Are These Riots Just Racists Hooliganism?

Are The Riots Just Racists Hooliganism?


Just like many of you I have seen a video on the death of a young man named George Floyd at the hands/knee of a Police Officer in Minneapolis Minnesota and as a citizen I am not pleased with what I have watched. My youngest Son is the same age as Mr. Floyd was and yes even though I am a white guy I have worked with my Son on how to act if a Police Office approaches him. Any time that anyone is in the presence of any Police Officer that Officer can if they so chose too can ruin your day, your life, or even end your life. With this said, always be decent and always be friendly. Also, DO NOT say anything hate full or just plain stupid and ALWAYS cooperate, politely. This is just the intelligent thing to do when you are with someone who can totally alter or end your whole life. Some Police Officers all around the world are nothing but crooked thieves and murderers, in some cases the Police ARE the main problem in a town or region. Thus said, why would you want to take a chance with an Officer when they walk up too you? Why say too yourself “self” I think I am going to act like an asshole just to see what kind of a reaction I can get from this Cop? I do honestly believe that most police around the Nation are at least decent folks but just like in every job there are people who are total pricks wearing uniforms. When you bring race into the equation, in some cases there are racists Cops just like in any profession and their ignorance and hatred shines brightly when shown too us on a video. Police Departments all around the Globe must police themselves and start purging their bad apples. Until Police Departments Nation wide do this there will never be fluid relations with the communities in which they choose to go to work within each day.


I have a question for you, in your opinion what has rioting and mass vandalism of stores, cars and homes got to do with this Cop killing this Man? Should I get a group of out of town/state people to gather (many being arrested are said to be from out of state) and raid our local Police Station because of this act in Minnesota? Okay, if you or I want to we should have the right to PEACEFULLY march, yell and wave signs in the air. But, what you and I DO NOT have is any right to attack anyone or any ones property. Tell me please, what has the death of Mr Floyd got to do with me and my buddies breaking into Target, Best-Buy a Jewelry Shop or a Pawn-Shop? Even if the death of Mr. Floyd had everything to do with racism what does me breaking into and trashing a Target Store have to do with race? My belief is nothing, it has nothing to do with it at all. What it really looks like is there are a bunch of young black folks who have come into these cities just for the purpose of raising hell and being thieves and vandals. When we protest with violence against non-primary targets we show the whole World that we have no morals or credibility.



(Another Savage Thought) Skin Color Cannot Matter Or Our Soul Is Lost

Skin Color Cannot Matter Or Our Soul Is Lost


Folks when I write these notes to you I am just telling you my honest thoughts and beliefs. So here is what I believe about what is going on in a south Georgia murder of a 25 year old black man who was jogging via information I have gleamed from news outlets and a short piece of A film I saw about 5 seconds of a few days ago. I hear that there is another video that has also now surfaced, I have not seen the new one.


As most folks here in the States know by now there was a 25 year old black man jogging in his neighborhood when he ended up on the wrong end of two point blank shotgun shells. The two white men now arrested are a father son duo. The dad is a retired Police Officer so this event has even more stench to it than what was already there on this case. It does appear that race was a major factor if not the only factor in this young mans death. To me, from what I am hearing on the News programs it seems that there needs to be a much further investigation into the Police and the Prosecutors who handled this case. In case you don’t know it already, this event happened in late February, more than two months ago but the films are just now coming out. If this event is what it seems like it is, a young man being hunted down and murdered, this is the worse case I have seen of this since that Chicago Cop chased down that 17 year old young man who only had a small knife yet he was shot about 17 times laying dead in the street.


