U.S. Congress Shows It Cowardliness Once Again


Here in the U.S. we are quite used to having our federal Congressmen and Congresswomen sitting on their hands and doing nothing constructive for the people of the country. Usually it seems that the only thing they can ever agree on is giving themselves pay raises. Both of the national parties are content to play politics as the Nation falls down around them. There is a voting system that they have put into place where they can vote yet not have a record on how they voted on the different issues. They have installed a cowards way out from having any accountability, it is called a “voice vote”. When the Speaker of the House has the whole House of Un-Representatives yell out ‘yea or nay’ to decide if a bill passes ‘the House’. If it does they pass the controversial Bill onto the President for him/her to sign or veto. This way if the President signs the Bill, if the public liked it they can of course say ‘yes, I voted for it.’ Or, if the Bill was signed by the President and the public was upset about the Bill passing the cowards can say’ no I never voted for it.’ This way the President is always going to be the one that one of the political parties can either bad mouth, or congratulate.


Yesterday such a ‘vote’ happened once again. I personally believe that every public official should always have to physically sign off on every Bill that comes across their desk. Yesterday a ‘voice’ vote was taken on the issue of survivors of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks here in the States being able to sue the Government of Saudi Arabia being that almost all of the murderers were Saudi. There is the issue also that the U.S. Intelligence community have traced money back to a few members of the Saudi Royal Family. Here in the U.S. you are only allowed to have one wife per man so family sizes tend to be a whole lot smaller than they are in the Islamic world. Here in the U.S. families have far fewer kids, grand-kids, and close cousins, first, second, third and so on. I do not for a moment believe that the top end of the Saudi Royal Family gives a damn about the U.S. people, I believe they are just like most of the other citizens of the Saudi Kingdom, they hate us. But, the top end of their Family do care about their military ties with us and also the fact that they reap billions of dollars every year in oil revenues from their sales to the U.S..


I personally believe that it is wrong for the U.S. citizens to be allowed to sue any Nation for damages unless it is an absolute stated fact that their government was a ‘State’ sponsor of the terrorist event. If the U.S. government has such proof in this case then they should post this information publicly for the whole world to see. If any government is liable for legal damages it should be the government that failed to protect its own citizens. So, in this case if any government should be held liable for this event it should be the U.S. government. Before you get to thinking that I am un-American and all that kind of stuff you need to consider the broader picture that would come from this law suite. If the U.S. government passes this ‘Bill’ then the U.S. government will leave itself open to be sued by citizens of all the wars we are in and have been involved in. Think about it, think about all of the civilians that have been killed as a result of our bombs hitting the wrong places or places where we got bad intelligence reports and we bombed innocent people instead of the ones we thought we were bombing. This is a slippery slope that our government should not go down because it is going to burn us far worse than the few million dollars that the Saudi government could be held liable for. There is also the fact that the Saudi Royal Family has already warned the D.C. politicians that there will be consequences if the ‘Bill’ passes. The first thing that comes to my mind is that first, the Saudi government would not pay it anyway and the second is that they will turn off the oil they sell us and sell it to China and to India instead. Do you see why I call the U.S. Congress men and women cowards? They just don’t want any dirt to come back on them when their cowardliness makes our relations with the Saudi’s go sideways.

So The Saudi Government Thinks We Should Put Our Boots On the Ground For Them?EST


I was reading an article this evening from the New York Times that I found amusing. Basically what the article was about was that they are saying if the U.S. and our Allies will initiate a ground game in Syria that they would then join in. How kind of them, I don’t blame them for asking, our government has done ignorant things before haven’t they? Folks don’t make any mistakes about any nation does concerning the situation inside of Syria. Life in that country will never be the same again for any whom have the physical scars and have buried loved ones in this war. Just seeing the physical scars of the land and the cities because of this civil war is very sad.


For those of us who pay attention to the real world we must understand that the Civil War that is going on right now in Syria and Iraq is a bloodletting of two sides of one faith killing each other. This to me is the equivalent of Catholics and Protestants killing each other because one side thinks the other one doesn’t worship the Lord Jesus exactly correctly.  Russia has decided to back the smaller of the two sects, the Shiite led government of Syria and their friends in Iran. If we put our boots on the ground inside of Syria as in an invasion we would be doing the Saudi’s dirty work at the cost of our blood and gold. This helps keep them clean as far as their government wiping out hundreds of thousands of fellow Sunni believers, just blame it on the Americans. The issue is that these two sides of this religion tend to hate each other to the point of death and the best the western nations can hope to do is to contain it as best as possible to that region. It is a very sad reality that for the people of the Islam belt of this planet for the citizens to have any freedoms or any peace that they have to live in a country that is dominated by a Dictator.