Thunder, The Memories, The Light


4:30 In the morning listening to the rain outside

Quiet massaging thunder rumbling to distill the night

Do we consider the thunder as the fury of God, or His love

O’ listen to the somber drum roll fading off into the night

Thunder the voice of an Angel singing, or a warning of light

The flash of light it changes your life from that time

A near miss, a near that didn’t, you tend to remember the time

Is it a wondrous thing that you got lit up and yet survived

In the rumbles deep and low you wonder why you’re alive

Did the Lord steer the light so we could see our own darkness inside

To The Scepter Above do we humbly and meekly bow even now

Is it guilt, shame, or pride, do we hear the Devil laughing at us now

Our final tally sheet, did we end up doing more good than harm

Something as simple as choking on one’s own spit we can die

None knows if once again we will hear the thunder roar then light

Thunder the last thing we hear tonight, or is it forever goodbye?

Real Love

Love is a thing hoped for, yet something that is so seldom found

Do we think love is a dozen red roses or a big red box of chocolates

Or, do we believe flirting eyes telling us it’s a box filled with bling

How is it that we poor dumb males still do not know such things

Money can only buy a person back stabbing temporary rings

How could a real true loving heart be able to be bought like a thing

Rose petals die and fall away, their stems with briars do mar

The candies red box, your fault, the calories it did bring

Now she tells everyone how you caused, her lap upon her knees

If flirting eyes and soft lips tell you that diamonds are her best friend

Do yourself a huge favor, get up on your horse, ride away as quickly as you can

Son, love is the touch of her hand as she walks gently by

Love is the sweet smile you each have in your eyes, not just lust between the thighs

Love is what I am now blessed to know, though it did take me three tries

Love is when your ugly, fat, bald, and old, she still gives you the scepter, the TV remote control

My friend I pray that someday you will be blessed to where you to can have a love like I.