Folks, I am going to bring these events over into a Religion spectrum but I will stay away from politics today. I know for a fact that there are some people (from many differing races) who think that their race, their skin color is the color of people whom have Souls and that no one else does. I learned that one at about the age of 22 or 23, dang near broke a wing or three falling out of my tree. There are some people who take the Biblical Scriptures out of context when the Bible is talking about keeping a “pure blood” pure, God was talking to the Hebrew People, telling them not to mix with the Nations around them, they did and look at the mess the Middle-East is today. Black people, White people, Asians, Hispanics, Indian’s and everyone else, folks, we are all Gentiles. We are the ones that Christ’s Resurrection redeemed, all of us. If we hate our neighbor without a cause, we are lost to the Fires of Hell. If a person being hated is because of something they cannot do any thing about, like what skin color they have or for being born in the wrong state or for being to short or to tall then the hater is most definitely the sinner of the two. Folks, racism is Spiritual suicide!



Dabholkar murder case: Norwegian divers recover pistol from seabed



Dabholkar murder case: Norwegian divers recover pistol from seabed

The weapon has been sent for a forensic examination to establish if it was indeed used in the murder of Dabholkar. CBI, in August 2019, informed a Pune court that it needed to scour the sea at Kharegaon Creek near Thane to look for the weapon.

INDIA Updated: Mar 05, 2020 02:31 IST
Neeraj Chauhan and Shalaka Shinde
Neeraj Chauhan and Shalaka Shinde

Hindustan Times, New Delhi/Pune
CBI) has recovered a pistol that may have been used in the killing from the Arabian Sea with the help of Norwegian deep-sea explorers and technology.
CBI) has recovered a pistol that may have been used in the killing from the Arabian Sea with the help of Norwegian deep-sea explorers and technology.(File photo)

In a significant breakthrough in the murder of rationalist and social activist Narendra Dabholkar, who was shot dead by unidentified men in Pune in August 2013, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has recovered a pistol that may have been used in the killing from the Arabian Sea with the help of Norwegian deep-sea explorers and technology, two senior officers aware of the development said.

The weapon has been sent for a forensic examination to establish if it was indeed used in the murder of Dabholkar. The agency, in August 2019, informed a Pune court that it needed to scour the sea at Kharegaon Creek near Thane to look for the weapon.

Seven people, including Virendra Tade, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon, advocate Sanjeev Punalekar, Vikram Bhave, Sharad Kalaskar and Sachin Andure, were named by CBI as the key accused in the murder of Dabholkar, who was shot dead while on a morning walk.

“We have found a pistol after days of exploration. The ballistics experts will now examine it with the bullet size/type mentioned in the post mortem report of Dabholkar,” one of the two senior officers cited above said on condition of anonymity.

Dubai-based Envitech Marine Consultants, engaged by CBI for the exploration, transported its machinery from Norway for finding the weapon. The experts used a magnetic sledge to explore the area near Kharegaon Creek as part of an exploration survey called ‘Topographical and Level Survey’, in which the silt top and silt depth levels were checked, said the officer.

As part of the survey, several methods — known as Electronic Distance Measuring, Angle Measurement, and Level Measurement — were used, he added.

The central agency arranged the whole operation, starting from getting permission from the state government to securing environment clearances. It even got customs duty worth around ~95 lakh waived for bringing the machinery from Norway.

The cost of exploration operation is estimated at Rs 7.5 crore. CBI is committed to taking the case to its logical conclusion, the officer said.

CBI and the Karnataka and Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squads (ATS) are likely to jointly bear the cost of exploration as three murder cases in the two states — Dabholkar in Pune, and Gauri Lankesh and MM Kalburgi in Karnataka — are linked.

“I must, at this point, say that I cannot comment on portion of investigation that has not been presented in the court. But if indeed such a development has occurred, I hope by April or in the next 10 days, they should start the trial. I personally do not know when the divers came and the process happened. Interestingly enough, the search has been going on for a year. It is not an ocean, just a creek. I fail to understand why it took so long. Only after Dharmadhikari resigned, a statement was made by the investigation authority that we will complete the investigation by March-end,” said advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar, a defence lawyer in the Dabholkar case.

