MORE THAN 130 years ago, at the first Olympic Games in Athens, Boston University law student Thomas Burke took his mark at the 100-meter dash not in a standing position, but a crouch—what was then considered an unusual starting stance.

But far more unusual, by today’s standards, was his gold-medal winning time of 12 seconds flat.

These days, talented middle schoolers post 100-meter times better than Burke’s. In March 2018, 15-year-old Briana Williams, a high school sophomore, set a world age-group record in the event with a time of 11.13 seconds. The record for boys 18-and-under is nearly a second faster still: Set in 2017 by Anthony Schwartz, the 10.15-second time would have won gold at 1980’s Summer Games.

Today, though, on the world stage, Schwartz wouldn’t even podium: In the past 30 years, only three sprinters have medaled at the Olympics with a time slower than 10 seconds. Propelled by more effective training, grippier track surfaces, faster footwear, and, yes, pharmaceuticals, competitors at every level of track and field’s premier event have steadily chipped away at the world’s best 100-meter times. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt holds the current world record: a sprightly 9.58 seconds.

The surprisingly persistent record progression is enough to make anyone ask: When will the fastest people on Earth cease to become any faster? And when they do, what will the fastest time ultimately be?

Depending on how you look at it, the answer to the first question could be “very soon,” or “not soon at all.” As recently as 2008, the popular perception among people who think about such things was that elite 100-meter runners were approaching the limits of possibility. Then came Bolt, who burst onto the scene at the Beijing Olympics with a record-wrecking time of 9.69 seconds—an anomalous performance, mathematicians thought, that statistical models placed two decades ahead of its time. But the following year, when Bolt broke his record by nine-hundredths of a second, he also broke, categorically, those old models. Today, revised probabilistic estimates project that his record could stand for upwards of two centuries. But who knows how that projection will measure up against reality. As applied mathematician David Sumpter has observed, Bolt single handedly demolished our ability to make reliable predictions about the 100-meter dash.

Which is one reason biomechanists approach the matter somewhat differently than mathematicians. They address the second question by investigating not when Bolt’s record might fall, but by how much, based on the bodies of today’s fastest sprinters.

“Once they get rolling, the force they apply becomes a motion-based mechanism, where they use their limbs to throw a punch at the ground,” says biomechanist Peter Weyand. As director of the Locomotor Performance Laboratory at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Weyand invites many of the fastest sprinters on Earth to run in short bursts in front of high-speed, motion-tracking cameras on a bespoke, force-sensing treadmill that makes the thing you trot on at your gym look like a glorified hamster wheel.

Based on his observations, Weyand says the two biggest factors limiting the performance of elite sprinters are how much force they can apply to the ground, and how fast. At current top speeds of around 27 miles per hour, he says elite male sprinters like Usain Bolt put down roughly five times their body weight, in between .085 and 0.09 seconds.

Just for fun, I ask Weyand what kind of numbers a sprinter would need to complete the 100 meter dash in 9 seconds, on the nose. “To get to what would be required for nine flat, they would have to approach forces roughly six times their body weight, and a ground contact time of just over seven hundredths of a second,” he says. At those figures, a sprinter could, in theory, reach a maximum speed of 13.5 meters per second—a hair over 30 miles per hour. But according to Weyand, no sprinter on Earth comes anywhere close to those numbers.

That probably puts the theoretical limit for the 100 meter dash closer to 9.58 than 9.00. But Weyand, for his part, thinks athletes have plenty of room to improve. “If you put together a perfect human being, and the perfect race, I could certainly see something in the low 9.40-second range, maybe a little bit faster than that, under currently legal conditions,” he says.

Then again, who knows how those conditions could change. When Thomas Burke coiled into a crouch at the starting line for the first Olympic 100 meter dash, he did so without the speed-boosting benefits of modern nutrition, apparel, or training. He didn’t even have starting blocks. Athletes at the Olympic Games in 2120 may well scoff at the rudimentary preparations of today’s sprinters too.

