(Philosophy Poem) Stairway To Heaven And To Hell

Stairway To Heaven And To Hell


Were we ever really born, from where did we come

Where is it that we truly began, or have we yet begun

The body we know, it is but flesh and bone and blood

But, what are we really, is this shell all that we are

Can the human mind possibly hold our beginnings


The Seed and the Egg, science has shown, becomes one

Yet when does the mind start and our memories begin

Is A Soul assigned to us like a Professor to an assignment

Did our Soul, before us have its own life and conscience

Does our Soul remember a life before we ever began


Was our Soul enjoying the presence of God The Father before us

Does our Soul return again from where it came as our time ends

The body lays in rest until the sounding of Christ’s Holy Trumpet

While we sleep does the Soul go to rest behind God’s Pearly Gates

Or, does It, do we, slide past Hades straight into the core of Hell’s Pit

We reside on the Middle Plain, which way we go, is how we live it

(Poem) Thinking Of My Sister

Thinking Of My Sister


Blessed to have a Sister

The only one I’ve ever known

She’s less than two years older

A better friend I’ve never had


She has always been very kind to me

Helped me to survive our hate filled Dad

Siblings should always be best of friends

Only one left after the passing of Mom/Dad


Have two Brothers who passed so long ago

Always been blessed to have my Sister though

Hard to grasp that she just turned sixty-five

I know I will love Her till the day, that I die

(Poem) Traveling Through Our Minds

Traveling Through Our Minds


When you wake up early in the morning

Do you remember your dreams last night

Did you have your self a great night out

Or were old hurtful memories brought out

Good or bad thoughts, who is it that decides


Are we living our life through an old mirror

Good or bad, you know its all done gone by

Knowing where we come from is a good idea

Is a smart thing to know where it is you be

Going ahead is a goal that is worthy to see


Don’t consume yourself with all the used to be’s

Its where you are that will keep your mind free

Even if our bodies with us, will never now agree

Today see yourself a sunrise and the flowers dew

For tomorrow, our minds may not even be with us


( Dark Humor Poem) Train Whistle, My Woman Now I Are Gone

Train Whistle, My Woman Now I Are Gone


Every night at midnight that freight train goes rolling by

That Engineer gives that whistle a long and soulful cry

I think of my future every night when I hear it’s song

Wonder if the Engineer knows at its cry they flip the light

At that whistle many a men have gone to Hell or Heaven High


My woman and I we used to party every night all night long

Wasn’t nothing wrong with raising a little hell of so we thought

Till that woman got wondering eyes acting as if she was me

You know that no woman has those rights, you I know I’m right

We all know a woman is only good for cooking, sex and babies


That woman quit getting on her knees and was a treating me wrong

The Bitch started barking so I had no choice but to put her in a grave

After five rounds she quit bitching but I emptied whole the clip anyway

The Warden tells me at the whistle he’s going smile when he flip’s my light

Says the midnight whistle will be the last thing that I’ll a ever hear

Says he’s gonna flip the switch and fry my ass like an old flapjack

(Poem) Rain Drops Again, Evil Or Friend (#2)

