Philosophy Poem: Who Am I



I know where I was born and the name given

My Parents, my Family, my blood I am told

My dwellings I remember back to age 2 or 3

Scenery and events cemented into my mind

There is beauty, there is ugly and many scars


There was some love in the making of who I am and was

So many adults left their stains like coffee on a Prayer book

Educators who taught you only of their own dark Demons

A Parents version of Hell and the Family who stayed quiet

None of us then or now were born with the minds of Angels


The good, the bad and the evil are the glue that forms us

Our minds and our bodies are fragile yet our Soul is eternal

The Conscience is born neutral, the lessons learned make us

Wealth and poverty teach us yet it is we who decide what matters

The better that we know our self the less the world will upset us


Contemplative Poem: Abusing Our Power With Others

Abusing Our Power With Others 


Have I abused you in this path that we both do walk

My physical actions, have they been harmful or crude

In my speech to you , have I been unjust, harsh or reviling

Have I abused my privilege to deceive or to mislead you

My morals toward you, have I been crude or improper


Twice you filled me with wine and then you seduced me

Whose sin is it when you remember nothing you have done

From whose eyes do we decide what is a sin or an abuse

With no wine, what if in deed I had enjoyed your advances

Your physical actions, would they still be abusive and crude


Who among us has never been beaten with a rod for unquestioned compliance

Though our lives appear good have the abusive’s we’ve lived been worth it

What is our strength gained or lost each day from the abuses we’ve suffered

If the Law takes our hair and our eyes will we be blesses to push the wheel

The abuser is the fool for the Lord will use the wheel to grind them to powder


Poem: Remember The Hate



Today I see a blog, remember this date in History

Every Country, every Family, has their tales to tell

Every County, every City and town has its own History

It may not be exciting, or, maybe a King was born

Maybe 50 years ago today you married a beauty Queen


We all have tells to tell, some good, some based in Hell

This day in your Family Tree, is there anything good to say

We should all try to be upbeat, isn’t life really just a play

Life can be so sweet, if we pretend darkness doesn’t exist

If we walk with head bowed a tree limb cracks our head


Life is filled with good yet there is plenty we may wish to forget

Do you remember your first kiss or the first time you got slapped

This date were you married, to a hateful person who haunts you yet

Today your child was born, or, today, it was hate that took them away

9-11-2001, Remember, it was pure hate that made this a date of infamy

Humor Poem: Cats



4 Cats in the house, chaotic as that may sound

Mother-in-Law is scared of cats, doesn’t come around

2 Big ole males, 3 years apart, 2 different Breeds

Finally act like brothers, they don’t try to tear the house down

I used to have me some dogs but they have all disappeared


About two months ago we got a couple of kittens to raise

Been together since birth though different Mothers and Breeds

Finally the four are friends as together they romp and play

The kittens are Ladies or they would have been dead right away

Kittens are so tiny it is so much fun to sit and watch they play



Some Cultures believe that Cats are the Guardians of Hell

I can see why people think that by the way they eat their prey

No visitors ever come here twice with the cats out in the yard

Not with two Lions, one Tiger and a huge Black Panther on display

If we could just make it to our car, it would be we who run away

Religion, Personal Type Poem: Our Gifts To God

Our Gifts To God


Have I set my heart and Soul to the will of God

Have I not given my own gold and silver to the poor

My hands worked willingly for the constitution of good

Do our people rejoice, do we give of our riches willingly

Do we not know that all things we have, were first God’s


I tithe above the Pharisee’s and the Sadducee’s, is this not good

If we are blessed with wealth, can we go through the eye of a needle

The poor may bless our gifts but the Lord knows if our heart is pure

When the poor donate their last dollar the Lord sees their sacrifice

Rich and poor live and die, our kindness or greed, now The Lord judges


If we give to make a show of our ‘kindness’, we are as phony as our love

When we help the Church, friend or stranger remember to close your mouth

The Loud Mouth garners the adoration of men, and the anger of the Lord

When we give, do so quietly for what we do in secret the Lord rewards openly

Giving of our-self to God’s Grace with love we will be rewarded from Heaven above