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South Korea’s President, Mr. Moon Is Being Played For A Fool!!!



As most folks know, the Winter Olympics are being staged in South Korea right now. South Korea’s President, Mr. Moon appears to be being ‘played’ for a fool by the Kim family of North Korea during these games. There is a small athletic delegation from the North that are participating as we speak. Among the non-athletes of the North’s delegation is the sister of Kim Jung Un, the mass murdering vicious Dictator self-proclaimed ‘Living God’. The out of touch with reality President of South Korea has welcomed the visitors from the North with open arms. Personally I do not have a problem with allowing the athletics from the North to participate, but it should be under their own flag. Mr. Moon decided that instead of South Korean athletics and the Country of South Korea using the South Korean Flag they are using a ‘unification’ flag and allowing the North Koreans to participate as part of a ‘one Korea’ team. Thus many athletics from the South who have spent many years working their selves half to death to make their Country’s Olympic Team got ‘bumped’ off the team so the unqualified North members could take their place. I say unqualified because to become a member of a country’s team you must have gone through many different qualifying events and either winning them or placing very, very high in those contest. The North’s athletics did none of these things, they were just handed the spots by the insistence of the South Korean President. Now if in team events ‘South Korea’ is able to win a metal, North Koreans also get that metal to take back home for Kim Jung Un to brag about.


Enough of the Olympic’s part of this article, now down to the meat of what I am writing to you about tonight. Kim Jung Un’s sister at the direction of her brother has offered President Moon an invitation to visit him in North Korea. The North Korean delegation has been putting on what has been widely referred to as a ‘charm’ campaign this past two months. Mr. Kim of North Korea has widely made it known that he wants the two Korea’s to be ‘unified’, yet the unification is to be under his command with himself as the one and only Leader of the Korean Peninsula. Folks, this is something that the extreme majority of the citizens of South Korea do not want to ever see happen.


What is going on is very obvious. The UN has put a lot of sanctions on the Kim government because of their missile program and the firing of ICBM’s as well as their Nuclear Program that Mr. Kim says he will never ever give up. A ‘show’ of Mr. Kim’s intentions was obvious when the North Koreans asked the South Korean government to give them the fuel that would be needed for the ship the North Korean delegation was going to use to make the very, very short trip to the South. Kim is playing the poor, poor pitiful me song and dance trying to get pity from the South Koreans and from the UN. For years the people of North Korea have been starving to death as the very fat Kim Jung Un who just keeps getting fatter and fatter himself. If Kim Jung Un can get the very liberal President Moon to start sending food and oil to the North, that would be a huge win for Mr. Kim. If Mr. Kim can convince the very liberal and gullible President Moon to break the UN sanctions all together, then Russia and China would do the same. What if Mr. Kim can play sweet toward Mr. Moon and could convince him to throw the American military forces out of South Korea and to quit doing military exercises with the U.S. and to quit allowing U.S. ships to use South Korean Ports. It is obvious that the next thing would be the North Korean Army storming the South Korean’s thus unifying the Peninsula under Mr. Kim’s control. Of course this is if Mr. Kim cannot convince President Moon to do this voluntarily. Let’s all give this ongoing situation about  100 days, lets say until June 1st to see how this all shakes out. Another option of course would be if Mr. Kim gets President Moon up North and lets him know if the two Countries do not unite as one that he (Mr. Kim) will nuke the South ‘off the map’. Lets see what the History Books will be saying about this next 100 days. As a very dear old friend of mine used to say, “we shall see, what we shall see”.

Japan Olympian Not ‘Allowed’ To Marry Taiwanese Olympian Boyfriend

(This article is courtesy of WEIBO of China) (DO STATE OLYMPIC COMMITTEES NOW “OWN” THE ATHLETES?)

