(Personal Love Poem) Fifty For My Lady

Fifty For My Lady


My Lady is no doubt fabulous even though she is close to seeing fifty

No doubt with the age of time, most certainly the sweeter the taste of the wine

A morning hug still under the covers and a good evening smooch each night

Paid twice a month sure helps to have a girl with a brain and a heart to match

House payments, utilities, groceries paid,  keeps new potty paper on the rack

We’re not rich or famous yet a $50 twice a month for her massage I will find the dime

You can be poor, most all the people are, a small gift to the love to my Bride

Is She your Nancy, are you anyone’s Ronnie as you drift off to sleep tonight?














Poem: Stench Of A Huge Oil Company

Stench Of A Huge Oil Company


Once upon a time not  so long ago (and this is no fairy-tale)

I was working executive security just trying to earn that dime

Stationed at a Smelly Oil Company in the town of Enron fame

One Friday eve on the maintenance elevator I chose to ride

43 rd floor my goal, it’s the home of Presidential fame ya know

Quietly checking offices to see if all were weekend bound

Two male voices I hear, coming down the hall very clear

Having a conversation that no one but themselves was supposed to hear

There was a former Governor very well-known as “our boy” round there

His Presidential campaign going slow, gave “our boy 3 million more today”

These the words of my boss that he was bragging so proudly to his friend

At this time gas only sold for about 70 cents, way to low a profit for them

Boss bragging to his buddy how Our Boy was Oval Office bound

Having one of these puppets on a string, is every oil mans dream

Bragging how that soon the whole Country they would be shagging

To the other suit Smelly Oil’s President was thus boasting and bragging

That within 8 months of taking office, Our Boy would have gas $2 a gallon

Three times the current rate, for the Oil Companies, no doubt that’s great

Not caring that the whole world’s infrastructure would be drowning

To me these type of acts  toward our country is nothing short of treason

To bad these good ole boys, to realize their dream, had to wait until 2000.

(Love Poem) Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark


By total accident I found you

When my heart was closed, I saw you

Our history full of agony and broken hearts

Your life in many ways has mirrored my own

Could two blind people make one life together


Long ago our siblings that died the same time

Spouses who only hated and spitefully used us

A parent each whom only yelled and abused

Of all siblings we were both the youngest

Beaten down and always treated with hate


Yet a light shined on us that we knew not

Kindness from Above, showing us one path

Without seeking it the Light of love found us

Even when one does not seek the Lord shows

No longer in the dark we dance in love together



(Philosophy Poem) Who Among Us Have Wisdom

Who Among Us Have Wisdom


All wisdom comes from The Lord above us

Yet do I know any of what The Lord gives us

Was not wisdom before there was a creation

The roots of wisdom are lain before man’s feet

Yet can a man understand even their own beginning


The Lord created wisdom from His own Throne

Wisdom He has poured out before us to feel and see

All that has ever lived has been touched with His glory

To fear The Lord is the very beginning of understanding

For the wisdom of a fool only begets even more fools


Wisdom has been poured upon us like a drenching rain

We understand the moisture but deny the love that made it

A fools anger flares up among us and creates our own ruin

Stay patient and calm and wisdom will surely come upon us

Wisdom is a gift to the Godly but foolishness to a blind sinner

(Poem) Playing With Fire



When we are little we learn that the stove will burn

We begin to understand what we can and cannot touch

Momma gives out the orders and Daddy busts the butt

We learn where were at in this game that is called life

Try to break the rules of nature, only if you are a nut


To school we have to go er we want to do it or not

Life is filled with others rules we have to learn to play

Often when Daddy got a Dollar their kids are total butts

Careful, if Daddy got the money 15 will get you twenty

The Lawman and the Judges their gonna have the last say


We think we have some freedom, until the day you learn you don’t

Daddy will always bust your knickers and Momma feeds you soap

Act out at school and their Board of Education your butt will meet

Work hard for your living just for the rich man to cut your throat

Never play with the fire for it is you that will always feel the heat

Politicians, habitual liars and the greedy, in Hell will roast and burn

(Philosophy Poem) I Thought To Late

I Thought To Late


I had the chance to except your love

Almost changed the way I live my life

Yet my own self love got in the way

Got scared and asked You please, not today

Come back again when I am old and gray


Go away now Holy Man your messing up my day

You have tried to change the way I think and live

Someday I may convert but today is not the day

Life’s joys are many and I won’t to live them all

It is many years till my sun will set so today I play


My life is filled with golden lace and many riches all

I fear no foe for I am young, strong, handsome and tall

Again you told me of the Lord of Light and His loving call

You almost persuaded me to pick up His Cross and follow

Woke up this morning with a hot pitchfork stuck in my side

Lights of life they dimmed so quick I think I thought to late


(Religious Flavored Poem) Now In It’s Time

Now In It’s Time


The Spirit of God speaks to the Soul

It is time to go for the Seed is in the womb

The Soul to the Seed now the heart beats

The Seed does swell and fills the womb

Now it is time to breathe and feel the Sun


The Soul is given within the Momma’s womb

The Soul is now designated a woman or man

First we crawl then we walk or run the trail of life

Now the Mind learns what the Soul already knows

Now it is time, responsibility is now our own


We grow, we learn, we live,  but in our own way

We see evil, we see good, now we do choose

Freedom of choice, this we all have within

Do we choose love, kindness, mercy, or no

How did we choose for now in it time we die




(Poem) The Hole

The Hole


We play our games in this human life were given

Do we really even know who pulls our strings

We think and we plan as our life drifts away

Work all week for distant pleasures we plan

Do we really understand the games we play


We create good or evil but who really has the key

Each morning we look in the mirror at the decay

What is it we see in the eyes looking back at thee

Wake in the morning we hurry new day new play

Making others rich as our body and Soul fade away


Poor man’s work allows the rich man to play

Is life just a Fog we walk through each day

Like a Dog on a lease we growl, bay or stay

Who is the Master of our thoughts and dreams

Live your dreams before in a hole we fade away

(POEM) I’ve Lost My Wings

I’ve Lost My Wings


I woke up this morning and I feel so strange

I see this world that I simply do not know

Tiny is size with color on this mortal skin

My words won’t come forth as if I’ve never been

My Soul I know speaks but my words won’t bend


A little Man this society says that I now am

My eyes see but what I see I cannot speak

Defiled by humans taking advantage of little me

It seems that I’ve fallen down to this dirt below

With age the light source just gets further away


I walk in the sand, only in memory can I fly

Wings that once were now nowhere I find

Did I ever really have them in memory of time

Lights of Heaven I remember as I pray to Thee

A round trip to Heaven or to the Fire I now see


(Poem) So You Saw The Face Of God You Say

So You Saw The Face Of God You Say


Though you were but a young child

People still believed what you did say

You swear you saw the Trinity of God

The Holy Spirit, The Father and The Son

From the sky with Golden gifts to you


People beaten down will grasp at anything

You say you lost the gift only your family seen

What you say the Scriptures don’t say the same

Are you as ignorant of the Scriptures as you seem

You had to put the Bible away to say your play


You say your greater than Moses, the friend of God

Your a Prophet of what as you stash the Bible away

Only the ignorant or a fraud would say the things you say

You and your family wrote your own Evil into play

No human has ever seen the face of The Father

But when you do you’ll pay, for you Hell’s Fire awaits