(Poem) The Testing Of Our Very Own Faith

The Testing Of Our Very Own Faith


Most of us were raised in a family of some sort

Structure or the lack their of was always known

Faith comes with the familiar things that we love

That which we can see we understand much better

Having Faith in the Unseen, is so much more powerful


Too see a Heart is to have it bared unto their own Soul

We choose to have no Faith can we choose too have no sin

The War of this World is fought for the Mind and the Soul

What we choose in life we will reap the bounty thereafter

Every Trial of life is The Testing Of Our Very Own Faith


(Poem) We Can’t Un-see

We Can’t Un-see


What did we see before we were born

Before the Womb, what had we seen

We’re all dispatched to a Mortal Body

Wondering, what kind of live will we lead

Light Above and Light Below, we can’t un-see


Childhood hurts, most adults totally blew

We Hear all the Lies, We Feel all the Hurts

Yet, We returned worse than was given too us

So many Stabs, Betrayals, so Deep the Wounds

To Walk In Light, We can’t un-see what we see


(Poem) Can’t Hardly Wait

Can’t Hardly Wait

Finally got the call tonight

Two weeks my Baby been gone

Yet, when the Sun does rise again

My little girl will be flying low at light

Cool on Her Stool on Her way Home

Two weeks without a single Smooch

Not even one little itty-bitty ole hug

One big ole lonely spot in our bed

Yet her laughter keeps my boat a float

See Her in the Morning, Can’t Hardly Wait

(Poem) You Are My Heart

You Are My Heart


Our love is like no other that I have known

We knew it the moment that our lips met

I see the light that is still inside your eyes

I can feel the hunger deep within my heart


From this point after the flame shall not burn out

Let us stay cuddled in each others arms all night

Sweet Woman, all the love we have shared together

How many years and hugs will our lives allow us


I promise you my Lady, all that my heart can give

Life presented us a beautiful friendship and love

Our hearts still in step in these Bluegrass Hills

You will always be the light that my heart desires





(Attempted Humor Poem) Boogie-Woogie Mama Bear

Boogie-Woogie Mama Bear


Met this Lady when she was just 34

Determination and scared was in Her eyes

Good woman with a Wing badly mauled

Six years of energy was running by Her side

In His ride His Daddy quietly fell off to sleep


This great Friend I now call Her my Bride

In Her younger years Her soft hair was flowing

A bundle of Sweet-Heart bigger than Her 5′-4″ frame

She is the Light that comes on upon my face

I found Her with Luck, or a whole lot of God’s Grace


Though decades have passed, my love for Her has not

This sweet young Lady lives at the tips of my fingers

Our Cub has now grown into a fine Son and young Man

For decades now She has kept the Woogie in my Boogie

Still the Mama to Our Cub, my Lady until I close my eyes

(Poem) Drunk And Alone

Drunk And Alone


Ain’t drunk enough yet, I can still feel my face

The Bars have done finished turning out their lights

A fifth of Jose’ and a 12 of Mick will be a good chaser

Can a mind find peace before the dawning of the rays

Like a vamp the meds are not an answer they just choke


We make and grow our own corn where the Law will allow

Some horded Drink like others have done with Potty Paper

May they get drunk enough to forget where they stashed it at

You know Depression and Liquor are like a lighter and gas

Lost loves and children they broke the Soul in our past

Buddy up with Jose’ and Mick try to forget you ever cared


When many moons have fallen will we even remember our path

What could we say about the stupor filled haze that we have lived

Was the Bottle the one stone that I always had stuck in the grave

Some drink to forget and then forget, to ever lay down the Bottle again

Folks, drunk alone in a ditch is one hell of a place to make your grave


(Attempted Poem) Be Brave, Behave, Or Please, Just Go Away

Be Brave, Behave, Or Please, Just Go Way


We all know that we have a problem

Like a Mask guarding the face behind it

Life isn’t about how silly you may look

There’s way to darn many selfies anyway

So, could the W.H. possibly learn to behave


Many folks risk their lives just to bring us our food

We can play in the sand yet throw precious crops away

The “Little People” bare our brunt with their blood

It “Is Not” a “Wise Man” who is guiding our train

Be brave, stand up for the Food Production Chain


Times of stress teach ourselves and others our true face

Do we “Answer The Bell” or cower behind the children

Only we can move our steps that our feet have chosen to walk

Please, if you are an Ass, take that thing at least six more steps that way

Be brave, behave, maybe the Politicians will drift somewhere far far away

(Philosophy/Poem) Is A Human Really Capable Of Obtaining Wisdom?



What is Wisdom that a man will choose to actively chase it

Is not Wisdom but a vapor that is beyond our understanding

It is said that a wise man listens carefully to obtain understanding

Yet who is it that decides what is wise and what is foolishness

One can have a sweet tongue yet also have the Soul of an Asp


Did not Hitler, Mao, Putin and Trump attract masses with poison words

Are the masses but simpletons incapable of understanding dark secrets

Does not a political Preacher speak sweet words as he lifts your wallet

The Professor, we assume bathes each night in truth and in knowledge

Yet, does truth drip from his lips or just his version of political correctness


Politicians rattle their lies as they wrap themselves in the Bible and the flag

Doctors and Lawyers, many graduated in the bottom 50% of their own peers

Did we choose to listen to our parents or theirs in the days of our youth

Even when one is not lying it does not mean they know of what they speak

Humans are not Divine, yet without Divinity there is no such thing as Wisdom



(Philosophy Poem) It Will Be What It Will Be

It Will Be What It Will Be


What is Life if not a journey within itself

We all begin the same yet is the end for all

Parents nor our Race were we ever able to choose

Born to Trumpets or onto a field of sweat and mud

Yet it is the center that decides: the Death we’ll live


Simple answer to some of the really big questions

Were there Men and Women before Adam and Eve

Were the ‘God’s of the Underworld’ actually Demons

Will the World War we fear be the one called Armageddon

Just as sure as death, there is a ‘Life After’: Yes

(Love Poem) Their Is A Little Lady

(Their Is A Little Lady)


Their is a little Lady

Walking across my desk

Strutting like She owned it

She has a walk, a belief in Herself

Just a hairy little Dust-mop Pet


She rolls over on her hairy back

Gives you Her furry belly to pet

Her purr, loudly giving off her mood

Whose paws are eating out of whose

Do they sometimes make you wonder

Who is the Master, and who is the Pet