Bombay high court justice Satyaranjan Dharmadhikari, who had been hearing the Dabholkar case, had tendered his resignation last month citing personal reasons. Justice Dharmadhikari had issued multiple orders in the case pulling up CBI for the slow pace of investigation.

Dabholkar was shot dead by two bike-borne assailants on August 20, 2013, on the Omkareshwar bridge in Pune around 7.30am. In 2014, the investigation was handed over to CBI.

The first charge sheet in the matter was filed on September 6, 2016, naming Virendra Tawade as the main conspirator and Sarang Akolkar and Vinay Pawar as the shooters. A supplementary charge sheet in the case was filed on February 13, 2019, naming Sachin Andure and Sharad Kalaskar as the two shooters. Another charge sheet was filed on November 20, 2019, against advocate Sanjiv Punalekar and his aide Vikram Bhave, naming them as co-conspirators in the murder. Of the seven people named in the case, Tawade, Kalaskar, Andure and Bhave are in jail. Akolkar and Pawar are yet to be arrested. Advocate Punalekar and Bhave were arrested on May 25, 2019. Punalekar was granted bail on July 5, 2019.

Kalaskar and Andure are being investigated by the CBI in the Dabholkar murder case as well as the Karnataka special investigation team probing the Gauri Lankesh murder.

(A Savage Comment) Worshiping The Devil In Burning To Death A 15 Year Old Girl

Worshiping The Devil In Burning To Death A 15 Year Old Girl


Today on my CNN News feed I read another disturbing piece of news that is coming to us from Pakistani police and from their Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif. This news is of a ‘so-called’ honor killing that has nothing at all to do with anyone’s honor and everything to do with worshiping and serving the Devil Himself. This story goes like this, a 15 yr of girl helped arrange for her best friend and her boyfriend to elope (get married). This happened in a city called Abbottbad in North West Pakistan where ‘Tribal Councils’ tend to be the ‘real’ authorities, not the police or the military. This 15 member Council called a Jirga ordered the death of this young lady. The report says that 13 of those Council members took part in the murder and those 13 have been arrested with a few others. In this case the police have also arrested the girls Mother because they said she knew in advance what was going to happen and did not tell the police so that made her complicit in the murder. Not mentioned is why the other two members of that Council who also knew were not arrested, why not is my question? The way that these animals chose to murder this young lady is they drugged her, kidnapped her, choked her, chained her to a van and then set the van on fire with her alive inside it. As I said in the title of this article, Devil worshipers. This religion that is called Islam has nothing to do with a ‘God’, it only has to do with these folks being raised in Devil worshiping, the good point about this is that these people do not know what they are doing. I totally believe that way over 90% of these disciples of Satan would drop that religion in a flat second if they only knew the truth about who/what Allah really is.

(A Savage Comment) Through Ignorance World Leaders Wasted Our Blood And Gold

Through Ignorance World Leaders Wasted Our Blood And Gold

(I first wrote this on June 21st of 2014, almost 6 years ago now. What really has changed?)

Yes I did say our, as in (you and I) who are part of this world conversation we call our lives. There is a section of the world’s population who have no faith system of any kind, what percent, I don’t know that answer but it probably varies from nation to nation wouldn’t you think? What I am going to get at is this, you don’t have to believe in something, for that something to kill you. Here in the States there are a lot of Atheist type folks who through their lack of knowledge degrade Christianity and Judaism every chance they get. Unfortunately we find many of these people in seats of power throughout many nations.

I want to ask you what you thought when your nation (if yours did) put blood and money into these Islamic nations, putting our soldiers in direct open conflict with various Islamic faith factions. I totally agree that after 911 when the experts figured out that Osama was behind it and they learned that he was in Afghanistan being protected by the Taliban whom would not give him up, we should have removed them from the face of the earth. The bigger problem after running those Satanic embers out of power was in how to rebuild this broken nation both physically via helping them build a national infrastructure and a solid national pride in getting all of it’s people a quality education both boys and girls. But, big but, how do you cure the inside of a person when their moral fiber is evil and they refuse to change their beliefs or culture within their own brains?

