The Game The RNC And The DNC Are Playing Against The American People Is Easy To See!



What the RNC and the DNC do not understand is that it is they whom no longer represent ‘the majority’ of their own parties. This Presidential voting cycle the American people are telling ‘the establishment’ of their own parties that it is you that the people are mad at. We have been telling you in the polls for years, we all know you are familiar with 10% approval ratings! There is a reason for that, it is you who are out of touch with your own ‘party’. The American News Media and Hollywood have been telling the American people what they believe we  should want to hear for many years now. The majority of the people have been telling you but you didn’t care because half of the Qualified voters don’t even bother to register because the ‘Parties’ have the control on whom we get to vote for (example is Super Delegates) and the answers are almost always, none of the above. Of the about half of the qualified voters who do register to vote, half of them don’t bother because of the same reasons. That means that even in a Presidential election year only about 25% actually go the polls and votes. This then means that all you really need to do is get about one in eight adults to vote for you and you win. What about the other seven out of eight that is telling you we are not happy with you? O, that’s right, it doesn’t matter, as long as you won the election, you still hold all the power. You are well aware of these facts, everything is analyzed these days. The only thing besides a bullet of course that you have to fear is if the American people themselves actually stood up and voted because then, you would lose your control, your power which you hold over all the people.


Now folks we see the RNC and the DNC denounce first Donald Trump as ‘not representing the values of the Republican Party’ thus Lying Ted Cruz would end up their party’s Candidate in November. The Democratic Party will end up disavowing Senator Sanders as not really being a Democrat. Then the biggest know liar in American politics, Ms. Hillary becomes the Democrat’s November selection. Yes folks the American public is damn tired of the games being played in Washington D,C, and Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders are bringing out millions of people into the light who are telling you that it is you that ‘we the people’ want the hell out of office. So, what is the remedy that I believe we will all end up seeing in November? I believe we will have at least a minimum of four main candidates that will be our next President. Either Donald Trump as and Independent, Senator Sanders as and Independent, or the ‘company’ candidates, lying Ted Cruz or the Queen of liars, Ms. Hillary. Is November of 2016 the time and place that the American people break from the chains of the Republican and Democratic parties and create at least a four party system? I believe what the two main parties are getting ready to do should defiantly remove all doubt from the public at large that ‘the establishment’ doesn’t give a damn what ‘the public’ have to say. I condone no violence, only quiet, listen to all the Candidates, let everyone else listen. Let the actual majority of the American people have an educated vote now, and in November. Most of the American people realize that the world we all live in has a lot of very important issues that are going on right now, we don’t need or want a person playing political games while our world is being destroyed by those whose minds and Souls are full of hate/evil.