Should “A Trump Wall” be built Around All Islamic Nations?

Should “A Trump Wall” be built Around All Islamic Nations?

Just in case you think I have lost all level of sanity, I am not serious about an actual wall. But, I am serious about the need to remove all people who believe in Islam from every country on earth that isn’t already infested with the moral disease that is Islam. I know that this is very harsh what I am saying. I am not trying to be hateful and I do not want anyone on the planet to be harmed in any way. This is why I say that this terrorist organization (Islam) must be relocated to ‘Arab/Persian’ nations only. There is nothing peaceful or kind or ‘religious’ about Islam, most everything about it is pure evil. I know that no physical wall would work because they would just blow it up.  But you (the nations of Earth) can refuse to allow any boat/ship or plane to land on your soil and if you find any in your country illegally let the stated national policy be so that they would know ahead of time that they will be jailed for life in a maximum security prison.


This paragraph is going to be about the Islamic hordes that ISIS and other Demonic groups like them have pushed out of countries like Syria and into the EU. Europe and Germany in particular are learning that this influx of evil should never have been allowed to happen. Now these EU countries are discussing sending them back to their home lands because of their purely Satanic culture does not at all mix with the kindness and generosity that is Christianity. What I am condoning is sending every single person back to their homeland and not allowing any others to ever leave those countries that are infected with this disease. Islam must world-wide be treated like a deadly plague because that is what it is. All of these people must be sent back as soon as possible. Wars like what are going on in Syria are civil wars between Sunni and Shiite that has been going on now for 1,400 years, it is not something that is new to the region. Every peace-loving nation on earth needs to cancel every single passport of every one of them and never allow any to come into their countries again.


Here in America if we were to have another internal war our citizens should be forced to put and end to it themselves. If a thousand armed murderers entered your town of lets say thirty-thousand people it is our own people who must kill those murderers, not run away. If someone threatens your families lives it is your responsibility to protect them at any cost and that does mean killing those ‘soldiers’ at every possible opportunity. I am not mincing words because you and I and every person on Earth is at war with Islam at this very moment. You may well be saying “I’m not at war with anyone, what the heck at you talking about”. What I am telling you right now is that Islam by its very core teachings are at war with every human being on the planet and this does mean you and all of your family members. They will be happy to tell you that they aren’t at war with you, as they slit your loved ones throats and put it on video for all their followers to see.

I am saying that everything to do with Islam must be removed from every country and that does mean scrapping every single Mosque off the face of the earth right down to the dust. I am not condoning hurting any of their believers in your country but I am saying that for your own safety these people must all be removed back to the Middle-East and never ever let out again as long as Islam exists. Doing these things will force the people of Islam who say that it is just a peaceful religion to either convert away from Islam or kill those doing the murdering themselves. If you have a country with say ten-million residents and they are being attacked by fifty-thousand soldiers the people must themselves crush those who have attacked them. I know that these things will not happen, at least not here in America because of the idiocy of ‘political correctness’.

Through Ignorance World Leaders Wasted Our Blood And Gold

Through Ignorance World Leaders Wasted Our Blood And Gold


Yes I did say our, as in (you and I) who are part of this world conversation we call our lives. There is a section of the world’s population who have no faith system of any kind, what percent, I don’t know that answer but it probably varies from nation to nation wouldn’t you think? What I am going to get at is this, you don’t have to believe in something, for that something to kill you. Here in the States there are a lot of Atheist type folks who through their lack of knowledge degrade Christianity and Judaism every chance they get. Unfortunately we find many of these people in seats of power throughout many nations.

I want to ask you what you thought when your nation (if yours did) put blood and money into these Islamic nations, putting our soldiers in direct open conflict with various Islamic faith factions. I totally agree that after 911 when the experts figured out that Osama was behind it and they learned that he was in Afghanistan being protected by the Taliban whom would not give him up, we should have removed them from the face of the earth. The bigger problem after running those Satanic embers out of power was in how to rebuild this broken nation both physically via helping them build a national infrastructure and a solid national pride in getting all of it’s people a quality education both boys and girls. But, big but, how do you cure the inside of a person when their moral fiber is evil and they refuse to change their beliefs or culture within their own brains?

Our nations leaders should all have known that there is no way to help create a puppet government that can only stand for as long as we prop it up with a lot of our blood and money and honestly expect the nations of fundamental Islam to not retake everything once we leave? O, but isn’t that the same lesson our leaders didn’t learn in Iraq either? There is a fundamental reality about the Islamic faith at it’s core, they do not believe in democracies as the rule of law.

The whole world is in a position to have it’s ground stained with the blood of their own children. There are many major brewing and open conflict areas on the globe, all are dangerous, but no conflict can ever be as dangerous as one that is about what a group’s Faith teaches, especially if  that Faith teaches global enslavement by force. I would like to say to the world, please wake up, but I have no faith that we will. Folks the world of Islam is very much at war with you and they will kill you whether you believe in them or not, they would prefer we all be foolish, it makes us all easier to kill.