Our nations leaders should all have known that there is no way to help create a puppet government that can only stand for as long as we prop it up with a lot of our blood and money and honestly expect the nations of fundamental Islam to not retake everything once we leave? O, but isn’t that the same lesson our leaders didn’t learn in Iraq either? There is a fundamental reality about the Islamic faith at it’s core, they do not believe in democracies as the rule of law.

The whole world is in a position to have it’s ground stained with the blood of their own children. There are many major brewing and open conflict areas on the globe, all are dangerous, but no conflict can ever be as dangerous as one that is about what a group’s Faith teaches, especially if  that Faith teaches global enslavement by force. I would like to say to the world, please wake up, but I have no faith that we will. Folks the world of Islam is very much at war with you and they will kill you whether you believe in them or not, they would prefer we all be foolish, it makes us all easier to kill.


Shooter Of Nobel Prize Winner Malala Escapes From Prison In Pakistan



Man responsible for shooting of Nobel Prize winner Malala escapes from prison in Pakistan

It would be a big blow to Pakistan and its campaign to eradicate the remnants of Taliban if the clip is proved to be authentic.

WORLD Updated: Feb 07, 2020 07:04 IST

Press Trust of India
Press Trust of India

Ehsanullah Ehsan, the Taliban terrorist responsible for shooting Malala Yousafzai and killing over 132 students in 2014 Peshawar Army School has escaped prison.
Ehsanullah Ehsan, the Taliban terrorist responsible for shooting Malala Yousafzai and killing over 132 students in 2014 Peshawar Army School has escaped prison. (Twitter/@IhsanTipu)

Ehsanullah Ehsan, the former Pakistan Taliban spokesman who was responsible for the shooting of Malala Yousafzai in 2012 and carrying out the deadly Peshawar Army school terror attack in 2014, has escaped from prison, according to a audio clip released by him.

In the audio clip, which surfaced on social media on Thursday, Ehsan said that he escaped the confinement of Pakistani security agencies on January 11, claiming Pakistani forces failed to keep their promises made to him during his surrender in 2017.

“With the help of God, I succeeded to escape on January 11, 2020 from the confinement of the security forces,” he is heard saying in the clip.

It would be a big blow to Pakistan and its campaign to eradicate the remnants of Taliban if the clip is proved to be authentic.

Without revealing his current location, Ehsan said that he would make a detail statement about the days of his confinement in the coming days as well as about his future plans.

Malala, 22, the youngest Nobel Peace prize winner, was shot by a gunman for campaigning for female education in 2012 in Pakistan’s Swat Valley.

Ehsan was also involved in the one of the most gruesome attacks on children anywhere in the world when 8-10 suicide attackers wearing paramilitary Frontier Corps uniforms on December 16, 2014 entered the Peshawar’s Army Public School and went from classroom-to-classroom shooting indiscriminately, killing 149 people including 132 students.

Ehsan in the audio clip said that he surrendered to the Pakistani security agencies on February 5, 2017 under an agreement but the forces failed to keep their promise made before the surrender.

“I followed the agreement for about three years. But these shrewd security institutions put me in prison along with my children in violation of the agreement,” he said, adding that he finally decided to flee from the forces. The authenticity of the audio and veracity of the Ehsan’s claim was not verified by the security forces or the Pakistani government.

Pregnant Mother and Five Kids Among 7 Tortured Burned to Death in Panama Religious Ritual



Pregnant Mother and Five Kids Among 7 Tortured and Burned to Death in Panama Religious Ritual


Panama Public Ministry/Reuters

Texas sheriff: 2 dead, seven shot in music video ‘ambush’



Texas sheriff: 2 dead, seven shot in music video ‘ambush’

Associated Press

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HOUSTON (AP) — Two men were killed and seven others were wounded by gunfire when a group filming a rap music video was “ambushed” near Houston, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

The Harris County sheriff’s office said Saturday morning that 20-year-old Gonzalo Gonzalez and 22-year-old Jonathan Jimenez died at the scene Friday night. The sheriff’s office said the seven injured were taken to hospitals and ranged in age from 17 to 23.

