(Philosophy Poem) A Peculiar Way Of Life



Peculiar to be distinctive in our Nature and in our Character

Do we belong to anything special or set apart that is not mundane

Challenge ourselves to be Peculiar in each and every word that we say

Is it still true that to say more than Yea or Nay still gets people confused

Is it I, or is it true that few these days consider the salt in our words

Say whatever we wish to get what we want that’s all that matters today


Peculiar belonging characteristically to a person, group, or thing

When people speak to us, do we ever really hear what they say

Feces in the air from the lies we hear and walk though every day

It is better to temper the speech to help calm the rage within

One slip of the tongue can destroy a life long partner or friend

A set aside way of life overlaps into the world we live in each day