I Hope I Am Wrong, But Here Is What President Trump Is Going To Do ‘To’ The Working Class Americans


I hope that I am wrong about this belief but I am writing this article, this note, to you today because I don’t think I am wrong. So that you won’t go off on the wrong thought direction I will tell you that I voted for Gary Johnson in the Presidential election last month. I am a registered Independent but that is not the reason I voted for Mr. Johnson. I voted for him because I knew he would not win, you see I just couldn’t get myself to vote for Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton. To me, both of those folks just had too much negative baggage about them in regards to what I believed they would bring to the Presidency for me to be able to vote for them. Mrs. Clinton had a track record of negatives while working in D.C., Mr. Trump had a lot of bad baggage but we the people could at least hope that everything coming out of his mouth wasn’t a lie. Now both of these candidates had some good ideas as does each of their Parties, but they also have some huge negatives.


With Mr. Trump after he won the election what I have been looking toward was whom were the people he was going to put into his Cabinet. We now know exactly where Mr. Trump’s mindset is as far as his campaign rhetoric about “making America great again.” Mr. Trump chose a Congressman from South Carolina to oversee the National Budget and how the Government’s  revenues will be spent. He just like the Republican Leadership in the House and the Senate are against Mr. Trump’s plan to rebuild the Nation’s infrastructure which has a preliminary estimate price tag of one trillion dollars. From being an over the road truck driver for thirty plus years I know first hand that this has been needed to be done for at least the past thirty years, of that I have no doubt. His new budget man though says no to this program, unless the Federal Government cuts a trillion dollars in ‘waste’ that it is now spending. The issue though is that to the Republicans ‘waste’ is things like the food stamp program, Social Security retirement and disability programs, Military retirement and VA disability programs, I believe you get the idea. Yet, you know that there is something that I have never once heard these Congressmen, Senators, or former Presidents talk about cutting and that is their lavish ‘amenities’ they are getting right now, or the lavish retirement packages they get when they retire or are voted out of office. Back when “war hero” George H.W.Bush was President he tried to turn over all of the Nation’s road systems to the States so that they could make every road in America a “toll” road. He wanted to do this to lessen the burden on the Federal Government. This has always puzzled me since the Federal Government receives billions of dollars in road use fuel taxes, I have always wondered where all those billions go every year since they are not being spent on the roads and bridges. Yet the biggest “show” of his support for wounded American Veterans was that while he was in Office he tried to save money by cutting the cost of the VA. The issue is, that he wanted to make it to where for a Service Connected Veteran to be able to get care at the VA they had to be a minimum of %50 Service Connected, wait for it, he also was trying to get it to where for a wounded Veteran to get %50 they had to be at the very least a quadriplegic (no working arms or legs). Sorry about being sidetracked there, it just disgusts me how pathetic these pariah can be.


Now, back to our current President Elect, Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump has made it no secret that he believes that the Federal minimum wage is too high. This is the reason why he has had and is having everything with his name on it, not counting buildings obviously, he has made in ‘offshore’ countries where slave wages are the norm. Plus these countries do not have the EPA regulations for their companies to worry about. The reality is the richer the people the less they give a flip about the poorest of the poor, it is always all about how much profit they can put into their own pocket. Besides, there are billions of dirt poor starving people, why should they care if billions of them die? You will know that in public statements they will say they do, but in the closed-door boardrooms of these international companies, do you really believe that is their opinion there? Think about it, as soon as a company that is on the open market boards says they are laying off workers, their stock values go up at once. When a company on the Stock Market says they are closing a factory in the U.S. and moving it to Mexico, Honduras, or China, the value of their stock goes up. Even the soon to be ‘First Daughter’ learned this from her Daddy, look at where her products are all made, hint, it’s not in the U.S..


Mr. Trump says that he is going to cut the Corporate tax rate from its current %35 to %15 to help stimulate companies profits. He also says he is going to punish companies that move their jobs ‘offshore’ by putting a huge tariff like %35 on all the products they then try to bring back into the States to sell here. As an Independent, I do not have a problem with either of these programs, I believe that Companies need to be strong financially for them to expand and to create new jobs. My issue is that Mr. Trump is very anti-Union and he is in favor of lowering the minimum wage. So, if his policies are designed to cut the welfare programs and put people back to work, are these jobs really actually going to pay a livable wage? Remember, Mr. Trump thinks that the folks at Carrier in Indianapolis are losing their jobs because they are making too much money and that Carrier was needing to move their factories to Mexico because of cheaper wages and benefits there. Mr. Trump has also told the workers in the American Auto Industry that they are making too much money that they need to take pay cuts. Mr. Trump talks about how a former steelworker who lost their job because of unfair labor laws in China and is now flipping burgers knows about the good jobs disappearing here in America. Well, my question to Mr. Trump is if you help bring back the steelworkers job to America but he has to work for 6 or 7 dollars per hour with no benefits, no overtime pay and no OSHA or EPA regulations to help keep them safe and alive how are they any better off than flipping burgers for at McDonald’s or working a register at Wal-Mart?


