Religious Philosophy Poem: Mark 12


The Wine Press I have dug with hedges all about

To my family I have lent my beautiful Vineyard out

In the Fall I shall return to receive My Prophets earned

Surely My Servant you shall receive as if he were Me


My Servant comes to Me with bruises that I can see

So I sent you another yet you cast stones upon his head

I sent you many Servants, chance in deed you have had

You have beaten all I have sent and some you even killed


Now I will send you My only Son, Him will you respect

Evil has over come most of you as you dared to kill My Son

You cast His Body out as if the land and your lives belonged to you

To darkness you shall be cast as His Blood has Cleansed another Class

(Religious Poem) Our Comfort Is Through God’s Servant



The Lord has held His peace and stayed His hand

Yet the time comes when He will blow upon the flames

The Lord’s prophets speak before the events do happen

The Lord God created us yet many choose to bow to idols

Our Creator has given us a Covenant of Light many do shun


God will hold the hand of all of those who choose to love Him

Jew of Gentile the Holy One of Israel spilled His blood to save us

Do not fear those that loathe you and that try to bring you shame

They in their own wisdom are confounded and know not God’s light

By the power of the Lord’s right hand they shall all soon pass away


The human cannot begin to search the understanding of the Creator

Those that hope and wait on the Lord shall be blessed with His glory

The Paintbrush of the Lord is truly beautiful if we open our eyes to it

The Lord watches over the circle of the Earth and all of His creations

Be of good cheer the Temple Mount is His Throne the Earth His footstool



(Religious Poem) The Blink Of An Eye: Or Forever



I know that my flesh and my heart shall return to the dust

Yet the Lord is the strength of my heart and love of my Soul

All of my life I follow Thy Holy Council to receive Your reward

I walk continually with You Lord as you are holding my hand

Before I knew You Father I was only a beast in the darkness


When I learned of You Lord I was pricked in my very heart

I have seen You in my dreams and You awakened my Soul

The blind are clueless and consumed in their daily terrors

When our courts say teach not your children I cannot obey

Our Leaders say speak not of You, but then our Nation dies


There is no Caste in death yet the bands of death are firm

It is foolish to cherish wealth of the wicked in this short life

For me, now my steps are but a few, I can see Your Light Lord

My children will worship You as You sit upon the Temple Mount

Our life is but a blink Lord, eternity with You Lord is love unending

(Religious Poem) Godless Leaders



The rich have shamed the council of the poor

The wealthy fool themselves with their own lies

They puff at the poor as if they are but chaff

Through their egos the wisdom of the Lord is folly

They destroy My people believing there is no cost


Only a fool says in their heart that there is no God

The corrupt and the pure evil flock to Davos to gloat

They pat themselves on the back and wallow in filth

Are there none who are not consumed in greed and pride

The backs of the workers they break and steal their crumbs


The wealthy can no longer hide their sins from the world

The eyes of the Lord sees inside the hearts of all mankind

The Devil walks with the wicked when they are exalted

The words of the Lord are pure, evil will melt in Hell’s fire

Salvation shall Roar out of Zion, these vultures will die twice



(Religious Poem) Walking With Faith, Or Without It



There is no peace saith the Lord for the wicked

Without faith in God it is impossible to please Him

The Hebrews were given water out of the rocks to drink

In 40 years the soles of their shoes nor garments ever failed

Birds and Manna from Heaven given to these faithless


Listen to the Lord O Israel as He calls you to honor His name

With faith in the Lord you never would have lost your land

Babylon shall never prevail against you for His name sake

The language of the Mediterranean shall cease to be spoken

Babylon and her Whore shall be brought down in one day


The Lord laid all the foundations for all of us to live and to love

Our Lord is the Alpha and the Omega the First and the Last

Thus saith the Lord our Redeemer He is the Holy One Of Israel

With faith we shall all be refined better that the purest of Gold

Through faith there is hope, without faith only Hell’s fire awaits


(Religious Poem) Our Mission From The Messiah



Go forth to the prisoners and those who are in the darkness

Show them God’s mercy, feed the poor where ever you find them

Do not let the Sun smite the breath of life from the poor workers

Gentile of Jew, friend or foe, lead them to the pure waters

For the Lord will be wroth if we dig a pit against our neighbor


The Lord us all a Covenant to establish His mercy to the weak

Our Savior hears our anguish and has planned for our salvation

The Creator has chosen His Holy One as well as His chosen Seat

Kings and Princes shall arise against the Holy one the Messiah

It will be a terrible day when the Lord condemns the hate filled


God is the strength and glory of he who is a true believer

The Lord has known us from the womb guiding us to be Holy

We have not labored in vain nor spent our strength for nothing

The Lords judgement is honest, it is pure Truth and it is fair

From the womb the Messiah has communed with our Soul


(Religious Poem) A Hollow Vessel



(A Kab), a hollow vessel, be ye not

For God’s gathering place is Holy

Know ye not that our body is a Holy Vessel

It is a Promised Land, a Home to the Spirit of God



Be ye not vacant, nor your Spirit in drought

For a vacant house is open to the Master of death

Clean thy thoughts O man, for the Lord knows them

Thy heart knows thy words before they touch your lips



Please, seek ye purity of heart and of your Soul

There is nothing that we know that was not given before unto us

Kiss the ground and bow thy head O man, walk with eyes wide open

Evil is trying to snare your life and Soul with your every step



Friends we must keep the stoop to our Souls as clean as we can

At the door to our Soul, the Lord Jesus stands knocking on our heart

All of our bodies are a Home for a Spirit, either of God or Satan to dwell

If our Soul lacks God, our hollow vessel, all the way to Hell Satan will indwell!

(Spiritual Poem) Israel O Israel



The courting of evil will be your destruction

Yahweh will through your folly lure you to ruin

Hosea before hand has warned you of your fall

Your prayers are not given through fear of your God

Your fears are like those of the pain of a howling beast


Israel your prayers do not proceed from your love of God

You weep like a beast who knows not their own destruction

You cry out yet your prayers are only for material possessions

Your prayers are but a religious exercise like that of heathen

Your heart is rebellious like a starving wolf pup against a lion


The Devil walks among you as He destroys your Temples of worship

Punishment is for your idolatry and your disloyalty to your own Father

You cry unto God but without faith your words are but in the wind

Revolution and idolatry has turned your milk and honey into sand

The Golden Calf of Bethel was just the beginning of your treason


Faith will heal you yet gluttony and greed will certainly kill you

Innocent blood seeping into the ground is to you, unforgiven

Foolish children, Yahweh is your Father, the Earth is your Mother

The blood of blind oxen and lame sheep will not purify your sins

The Temple Mount is My Throne yet you allow Satan to defile it


(Religious Poem) We Are All Slaves Or Servants



Slavery we all know is a state of unwanted human bondage

We think we are free because we do not see the bonds or chains

Unlike Libya we do not hear our name called at the auction stocks

Yet, we were all purchased from the womb, a true blood sacrifice

There is a debt that we can never repay already paid for our Soul


A gift of all gifts was freely given to break the bonds of Demons

Such a great price paid voluntarily, we were purchased with love

The chains in this life that we put on, we do this unto ourselves

We are all now children of God, yet many still refuse the Grace

The path is wide with many shadows and lies that bring only death


The Soul is a gift from God to all and when we lay down it returns

We are all servants to something to someone, one is good, one not

Servants to the Light or slaves to the dark we who choose the side

Faithful servants need no chains nor whips to produce good wheat

Yet the lazy, the ignorant, and the greedy all will fall into Hell’s Pit