(Theology Poem) Prophet



What is a Prophet, is there really such a thing in these days that we live

Is it something from our past that mankind in our wisdom has out lived

Who is it that would dare say they are such a thing as a speaker of God

Do we believe things the Scriptures have told us for thousands of years

Today if a person says they are a Prophet do they say this hoping for profit



Are we living in Spiritual darkness, are these the last days of mankind

Are we living in a time that our ears cannot hear nor can our eyes see

If one stands up and speaks only God’s truth, would anyone of us listen

If we are living in the last days in darkness of which the Scriptures speak

What shall we do, will we know a chosen vessel of God, or will our hearts be cold

Friends, Prophets will be both men and women that God for Himself has chosen

Will our sarcasm, our ignorance and ego’s lead us to live in Hell’s fiery pit below

(Philosophical Poem) Having A Superpower

Having A Superpower


Me and my Superpower, you and yours

If we really could have one what would it be

Things like World Peace wouldn’t qualify though

Not unless every Soul in the Universe would agree

Peace cannot be while hate still reigns in one heart


Bottle and a Jeannie say to give one person three

Yet, if we each really did get one, what would we choose

Think about it a moment before you decide what it to be

Would we use it to enrich ourselves, or cause pain and grief

Would we share our help or would we just keep it to ourselves


Seeing the future, reading people thoughts from their minds

Becoming invisible to avoid times of pain or great stress

Fly like a Hogger on an Indian with bugs hanging in our teeth

Yet it’s just fantasy because humans don’t use the ones we have

Love and Faith are the first Superpowers I wish we used more of



(Before some of you get confused or a bit offended by the words used in line 13

here are the meanings of: Hogger: a Harley Motorcycle rider. and: Indian: an Indian 

is a very old high quality Motorcycle.)


(Philosophy/Poem) Live Like There Is A Tomorrow

Live Like There Is A Tomorrow


The heartbeat in the womb known to most Mothers

Security we thought we had, like the love of a Mom

Living in the land of noise and constant clatter

So concerned about today we forget about tomorrow

Dig into your own foundation to learn what your about


Today is like unto tomorrow, lost into our yesterdays in space

Look back for our foundation and forward with love and faith

What we see today, yesterday so much had not been made

Live each day with thankfulness no tomorrow guaranteed

Sunshine or gray, today is all we have got with which to play


One will never see tomorrow in the flesh if they die today

We only get this one turn so get out and enjoy your day

In my time men and women by forty were bald, gray or dead

Life lay ahead, live it like you know you will again see the Sun

If we walk our life as thought we’re dead life becomes quite hollow

( A Bit Of Bent Humor) Can We See

Can We See

Do you see the Blue Skies this morning

The beautiful Mountains and the Desert Highs

We make what we make for this is foretold

Are we but a Stamp on a Ticket in a Time Machine

What does a Computer see behind their painted Smiles



Do we see only that which the World says we are to see

How many noticed Lucy in the Lobby with Mac-10 in hand

We all just walk on by Folks, we never see them, everyday

With few exceptions the World is Blind to a Drop not missed

Do we tell ourselves that it is good to be selectively Blind



Just like when we are with the One our Heart ador’s

Three Blankets deep in the night, you still see the cold

If Love is burnt the Light is out this the Blind can see

Life, we invest our Time in it and like the tick of the Clock

Can we see or understand the sweet Kiss and the Blade

(Poem) Just In Case

Just In Case

Just in Case, just in Case of What I Think

What all is it that we think we’ve learned

Does Anyone ever have the time to really see

We Learn while We Live, Die when We Don’t

Just In Case, maybe we should take time to see

Just In Case we thought that we knew something

How many times has Life taught us, that we don’t

Life is filled with several of those Kodak Moments

What if, we had looked Left instead of looking Wrong

Just In Case, is part of what can make a life great

Just In Case, this seems to much like HollyWood

Would it be nice if we all simply loved each other

World Peace, almost all Blonde Beauties want it

Will we ever become among Gray Hairs at the Gate

Just In Case I don’t Lord, Please, except me anyway

(Poem) Remembering The Game

Remembering The Game


I first heard of It, the 59 Sox like it was a few yesterdays ago

It was Ancient History to a Six Year Old boy way back then

Allowed to be part of a few Kids Leagues as I was growing up

These Words are not about me, it’s about this Beautiful Game

In the Sandlots this Game was the one I always prefered to play


The Game taught me about rules that Life just had not then

The Spine of the Game is Numbers so It had a hold on me

Game helped me do Math in my head and a meaning for it

Numbers just like History, they all have a whole History to

The Numbers have Names and they are both intertwined


The Game makes you want to Learn how to Read better

Math, Reading and History all taught so well in the Game

The Day will come when it’s the Last Time you ever played

Through the Years in the Game we learned how to win and lose

Lord, Family, Country, I learned a lot about Love, from the Game



I Hope You Enjoy This Poem From Ms. Barbara Grace Lake

The First Of 2019

© 2019 Barbara Grace Lake

The tiller cuts into dark loam
Releasing pungent smells of earth
Creates an open breeding womb
For saplings, fertile seeds a bed

Inhaling all, I thrust my hands
Without regard to errant soil
Into wide furrows newly turned
Of robust dirt to blacken them

What will my grubby fingers grow
What crops can fields like this one fill
Will hatred thrive? I pray, no more.
Can kindness, love be nurtured still?

It all depends on what we plant
If we sow seeds of errancy
Our crops will shrivel die on vine
Our lives will shrivel die in sync

But can we find again the seeds
Of mercy, love and honesty
Our lives depend upon our will
To toss out evil, plant new hope.

What will we plant?

(Poem) Pass It On



We were all born and we all will die

Breath is slapped into us and out

A to Z this is upon all our heads

Do we prosper or do we starve

Was there light in our darkness


Born to slave for the rich man’s crumbs

All work, no life, no play yet we try

Our Children and theirs, do they no us

Choices we made killed our inner Soul

Life without being loved is not a life at all


Love in our old age is truly hard to fathom

Work till you drop is the true path of the poor

We rent a piece of G-d’s property, for a while

For we in deed own nothing in this life at all

Wisdom, knowledge, love is life so pass it on


(Poem About Life) It Hurts

It Hurts


It hurts when we squeeze out into the light

Hand slaps our behind to hear our voice cry

Abused by a Parent and the Babysitter alike

School starts, bullies and the playground fights

Chores, homework and home beatings abound


It hurts when a Teacher is a vengeful daily liar

When Principles are nothing but ignorant goons

The adults around you stay quiet at your unfair pain

Families know and see but stay quiet just the same

Children should not be seen or even dare to be heard


You escape your childhood right into a marriage sham

Your whore trampled your heart then took your kids away

Knowing through ignorance you sinned but not in those ways

Maturity I didn’t know yet my children’s hearts I crushed anyway

Understanding damage done to and by you, to the grave, it hurts

(Obituary Poem) Hell’s Halo

Yesterday A Former President Died


Yesterday a former President did pass away

It seems that some in our Country have noticed

Media and Politicians who hated you, heaping praise

Is it just courtesy that says not to slap the recent dead

Praise, is it given to persons works or just their position


A person in life you filled many Political positions

When in life you were known for being a slime ball

Habitual liar, hand always out, and thief and a fraud

Once a King of the Cocaine Cowboys, with Governor in tow

How many innocent died at your money and power grabs


Yet, now you have died so the bullshit is shoveling high

Children you raised to follow in your bloodstained steps

Because you were a President connected States glorify your name

Airports, highways and libraries they have given you undue fame

Yet I pray your sins were washed away, before Hell’s Halo you get