I know this is not going to happen, but here is a solution to some semblance of income equality. Right now there is no cap on how much the top end of a company’s executives can earn, the limits are only on the working class and those limits are put into place by the top end. So, Congress should pass a federal law where there can not be more than a 100 times income difference law on all companies and this would have to include total packages, stocks, bonds, benefits, insurances ect. This is where whatever the lowest paid person in the company makes, no one in the company can make more than 100 times that amount. As I said, it will never happen because it is those same top end folks that bribe the Congressmen and Senators to make sure that it never happens. This is a humanity issue, yes it is an income equality issue also, but for any Country to survive then there must be a vibrant middle class and a system where the lowest end of the financial scale has an honest chance to work their way up into that middle class. If we do not correct the current trends of only the wealthiest being able to afford a humane life style we are seeing the signs now where America is going to fall apart from the inside. By the choices Mr. Trump is making for his Cabinet I don’t believe he gives a flip about the American working class, his picks are showing that he only cares about the top 1/10 of 1%. I believe that to put it in layman’s terms, for the next two years there may begin to be more jobs but they are not likely to be livable wage jobs. The reason I said two years is because if I am correct and this is what happens, in two years the Republicans will lose the House and the Senate and in four years Mr. Trump will go back to his vacation.



































This Is My Opinion How To Make U.S. Presidential Elections Much More Fair And Honest


Folks, I floated this idea by my wife on Election Night a couple of weeks ago and after giving it a lot of thought we decided that it sounds like a pretty good idea, now see what you think of it. When I was a kid and I first learned of the Electoral College I thought that it sounded like a horrible idea. Then after studying the history of the issue it really ticked me off. The Founding Fathers thought that ‘We The People’ were actually to stupid to elect our own Officials so they put in a ‘cheat formula’ sort of like the current day Democrats do with their ‘Super Delegates’.  The Democratic leadership has proven that they have no interest in letting the people, Democrats or otherwise to get to elect their party’s nominee. In my honest opinion, this is why Donald Trump is the President-Elect today and not Bernie Sanders, it is the fault of the Elite who run the DNC. When I was a kid back in the 1960’s I remembered studying to find if the people had ever voted one way just to have the Electoral College vote another person into the Presidency. I was only able to find one time where it had happened and it was back in the early 1800’s, I remember thinking how irate the American people would be if this ever happened in these ‘modern’ times. I honestly thought that it never would, then the 2000 election came along and Al Gore beat George W. Bush by about half a million votes but the Supreme Court gave the election to Mr. Bush by one electoral vote. The people sat on their hands and did nothing. Now just 16 years later it has happened again. It looks like Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over two-million votes but she got her butt kicked in the Electoral College vote. You know, when the Founding Fathers set up our political system maybe they were right, the American people do seem to be ignorant sheep. Remember though that when they put in the phrase ‘All People Are Created Equal’ they were only referring to ‘White Male Landowners.’ You know, our ‘Founding Fathers’ had some serious issues.


Okay, now I will get to the meat of this article which is the idea about how to make the Presidential Elections more fair. I don’t like the Electoral system because I do not believe that it creates equality Nationwide. Yet if we only count the popular vote then Presidential hopefuls would only visit or care about the States with the biggest population centers, in fact they would only concern themselves with the biggest cities. Why would they bother wasting time and money on States like Wyoming, North or South Dakota or Alaska, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada or Utah? You can see where the current Democratic Party has been doing this in recent elections, this time, it cost them the White House. Here is my suggestion for your thoughts. So as to make the Presidential Elections much more equal and fair so that every State has equal representation like we all do with Federal Senators (2 each) no matter how big, small, or populated a State is, or not. Keep an Electoral College (sort of) but with this huge change, every State gets one vote. Whomever wins a State’s popular vote gets that State’s one vote. We have 50 States, if there is a tie of 25 each then and only then we look at the ‘popular vote’ to see who won the most votes Nationwide, then give the Election to the one who won the most total votes. If our political system ever gets to where we have more that the two big contenders let’s say a viable third, fourth or fifth political party to where their Candidate’s win States but no Candidate won at least the 25 States then one week later have another election with only the top two finishers on the ballot. I personally believe this system would be better than what some Countries do with their ‘Coalition’ Governments. That system is a train wreck because it causes too many elections and gives way to much power to a very small Party that happens to be part of the Ruling Coalition, they know that all they have to do is to threaten to leave the Coalition and they can bring down the whole Government. Okay folks, that’s it, what do you think of this idea?

Hypocritic Democratic Protesters Rail At Trump For Him Being Honest About Them!


President-elect Donald Trump complains about ‘unfair’ protesters as thousands of Americans take to the streets

Donald Trump sat down with President Obama before taking to Twitter to vent his frustration with how "unfair" he thinks the protesters are.

Donald Trump sat down with President Obama before taking to Twitter to vent his frustration with how “unfair” he thinks the protesters are.


