(Philosophy Poem) Taking Money From The Devil

Taking Money From The Devil


When you are down and out, be careful of the spout

Water is never pure when it is coming from the sewer

Muddy water from a swamp just kills you a little slower

When drowning in the sand one will grasp at any hand

Sweet words to reel you in to slather you on their spit


Promises of help all disguised to steal your life and land

Taxes and tolls with high interest you can never repay

Bridges that they build are just their avenue to invade

Belts and Roads built to plunder the poor man last dollar

Upon the Roads their Armies march your sovereignty do part


Whether a Panda or a Card they smile as they cut your throat

The Poor are only fodder for the weapons of the rich man’s dollar

Poor people do all the work but to Ivory Towers go all the perks

Just look to your Capitals for Fallen Angels disguised as rich Jerks

Soon all money will come from one hand, will be the Devil, not a man

(Philosophy Poem) This Too Will End



Young children born into a hungry home

No toys, no shoes, love so seldom seen

Chores learned as soon as they can walk

The belt, the switch, the hand, if you talk


School starts, more hate filled adults each day

Beaten at school, beaten at home, just routine

Chores before school, chores after, end of day

The belt, the switch, the hand, never have a say


Now a teen, earn a dime, go to school, pay your way

School taught you nothing since at least fourth grade

Home, school, and life, you learn to fight to survive

The belt, the switch, the fist, if you speak or complain


All grown, been trained to be a pea in a pod, to slave

Step out of line, the Man will give you a life of jail time

Childhood and youth have passed away now gray-haired

Rich own the Bank, Badge the Gun, though this will end


Whom really is the wise, the rich man or the faithful poor

Faith in ones riches will not save them from a decaying ditch

A poor mans faith is tried in the fires of this life, this too will end

Not until the Mighty are cast into God’s Oven, will they understand