Japanese Table Tennis Star Not Allowed to Marry Taiwanese Boyfriend China Celebs, Weiblog, What’s on Weibo August 26, 2016 August 26, 2016 A Japanese women’s magazine recently reported that the Japan’s Table Tennis Association is thwarting the marriage of table tennis star Ai Fukuhara to Taiwanese fellow Olympian Chiang Hung-Chieh. On Weibo, some netizens understand why. Japanese women’s magazine Josei Jishin (女性自身) recently revealed that the Japan Table Tennis Association is preventing the 28-year-old table tennis star Ai Fukuhara (福原爱) from marrying her boyfriend Chiang Hung-Chieh (江宏杰), a table tennis player and fellow Rio Olympian from Taiwan. Fukuhara and Chiang have been in a stable relationship, and it has been rumored that the two have been planning to get married after the Rio Olympics. According to the magazine, the Japan Table Tennis Association has high hopes for Fukuhara for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and wants the table tennis athlete to fully concentrate on her training. The revelation became a trending topic on Sina Weibo, where Fukuhara is a much-loved sport woman. Her Weibo account (@福原愛AiFukuhara) has over 2.1 million fans. The post about Fukuhara was shared by Global Times, writing that the Japanese Table Tennis Association also stated that a marriage between Fukuhara and Chiang Hung-Chieh was deemed undesirable because Chiang plays in a lower level than Fukuhara and makes less money, making it an “unequal marriage”. The Weibo post about Fukuhara was shared over 2000 times and received 5800 comments on August 25. It was also shared by numerous other media outlets, such as Sina News, and individual Weibo users. “If their reasoning is like this,” one netizen commented: “then surely she has no other option than marrying a man from mainland China?” China is the number one gold-scoring table tennis country. “If they only want her to marry the world’s best, then she should just marry a mainlander,” other netizens also say. Four-time Olympian Fukuhara is very popular in China, not just because of table tennis stars, but also because she speaks fluent Chinese and because of her pretty appearance, that earned her the “Japanese doll” nickname. “Marriage should be in one’s own hands, the table tennis association should not meddle in her affairs!” other Weibo users write. “I understand it,” one female netizen writes: “I also don’t agree with Liu Yifei marrying a Korean!” Liu Yifen is a Chinese actress known for her beautiful appearance. Her partner is the Korean actor Song Seung Heon. Many Chinese netizens think the association is against Fukuhara marrying her Taiwanese boyfriend because “Japan looks down upon Taiwanese people”. For many netizens, news about Ai’s thwarted marriage was welcomed with open arms – many hope the athlete will eventually marry a man from mainland China. “China’s table tennis world has the right man for you!”, one netizen writes. – By Manya Koetse

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China’s President Xi Welcomes Home Their Olympic Team

(This article is courtesy of the Shanghai Daily News Paper)

A true golden handshake …


China’s Women Win Volleyball Gold For Third Time In Rio

China wins third women’s volleyball gold

ZHU Ting propelled China to a 3-1 (18-25, 25-17, 25-23, 25-23) victory over Serbia to claim the gold medal of the women’s volleyball tournament at Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Saturday.

Zhu, who was named the Most Valuable Player, finished as the top scorer of the competition with a total of 179 points including a tournament-high 33 in the semifinals against the Netherlands. She capped her participation with 25 points as the main Chinese weapon in the triumph.

China climbed to the top of the podium for the third time in the history of volleyball at the Olympic Games and first since Athens 2004. They also won the gold medal in Los Angeles 1984, a silver medal in Atlanta 1996 and bronze medals in Seoul 1988 and also at home in Beijing 2008.

China’s Lang Ping became the first to win a gold medal as a player in Los Angeles 1984 and repeat the feat now as a coach.

The silver medal for Serbia is their best finish in three Olympic appearances after concluding fifth and 11th in Beijing and London, respectively.

China’s Hui Ruoqi and Xu Yunli contributed 13 and 12 points in the victory, while Yuan Xinyue added 9, including three blocks.