Theology Poem: Compassion

Theology Poem: Compassion


Should we kneel and pray for the things we have done

Should man only fast in certain months throughout the year

When our Elders did Fast, did they only do so in times of plenty

When we eat and when we drink do we share with our friends

Did the poor ever savor our crumbs or did we take them from them


Have we ignored the words of the Lord’s Prophets throughout time

True judgement is to shew mercy and Compassion to friend and foe

Those who oppress the Widow and the Children oppresses the Lord

The Greedy pull away and stop their ears to the truth of Compassion

The hearts of the wealthy are often like a stone, no Compassion within


The Spirit of The Lord see’s those Souls who refuse to live by Compassion

In turn The Lord will not hear their cries for what they would not give

The High Minded, Arrogant and selfish consider Compassion to be weakness

If we choose to live without Compassion The Lord will turn His Face from us

Compassion, no Soul lives in isolation, good or bad, before The Lord we will Kneel


Philosophy Poem: In The Beginning

Philosophy Poem: In The Beginning


In the beginning, but in the beginning of what

In the beginning God created millions of planets

But yet, He created millions of us, yes, like you and I

Yet, did not our parents create us, who created them

The Father of us all created one Human Race, you and I


Did God create the rich and the poor, or is that on us

The Beggar in rags in the street, we have the same Father

Is this his shame, his punishment, or an Angel testing us

Who truly is blind and lame, the beggar, or is it you and I

When do we see, when do we care, when is this beginning


The beginning of our first death is when we are born

The Lord’s love for us began while we were in the womb

Bonds of love are bonds no less, for we are all slaves

We begin empty, life fills up the heart, mind and the Soul

Death is the new beginning of our real life, with God, or in Hell

Theology Poem: Evil Cards Will Burn

Theology Poem: Evil Cards Will Burn


The Wealthy are like Lions lurking in the weeds

Can anyone remove themselves from their jaws

Evil gives to the Rich as they steal from the poor

Wealthy Politicians steal the Homes of the Widows

Fools, The Lord sees your ways and you He will judge


The Lord has set His feet upon the roof of the Stars

Millions of Planets He has created and He has dominion

Earth He rented to man, it’s now covered in innocent blood

At Your Name Lord the Mountains and the Rivers do shake

Yet to the Faithful You have given the Path to Your Glory


Lord rebuke the evil liars and remove them from Our Office

Destroy the Temples of Wealth built on the backs of the poor

Lord bring down the Politicians who put Party before the people

Bake the acidic forked tongues of these snakes in Hell’s Fire

The Lord Judges Righteously, so these Cards of Satan will burn




Poem To Honor: Goodbye John

Goodbye John


Dear Sir, this week from this world you passed

You were a great man who did live in my time

Over Vietnam’s sky’s risking your life you flew

All of those years in Hanoi’s Hilton you survived

Beaten and Tortured yet still your smile did shine


From Asia’s rice paddies to the deserts of Arizona you knew

Your life you lived with dignity, humanity, compassion and pride

In the Ivory Halls of our Nation your feet with integrity walked

With frauds on all sides with their jealousy and envy they stabbed

Your Voice Sir, one that rang true, in a House filled with liars


Today you lay in rest in your beautiful Arizona sunshine

Tomorrow in D.C. a True Man in Honor, will lay on display

With a chest full of metals with your family linage you’ll rest

You have forbidden the Liar and Coward in Chief to dare speak

Your smile and integrity will long be remembered, as you sleep



Philosophy Poem: Eyes

Philosophy Poem: EYES


Time like a breeze passes by us all

With age our eyes will grow dim

Will we know the voices that we hear

When we cannot see the speaker

Will our loved ones be know to us


My children, my voice, will they obey it

Will my wife deceive me before my face

Will I have to feel the arms of my children

My daughter, will I only know you by your scent

I pray my Lord my loved ones play me for no fool


Lord, please let your light in me always remain

Samson fooled by a harlot to his own disgrace

Walking in darkness the sand is truly shifty

You are the Light O Lord to my life and Soul

All men have eyes when the Spirit of God is inside