have waded in on her hereditary blood line. So those of you who do not know me, I am a long time Independent when it comes to politics. Personally I am not a fan of any of the Trump family nor of Joe Biden or Ms. Harris. Mr. Biden has been catching some flack even from fellow Democrats about his voting record back as far as 1975. Folks, that was 44 years ago, basically every person on earth has changed their views on life itself if they are let’s say, 60 or older. Personally I believe that no one should be allowed to hold any political office though once they have turned 72 but that has nothing to do with race.


I am a person whom I believe is not at all racists and I have always been this way due to a good upbringing via my Mom. Racism is hatred and if anyone hates another person just because of their skin color then they are making a Soul shattering mistake. I was a long haul truck driver for over 30 years I traveled to all of the lower 48 states many hundreds of times, speaking with thousands of people all over the place. I also went all over Canada many times. During my three decades of traveling I came to the realization that in my opinion, here in the States that the most racists group of people are black folks and that is an absolute. But, just like with Hispanic folks what was obvious was that when I, as a white man came up to them to discuss anything was that they expected me to be a racists, and folks, that is very sad. What many non-white folks have ended up doing is becoming that which they hate. I have also noticed that the lower the level of education it seems that the higher the percent of people who have racists views.


I know that there are many people who are white that are just like Donald Trump, racists to the core of their being. What I have come to realize since Mr. Trump became President is that I was wrong about White Racism, there is a lot more of it than I had realized. Racism is a Spiritual disease, a hatred that will get the owner thereof cast into Hell once their life is over. Any person who says that they are a Christian and they are racists doesn’t know anything about the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus Christ.) Personally ever since I first heard of Ms. Harris what I have noticed is that in my opinion she is just like so many of the highly uneducated Black males that I have come across during my years, that she is racists to the core of her being. The reason that I say this about so many Black folks is that when you hear them talking among themselves or when they heavily out number you is that everything seems to be about Color. Because of my feelings about Ms. Harris I will not vote for her just as I would not, will not vote for the Racists Ass that sits in the Oval Office now. Race has got to be a totally ‘non-issue’ in our society or we can never grow as a people. This letter is just my take from my life experiences, from my travels. Personally I do not want anyone in any political office who is a racists no matter what their skin color happens to be. I just hope that we as a country can learn to eliminate this Spiritual disease before we explode as a Nation, a fragmented people are much easier to defeat whether the opponent is of the flesh or of the Spirit. I pray that God will have mercy on all of us because of our stupidity.