Tijana Boskovic and Milena Rasic were the top scorers for Serbia with 23 and 16 points, respectively, and Tijana Malesevic and Brankica Mihajlovic finished with 11 apiece in the loss.

The fourth set was a close battle until Zhu scored twice for a 16-13 lead. With Mihajlovic and Boskovic both on the bench, Serbia closed in to 19-18 with consecutive spikes by Malesevic and Veljkovic. Serbia tied at 20-all via opponent error. Then at 23-all, Rasic served out of bounds and China won 25-23 with the spike by Hui.

“We faced a very tough opponent but we concentrated on each point, one by one,” said Hui.


Why Does President Putin Have No Faith In Russia’s Athletes?


As almost all of the wired world knows, Russia had a huge contingent of their athletes banned from the Rio Olympics that are going on now because Russia was found guilty of wide-spread doping during the last Olympics that were held in Russia. Athletes have been known to cheat through drugs in almost every sport it seems, not just Olympic athletes. In America we had that scourge in Major League Baseball for many years and it ruined the bodies, careers, and reputations of many quality athletes. There was also the disgrace of American bicyclist Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France for all those years. To me when a person cheats they are telling the world several things, among them is the fact that they have no ethics, that they are crooks, thieves, cowards, and insecure in their own abilities. By reports I have been reading lately the IOC says that Russia has been involved in State sponsored doping at least since the 1984 Olympics. This is a disgrace to the integrity of the Russian Nation and their people. Well, maybe not their people but certainly against the integrity of the Russian government and as in any country the buck stops at the Presidency of the country. Why has President Putin allowed such a disgrace to go on in his country? Here in America we are led to believe that Mr. Putin rules Russia with an iron fist as his Kremlin controls all aspect of the people of Russia’s lives. Russia is a great country, the people of Russia are a great people, they can compete physically with the people of any nation, why is it that Mr. Putin doesn’t believe that? If a person, a team or a Government believe that they have the ability to compete and to win they do not show that by cheating, instead they show cowardliness and insecurity. I have to admit that I find it odd that I seem to have more faith in the Russian people than their own President seems to have.

Russia The Olympics And President Putin


Tomorrow the people who run the Olympics and their anti doping committees are going to make their decisions public about Russia’s State ran doping programs during the 2008 Sochi Olympics. These committees have a tremendous amount of proof against the Russian government for their crimes, yet the question is do they have the guts to do their job? At question is whether the people who are responsible for making sure that the Olympics are fair have any integrity themselves. Pretty much every nation including Russia knows that the Russians systematically cheated, so the question is will there be any penalties levied against Russia? The Olympic bosses do have the authority to revoke every metal that the Russian athletes fraudulently wear around their necks. They also have the authority to ban Russia from the Summer Olympics that are about to start in Brazil. These anti doping committees have had the proof for over a year now and yet they have sat on their hands and procrastinated right up to this point in time. Evidently these folks are cowards who are too afraid to do their job that they are being paid to do. Does this make themselves complicit? Two of the Russian ‘whistle-blowers’ are now dead, this is part of why I said that they may be too scared to do their job.


I know that I am a nobody and that my thoughts and opinions mean nothing to anyone in a position of power. Yet as a citizen of the world who happens to enjoy sports I have always been hardcore about events being fair. I am a person who does not want my favorite football or baseball team to win a game or a title on a bad call, even more so I do not want my team to win by blatant cheating. So, here is my thoughts on this issue concerning the Olympic chieftains. Either they revoke Russia’s 2008 Metals and they ban Russia from these 2016 Olympics or the Olympic Games themselves should cease to exist! Why should we the fans keep supporting a fraud? President Putin has proven himself to be a fraud on many issues and this is just another one. It is unfortunate that such a man has dragged down the beautiful country of Russia and trashed the hard work of all their nations Olympians. Have the Olympics themselves just become a laughing-stock and a sham? Tomorrow, we shall all see if these Summer Olympics in Brazil are even worth turning on our  TV to watch!