When The Poor Serve No Need We Will Be Exterminated

When The Poor Serve No Need We Will Be Exterminated


Earlier I posted an article that came from the Government of China, the article was in several of their news outlets, the article stated that by the year 2027 in China’s Financial district alone that AI will cause the loss of 2.3 million jobs. Remember that their current President for life Mr. Xi Jinping is a devout follower of Chairman Mao. When Chairman Mao was in charge in China their country’s population was about one billion people and his policies were to let about half of the Nation starve to death. One of the main reason he gave was the Central Government’s inability to not only be able to control them but also their inability to feed them. The population of the United States and of Russia combined today is about 470 million people, Mao was speaking of letting 500 million of his own people starve to death. There are many reasons that China went to their ‘one child’ policies for several decades, these were two of their top reasons.


There are those in China and elsewhere in the world who will argue that these things could not happen today because we are now much more civilized and to this I have to say, O really. The United States is without a doubt a ‘surveillance State’ today, if you think otherwise you are being quite naive. There are good things about living in constant surveillance though, I have no doubt that the FBI, CIA, and the NSA have stopped quite a few attacks upon the American people because of their secretive work. Yet how much freedom do the people give up for the sake of being safer? The more a government knows, the more easily they can then totally control the lives of the people. When it comes to governing a Nation the main building block of their power is their ability to control the people. Lose control on the streets, they lose their grip on their power.


Now let’s get back to financials within a government. Unless you are oblivious to reality you should know that the tail that wags the dog, is money. Back in the mid 1970’s I worked in a Chrysler Assembly Plant in norther Illinois for just a couple of weeks (I couldn’t stand the thought of working on an assembly line putting cushions in-car seats for at least 37 years) so I quit. What I did notice was how many people worked on the different ‘lines’. As the cars went down the assembly line you had many people doing manual labor like spot welding and putting windshields into the car frames. Go there now, see how many jobs are still there and how many are being done by automation, the job loss is staggering. Even think of stores like Wal-Mart who are getting rid of their cashiers in favor of automation and self-checkouts. Now think about self driving cars, trucks and even trains. Even companies like Uber are killing the Taxi industry. What do all of these things have in common folks? Companies are trying to get rid of human employees and the reason is simple, more profits for the top end persons in these companies.


If you are old enough (I am 62) do you remember when we used to hear how technologies were going to allow worker to only have to work 4 days a week because with technologies we could get 5 days work done in 4 days? Some people were foolish enough to think that their employer was going to pay you for 5 days work even though you only worked 4 days. Reality was that the employees still worked 5 days a week but the companies demanded 6 or 7 days of finished product in the 5 days, for no more pay. Then of course the companies could ‘let go’ some of their workforce because they didn’t need them anymore. The employment issue has just grown from there as more and more computers and machines have taken over jobs that humans used to do.


I have spoken of the world Stock Markets before, how I believe that they are nothing but a Ponzi scheme and a curse to the working class, the working poor who labor in these corporations who are on these ‘Markets.’ Some will argue that throughout the years that they have been buying and selling stocks and bonds that they have been able to amass a ‘nice little retirement fund’, yet in reality all of a persons profits that they have amassed over the past thirty years can easily be wiped out in one or two hours on this same ‘Market scheme.’ Little people like us working class folks at best get the crumbs that fall off of the ‘Boss Mans’ plate. We are no more than dogs licking their floor and their shoes. What takes you or I 30 years to amass the ‘connected’ make in one 5 minute transaction.


When there are lets say 4 billion working age poor people (ages 10-75) but there are only 2 billion actual jobs that need a humans hands to do, what will happen to the other 2 billion people, and all of their families, all of the children? The Republicans in the U.S Congress often refer to things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Aid For Dependent Children, unemployment checks, VA Disability checks and even the VA itself as “entitlements” as “Welfare”, things that must be “defunded”, “stopped.” Why is this? The answer is simple, it takes away from the money that flows to the top end of the financial class. The Republicans say that they are the “Christian right” yet their actions are as anti-Christian as you can get in American politics. Do not get me wrong, I am no fan of the Democratic Party either with their platform of murdering babies (pro-abortion). Both ‘Parties’ are pure evil, they will both do everything that they can to make sure that the American people never get to have a viable 3rd or 4th political party and the reason is simple, that would take away from their power and they aren’t about to let that happen.