After a couple of unusually quiet days, Donald Trump was back to his campaign trail social media tactics Thursday evening, complaining about the thousands of “unfair” protesters demonstrating throughout cities across the country.”Just had a very open and successful presidential election,” Trump tweeted as scores of angry New Yorker’s gathered outside Trump Tower. “Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

The President-elect’s media bashing tweet comes on the heels of a cordial sit-down with President Obama at the White House earlier in the day. The incoming President said he had “great respect” for Obama and commended him on some of the “really great things” he has achieved.

After the meeting, Trump thanked the President for a “fantastic day” with “great chemistry.”

Rage is not the answer

Hundreds gathered outside Trump Tower Thursday to protest Trump's election win.

Hundreds gathered outside Trump Tower Thursday to protest Trump’s election win.


“Melania liked Mrs. O a lot!” he added, referring to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Trump has become notorious for frequently insulting politicians and journalists over Twitter, but since winning the election Wednesday, he has only sent out two uncharacteristically toned down tweets — one pledging to as President unify the country and another congratulating the Marine Corps on its 241st anniversary.

That spell of politeness broke Thursday, and Twitter users were quick to rip into the President-elect after his latest tirade.

The protesters toted signs and chanted outside the midtown skyscraper.

The protesters toted signs and chanted outside the midtown skyscraper.


“Here we go, again,” Republican strategist Ana Navarro said. “Trump tweeting against protestors & the media. Well, it was nice to see him be presidential for all of, what…40 hours?”

Anti-Trump protests resume for second night across U.S.

The chief strategist for Obama’s presidential campaigns, David Axelrod, also took a jab at the President-elect.

“Not a good look for the POTUS-elect,” he said. “Instead of reaching out, he reaches for his Twitter account. Again! Winners don’t whine. They heal.”


Throngs of protesters in Baltimore blocked traffic outside the Ravens’ football stadium. (ARREST THEM FOR BREAKING THE LAWS OF OUR NATION, CHARGE THEM AND  PUT THEM IN JAIL!)(TRS)


While Trump was tweeting, tensions remained high on the street outside his building, with hundreds of protesters chanting “we reject the President-elect” and “not our President.”

Paula Sternitzky, 54, of Brooklyn, came to the protests toting a sign emblazoned with the words “F–k Trump” alongside an unflattering hand drawn portrait of the soon-to-be commander-in-chief.

VIDEO: Trump, Obama sit down in historic White House meeting

“Tuesday evening was shock, Wednesday morning it was complete fear,” Sternitzky told the Daily News about her reaction to the election results. “I’m genuinely scared about what a President Trump could do to this country.”

Verane Frediani, 42, of Lille, France, was visiting the city for a couple of days, and said she came to the protest to show that Trump’s election upset is sending shock waves beyond U.S. borders.

“We have the extreme right as well so I think it’s important to come out and show that this is a problem,” Frediani told The News, referencing the controversial leader of France’s National Front party, Marine Le Pen, who was among the first European politicians to congratulate Trump on his win. “We’re breathing the same political air and everything he said about immigrants, about women — it’s not okay.”

Meanwhile, some 600 protesters outraged over the outcome of the election marched to the M&T Bank Stadium where the Ravens were hosting the Cleveland Browns for Thursday Night Football.

LUPICA: Grace from Obama, Clinton and Trump after ugly campaigns

Woman throwing laundry detergent at protesters here at the march here in

 Throngs of demonstrators blocked traffic and lay down in the middle of roadways nearby the stadium, but otherwise remained peaceful. Police said at least two people were detained, but not charged, in the commotion.

Discontent with the President-elect turned violent in Portland, Ore., where officials announced around 9 p.m. local time that the protests had turned into “a riot” as demonstrators marched onto major highways.

“Due to extensive and criminal and dangerous behavior, protest is now considered a riot,” the Portland Police Department said in a tweet.

Hundreds of protesters in Washington, D.C. came out for a second night of protests.  

Hundreds of protesters in Washington, D.C. came out for a second night of protests.


The Oregon Department of Transportation shut down traffic on portions of Interstate 5 and 84 as police tried to deescalate the situation.

Muslim women assaulted on campuses as fear of Islamophobia rises

A bizarre Twitter video showed a female motorist swinging at protesters and dousing them in laundry detergent after they blocked traffic on the Hawthorne Bridge near the city’s downtown area.

In another part of the city, a protester was arrested for hurling a Molotov cocktail into a bonfire and cops reported widespread vandalism, graffiti and street fires.

 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called the protests in his city "a beautiful expression of democracy." 

 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called the protests in his city “a beautiful expression of democracy.”


For the second night in a row, thousands of protesters marched through both Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, holding signs emblazoned with slogans like “Not Our President” and “Make America Safe For All.”

A large crowd gathered outside the Philly’s historic City Hall chanted, “We must remember to love ourselves and each other, not our President.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a Democrat, condemned a “very, very small group of people” disrupting otherwise peaceful protests after 28 people were arrested for blocking traffic and vandalizing some buildings and a news truck.

Besides the arrests, Garcetti commended the protesters on exercising their democratic rights.

“I actually thought it was a beautiful expression of democracy,” Garcetti said at a news conference. “I think it was a marvelous thing to see the next generation of this country get engaged and involved.”

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