(Poem) I Pledged My Soul

I Pledged My Soul


Yes, I gave my Soul away

Many years ago now it has been

Buried beneath the waters

Raised to God a new Being

Raised to be more than ever before


Buried young but then life takes hold

Sweet ladies with their pretty wiggles

Tequila from Jose’ special Mexican blend

Riches are made with blind eyes and lies

Toot it with Benjamin or smoke to the skies


Does it matter what I do with my own life

A life is but a blink and then poof, we are gone

This Rock a battleground for Angels high and low

Pledged my Soul to God, was such a long time ago

Yet, will God accept me with this life I have lived

(Poem) Valentine Day

Valentine Day


Today is a day to remember in ones life

Don’t ever forget that this one, is a special day

Give your Sweetheart some loving and some candy

My Lady is in my heart though she is so far away

I do hope that this poem my find its way to her


Honored to still be married after these 20 odd years

Takes a hell of a woman to put up with an idiot like me

I’ll get you a card today even though you are not here

My Valentine is you the next time I get to hold you

The big Red Heart Day is just going to wait till you get here



(Poem Memories) Sophie



Even in my blessed old age

This name means a lot to me

Brings back such beautiful memories

My Granny, she had a life way to hard

Lived in the hard times: every day of her life


Granny, she would be about 115 these days

I always remember Her as alive, unto this day

Always seemed to have a smile, as she worked away

Loved Her deeply though she always misspelled my name

I pray that she is at peace until the Trumpet of God speaks


I still have Her clock that time was taught to me on

Is Sophie a name young girls like being named today

I pray all ye who wear it can do so with Her smile

Sophie, a name etched forever into my heart

Live life full, get out and enjoy it, thank God for it all

(Poem) Were We Ever —Nothing

Were We Ever—Nothing


We we brought up as nothing but mistakes

More mouths to feed but damn sure not heard

To stay alive, do all young ones create auto pilots

You learn how to shut-up or you learn how to hurt

How secure is a home with a raging Alpha Adult


Because of the example I had I saw life as better without them

The reasons for a man to be around kids seemed almost unnecessary

To beat down physically and emotionally seemed their only purpose

When she left with our kids I felt as though I just did not matter

I died that day, I have never been able to fully recover from the pain


(Love Poem) I Find Myself Missing You

I Find Myself Missing You

Two days before you left

I found myself missing you

Your body here still soft and warm

Yet my mind already missing you


Though your Mission is right and true

Yet, I still miss you when you’re gone

Your three Northern Stars they do glow

Please don’t forget your own Pilot Knob


Twice today while passing I looked into your room

Boo sleeping quietly at the foot of your empty bed

Dark of morning or of the night has little difference now

Yet, light or dark, I still find myself missing you, my lady

(Philosophy Poem) Present Day

Present Day


When we watch old movies on the T.V.

You ever think about those day’s of yore

Back in the days of Elvis, Cash and Holly

Back before America lost Her Political Soul

Maybe the day Nixon lied to all of us on the T.V.

Every day then, like now, present day, to them then


Back in the days of FDR, Lincoln and George, when men were

Columbus, would he have sailed if he had know the human cost

Think of the time of Christ or the day Moses walked on dry ground

The days of Adam and Eve and the Garden of the Living God

Gentile Humans for a few million, big ole Lizards well before then

Present Day, drug throughout Space, may you have many more of them

Poem About My Lack Of Love For The Month Of January

January: Today It Is Gone


January my least favorite month of the year

After today it is gone least til another twist

It can be to long, 31 tortured days so very cold

Each year I look forward to it leaving my face

February would be second accept for its short days


Each Winter I have always looked so forward to Spring

Cant’t do that until January gets itself out of the way

Look forward each Spring to the beginning of Baseball play

Watch the Snow melt as all of the Trees and Flowers bloom

But never until Mamma’s Deep Freeze clears out of the way

(Philosophy Poem) Where Does Peace Live

Where Does Peace Live


Where does peace live

Such an odd thought to have

Strange words for any to say

Our peace, is it of the city, range or farm

Can there be peace if no objections are allowed


Is it true peace if no one ever raises their hands

Why is it that we humans question our own essence

What type of peace is it that we truly wish to come true

Peace, the dissolving of the pain that racks our mind and body

Or, is it the memories that takes all of our sleep each night


Yes indeed, just where is it that true peace does live

I seek the solitude of Montana’s great Western Skies

Or the beauty of the Pacific as the Dolphins play

Yet peace like truth must come from ones insides

Peace, I hope you find yours, while you are still alive

(Short Poem) Your Beautiful Face

Your Beautiful Face


Your face is the sun that starts my days

I see goodness in the light of your eyes

Your lips as soft as I have ever known

Tender cheeks as they lay across my chest

Your eyes long ago melded into my mind

Your beautiful face, the center of my world



(Philosophy Poem) Lies, Spies And Cover Thy Ass Again

(Philosophy Poem) Lies, Spies And Cover Thy Ass Again


Our great Nations and Corporations to them we cower

They now have annualized every single thing about us

They know us, o yes, they do know us all so very well

But our own Government wouldn’t sell out all our people

Yet is it the truth when they speak to us, or just more lies


Our very own government, is it filled with half truth tellers

They had shot down a passenger jet, would our own government

Would our own government be as honest about this ‘mistake’

I pray that they would stand-up with the truth in their hands

Let us all know of their horrible mistake, be open about it


Rage is something easy to carry on and on from generations

Yet this one thing I do salute Iran’s government on honesty

There I said it, now Hell has frozen over in Iran and D.C.

Advantageous to tell the truth, better than a myth or a lie

No wonder most trust no-one to ever just tell them the truth


Life for a few is always a life about covering their own behinds first

Yet is everything we see or hear first filtered before it even gets to us

Would we know it if Good or Evil walked right past us this very day

Have we sold ourselves to the Madness of un-guaranteed tomorrows

Send Hate back in time, pray that we let God’s love and respect guide us