When there is not enough jobs for the poor people to do, not even slave labor jobs, who is going to house and feed these people if they can’t get an income? Is the top 1% going to just ‘give’ these people money from their bank accounts? When there is 7 billion people on the planet but only enough food or clean drinking water for 6 billion, who is going to get that food and clean water, the poorest of the poor people? Really? If you really think so, how naive you are my friend! In this new world that is on our doorstep, indeed kicking down our doors right now, you are either the lead dog, or you are daily looking up the lead dogs ass, drinking their piss for water and licking up their shit for food. In this regard, for the poor, this new world that we are all hurtling into, thousands, then millions, then billions of people will be fighting for a position behind these lead dogs just so they can stay alive. Those who refuse will not be fed and housed, we will be exterminated!


(Wisdom Poem) Learn Truth, Learn Wisdom, Live Well



Learn the council of the wise in your youth

For a fools droppings will return to them

Do not garner a profit from a poor neighbor

When you rob the poor the eyes of the Lord see’s

To anger the Lord is worse than pure ignorance


Never give or except a roof or a bed for surety

The landmarks of the Ancient see you do not move

If sitting at a rich man’s table eat as though you’re full

The bigger the house the smaller the heart therein

The evil heart hids his knife between your ribs


Wisdom in the ears of a fool grows his hate for you

Teach your young that a swat on the rear will not kill

A wise child brings a smile to the face of their parents

God smiles upon the adult child who loves his Mother

Learn Truth, learn Wisdom, and in two lives be cherished


When The World’s Poorest Can’t Provide For Themselves: Why Should They Be Allowed To Live?


This title is meant for the purpose of being argumentative, it is designed for the purpose of getting people to think. No, I do not agree with this philosophy, but, do you? Do you honestly believe that there are people in this world that do believe this way? I do, I have no doubt of it, to not believe it you are being very naive. If a person totally knew that they could get away with it I believe that many people on this planet would kill (for example) everyone in the U.S. State of California for one million dollars. There are probably many people in the U.S. alone that would kill every Republican or every Democrat for free if they knew they could get away with it. There is so much hatred in this world whether it be from politics, race, religion or economics that it is only by the grace of our Creator that this hasn’t happened yet. Think of the times just in the past 200 years where there has been attempted genocide committed throughout the world. Honestly, how safe do you personally feel in your own little corner of the world?


This article today is going to focus mainly on genocide against the poorest people in the world. This article is about economics, not race or religion. Earth is pushing a population of eight billion people and there are many places around the globe where people are literally starving to death everyday. Even here in America, the wealthiest Nation the World has ever known has millions of people going hungry everyday. There are thousands of people here in this Country who have no shelter from the winter’s cold but there are many millions who suffer this reality worldwide everyday. Who is it that really cares about the plight of the poor? Do the people who call themselves ‘religious’ really care? Does anyone, really?


Now I am going to get really cold-hearted on you. If the world has 8 billion people but only 6 billion has the earned income to have enough food to survive shouldn’t society just cull these extra 2 billion out and let them go ahead and starve? If there were 2 or 3 or 5 billion fewer people on the planet wouldn’t that mean that there is more wealth for the remaining billions? Even when speaking on strictly economics is it the job of the have’s to help support the have-nots? Should the factory owner care if their employees are making a livable wage? The less the top end has to pay to create their wealth for them the more homes, vehicles and vacations they can have for themselves. There is a reason that even to this day there are an estimated (via the UN stats) about 30 million slaves worldwide today. Slaves, serfs, are just disposable trash to be used up and thrown out, it is simple, the less I pay others the more I have. Why should I care about the poor, the uneducated or the disabled if I don’t have to? Worldwide there are hundreds of  millions of people going hungry everyday while at the same time many millions of tons of food is thrown in the trash. Just think how bad things are going to be when the global population reaches its breaking point as far as the ability to grow enough food for the bottom half of the world’s population. Just think about how many people are going to be left out in the cold without an income as machines and computers do more and more of the work for the employers (the have’s). Automation has been taking jobs away from humans at a very fast clip during the past generation, why should an employer pay an employee wages and benefits if they don’t have to? Fewer and fewer jobs for humans equal fewer and fewer people with incomes so why should the top 1/10 of one percent just ‘give’ money to the poor? My argument is that they won’t, they don’t! This article is just food for your thoughts! I’m just saying…