I Want To Write My Mom

I Want To Write My Mom


She was a very good lady to have had in my life

Most of my young lessons taught I learned from her

She was the one good constant from the beginning

of my life till she died

What do you say to an excellent person who raised you

the very best that she could

This Lady has been gone now for more that 20 years

I wish that I could call Her, Hug Her, like it was yestar-year

I knew what a light I had before I ever lost Her

I sure do wish that I could write and thank my Mom

(Philosophy Poem) What If

What If


What if we are but one speck of Dust…

In a line of specks of Dust…

What then

In Our Universe

With Webbed Lines of even more Universes

Through More Black Holes

At what point do we back off our ego’s and B.S.

Why is it that we know so little about what is

I am embarrassed to know as little as I do

Barely got down one Language, no luck on two

There are many whom are wise

Yet few less that I

I pray that after all is said and done

At Our Judgement The Lord Will Smile Our Way

(Poem) Do We Even Have A Story To Tell

Do We Even Have A Story To Tell


When we do pass, what will be said of us

Will there even be a story of us to tell

Is there good in us that’s worth being told

Speaking for ourselves could we find a nugget

Will anyone even remember we even existed


With Age, there is always Sections we refer to

Preschool, Elementary, Jr. High, HS, up to now

Do we really even know what it is we have been

The Mirror shows our age and the Ass we’ve become

Does Our Ego really think our Life is worth a Pen


Different people have known us throughout Our Time

How many did we hurt, how many did crack a Smile

What kind of Story would each Legit say of you and me

How many people have we left behind that give a Damn

Did we even leave a Story worthy of being written down


(Poem) Miracle



Lord, please show me a Miracle

Please give to me Signs and Wonders

Show me Your Works before my eyes

Can You bend Natures Natural Laws

Is not the Nature of Man and Beast set


I have never seen You do anything Lord

Sickness and Disease why don’t You change

Our Future, is it set before we walk into it

Why do all Futures end in a last Breath

What in this World awaits us but our Death


Lord why did You create this World that I now see

A Beast and the Sky produce both Good and Wrath

How is it that Pain can produce Obedience and Faith

True Understanding Lord, how may I fill up my Glass

With Knowledge I Learn, a Miracle is my every Breath

(Love Poem) Good Morning My Sweet Lady

Good Morning My Sweet Lady


Good morning my sweet Lady

It’s so nice to see your smile

Another day, another year gone

Don’t let its shadows haunt

The beauty of time is it heals


Our time together is priceless

The gifts of our children’s smiles

Love is more than your bosom

Peace I have found in your heart

Your eyes, they melt my very Soul


Can Heaven be sweeter than your touch

The Stars get their glow from your Soul

Peace is the passion I find in your love

You are the Sun my heart revolves around

Good morning my sweet Lady, my Wife

(Poem) What Is In The Dark Of Night

What Is In The Dark Of Night 


Do we see darkness wherever we look

Is there no light left for to bless our eyes

Are there no clear nights the Stars to shine

Soon or Globe will no more pass by another

What shall our eye see beneath the cold clay


The early morning the city and farmer do sleep

Against sleep, we do open our eyes to see the day

High Noon draws, it’s time to eat the mornings catch

Over The Hill but gracefully, yet none of us have fallen

We notice our light is fading, thank G-d we had one at all


Can we see perfectly with our eyes while we’re still dreaming

Sometimes ones sight is clearer when we are in Rem deep sleep

When we see lights flashing in the dark in quilts do we bury our self

Laying down at night are we concerned the morning we shall not see

In the calmness of this night’s darkness will the Boogeyman come for thee




(Poem) I Thank You Lord

I Thank You Lord


I look up and I see your beauty everywhere

Through a big plate-glass window I do see

Life, and each other’s lives go by each day

Part of their life is lightly, each day part of mine

I thank you Lord for all the good that I have


Will the world ever learn to be civil with each other

How often I have been correct, yet occasionally not

Is there a Nirvana right here on our own little Rock

Soon my generation will be the old ones, then gone

I thank you Lord I pray that we all end well with you


In my life are many things I’m ashamed that I have done

Those horrid things I have done that sickens my very Soul

With Your Finger your Lightning touched hard me yet I live

Children and theirs breathe because You chose to show Mercy

Lord, each breath I take, each Bird I see, I thank You my Lord

When People Hear That You Are Gone

When People Hear That You Are Gone


We were slapped an alarm to ring

Our childhood was it was good at times

When did we get to spread our wings a little

We did some right but we did do some wrong

I thank You Lord that I was blessed to know You


During our tween years sometimes acted a fool

Sometimes we’re under sometimes we’re the Dunker

Life is hard it seems even for those who are young

To Do Lists for the children never seem to get done

Many say that they saw you shamed but never came


Names and dates written in stone have always drawn attention

The lives we have lived did we draw any accolades at all

Who will actually know even fewer will really give a damn

School mates, work mates, even family, who even notice

Dim light in dim light out, are we just a “who” when gone


(Poem) It’s Just Wrong

It’s Just Wrong


It’s just wrong to be all bad, and out of place

If ya ain’t got no brain power you gotta grace

Life can be quite the beautiful mess, some times

Don’t be the one with the ignorant look on your face

Everywhere, and in life itself, seems all is out of place


D.C. Monkeys, Scowling, as they are lying to our face

They start a War then decide to take all your guns away

Loyalty is seems only goes up, to the highest dollar

How much crap will a working person have to swallow

The Poor do all the work to give the rich their Caviar


It is wrong to say “I Do” as you’re looking eye to eye then lie

The Strong from the Weak, that’s how it is and will always be

The day is coming when we will have to fight for table scraps

We Worship our Selfies with ignorance beyond even primal belief

Our World, have we lost it, is love no more, I believe your wrong

(Poem) Digging Our Own Dirt

When we are little a mud puddle is such joy

We stomp and splash and we make such noise

Digging in the dirt we can make castles and forts

Just pee in the Moats to keep the bad guys at bay

With age our childish games are just a memory

Now we slave beneath the ground for shiny stones

We drill for the Permian Stench till we can’t breathe

Now Black Lung is all we get for so little of a wage

The Earth holds the secrets we refuse to learn from

We dig and we dig until all the good in us has died 

Digging in the Earth is no longer a childish thrill

Now family digs the hole that our carcass will fill