Rain Drops Again, Evil Or Friend


Here in eastern Kentucky it has been quite wet

TV says in the north-east the water is running high

So hot and dry in Florida matchsticks run and hide

Jet-stream to low there yet here its way to high


Farmers look for spring moisture to bring the Earth alive

To much spring rain or a late freeze all their seeds will die

We all gotta have some water but not ever this damn high

Earth’s having it’s 10,000 year itch for us its quite a bitch


As the Earth’s Polar ends move turns out we must do so too

The Sahara is now the land of wheat, corn, soybeans and carrots

Now days in Nebraska and Kansas the sand dunes go for on for miles

Waking up to rain drops again was it a dream or beginning of the end


(Poem) Under This Withering Quill

Under This Withering Quill


Tonight the clouds give my heart no light

The stars have gone from my mortal sight

Is not the rain that rolls down my cheeks

I see no lightning yet I hear the thunders roar

My Soul is heavy yet my heart refuses sleep


I was once upon a time a happy young Lass

Laying with my love in flower filled grass

We dreamed forever the days yet to come

The world seemed bright colors full of bliss

Nothing more sweet than my lady’s kiss


In a moments time life can turn to Hell

Your Lady and Child your life happy, fulfilled

No mortal child of man could ask for more

A strangers anger and the bark of his gun

I lay down now with my lady and lifeless Son

My heart and Soul under this Withering Quill


(Philosophy Poem) Following Foolish Leaders With Lying Tongues

Following Foolish Leaders With Lying Tongues


Perverse thoughts separates all people from their God

God’s words expose both the words and ways of the foolish

Wisdom will not enter into a Soul that is by their words deceitful

The Spirit of the Lord will not abide with one with an evil mouth

He will leave the foolish thoughts with evil body and Soul behind


God is witness of the innermost feelings and thoughts of the Soul

The Spirit tests their hearts and hears the words of their minds

Those who utter unrighteous things will not escape punishment

Keep your tongue and your heart far from the thoughts of evil

For a Leader who lies with their mouth has a Demon for a Soul


The ungodly by their words and ways do summon their own death

They have pinned a Will with Hades to bring many with them to the Pit

The Foolish think that at death their Spirit dissolves into the empty air

Only the Foolish take their fill of riches and steal from the poor and Widows

Even the sight of a Righteous Person is a burden to the Soul of the Evil

They who follow Lying Tongues do walk themselves into the Belly of Hell


(I got the idea for this poem from the Apocrypha Book of The Wisdom Of Solomon in the first two chapters)

This is also a salute to Donald Trump.



(Poem About Life) Dedicated To God

Dedicated To God


When we are in the womb our Soul is given

A special few also receive God’s Spirit

As a Babe we are closer to the source of Light

Innocent of sin because we know not what it is

Hopefully in love we get to grow like a flower


The World is dark and holes for our life and feet abound

The Lamb of God bought us with the shedding of His blood

Wolves and Vipers hide in darkness to steal our life and Soul

Bathe in the Light of God and darkness will slither away

Darkness may steal our Life but let it never touch your Soul


A life is like unto a house built on Sand it will fall into the Pit

We were born with legs to stand and not like a snake to crawl

If we seek it there is Power in the Blood of The Lamb Of God

Put on the Armor of God, live your life like a Child of the Light

Dedicate your life to God, stand up for He who gave His life for us


Dedicated to a fellow WordPress Blogger, ‘Child of God’ 

I was asked to write a poem “Dedicated to God”

I hope that this poem does not disappoint.

(Philosophy Poem) The Journey Makes Us

The Journey Makes Us


Life is a journey that we all have already begun

What we do is the tale of our own personal days

Our Souls came from above and will leave again

You and I we create the journey as well as the end

We know from where we came but where will we go


When we first can remember we were but a small child

From pre-school to early school are some memories still

Bullied or Bully, Middle-School was for most a bad pill

High-School a time we fight to learn our own selves

College throws down so many mind blocks we had built


Jobs while single or married took so many hours to fill

On our jobs or marriages are we cheated on or cheat

Sunday Christians, which way goes the ladder we create

We begin the same and in the end a hole we will all fill

The Journey makes us, it decides where we go in The End

(Alpha Wolf/Poem) Within My Gaze

Within My Gaze


What is it that your feeble mind thinks I am

I can see my picture as I walk your yard

Upon your T-Shirts, paintings and plates

Displayed proudly upon your walls


You think me to be cuddly

Domesticated easily like a lap dog hound

Yet it is only to the giant bear

Have I have ever backed down


You come to my home

To sleep, laugh, and play

When was the last time that you ever

Seen me strolling into your home


More ignorant than the lamb I had this morning

My belly is grumbling as the dark is setting in

Now do you think I am so cute and cuddly

As I back you down

Your eyes glued, within my gaze