The sheriff’s office said Saturday that they did not know a motive or have any suspects.

“We don’t know if there was a beef going on or what exactly happened,” Gonzalez said at a news conference just after the shooting.

“We know it was a rap video that w as being filmed out here but beyond that we don’t know who the performers or who was involved in it, just that there was a large group out there,” he said.

The sheriff said authorities received a call about a drive-by shooting around 9:30 p.m. Officers responded to what Gonzalez characterized as a residential neighborhood just north of Houston, where a group of males had been making the video in an office parking lot. The shooting scene stretched several blocks, the sheriff said.

“There were other vehicles that were staged there and they were filming some type of music video when, all of a sudden, basically they were ambushed, we believe by individuals in cars and/or foot that fired shots into the parking lot area,” Gonzalez said at the news conference.

He said the shooting “unfolded very quickly” and it was unclear how many people opened fire. “A lot of shots were fired,” he said.

The sheriff said Friday night that figuring out who was at the scene will be part of the investigation, and asked for witnesses to come forward.

Somalia suicide car bomb attack rocks capital, killing at Least 79


(The lack of a moral/religion ‘code’, such a spiritual sickness) (oldpoet56)


Somalia suicide car bomb attack rocks capital, killing at Least 79

A soldier is seen next to the wreckage of car that was damaged during the suicide attack in Mogadishu on Saturday.

Mogadishu, Somalia (CNN)At least 79 people are dead and 149 more injured after a massive car bomb exploded at a busy intersection on the outskirts of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, on Saturday, according to a government official.

Government spokesman Ismael Mukhtar also earlier told CNN that the attacker drove his vehicle into the “Ex-control Afgoye” checkpoint, a well-known junction that links the south of Somalia to the capital.
Mukhtar added that university students were among the dead.
The attack happened during rush hour in the Somali capital at about 8 a.m. local time, and civilians and soldiers are among the dead, police said.
Police conduct security searches at the checkpoint, but there is also a taxation office located nearby and the area is heavily populated with civilians and security forces.

Nurses from Mogadishu's Madina Hospital push a wounded person on a stretcher.

Police have warned that the death toll could rise as many of the wounded have been rushed to hospitals.
Images from the scene showed multiple wrecked vehicles with shards of twisted metal nearby as well as a minibus marked with blood.
Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu confirmed two Turkish citizens had died in the attack.
“May Allah’s mercy be upon our 2 citizens and innocent Somali brothers&sisters who lost their lives in the heinous terrorist attack,” Çavuşoğlu wrote on his Twitter account. He added Turkey would continue to stand with Somalia in the fight against terror.
Saturday’s attack came two weeks after at least five people were killed in a seven-hour battle at a hotel popular with lawmakers and security officials in the Somali capital.
In February, the group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for a car bombing at a crowded shopping mall that left at least 10 dead. It was also behind three car bombings last November that killed at least 52 people with about 100 more injured.

Saudi: ‘Antithesis of justice’: Khashoggi verdict roundly condemned



‘Antithesis of justice’: Khashoggi verdict roundly condemned

Global condemnation as Saudi exonerates crown prince’s aides over journalist’s murder, but US welcomes ‘important step’.

'Antithesis of justice': Khashoggi verdict roundly condemned
Jamal Khashoggi was a US resident and a critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman [File: Hasan Jamali/AP Photo]

The United Nations extrajudicial executions investigator Agnes Callamard, Turkey and international rights groups have roundly condemned a Saudi court verdict over the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying it failed to deliver justice.

But despite global condemnation, a US State Department official hailed the verdict as “an important step” in holding the perpetrators accountable.

Five people were sentenced to death on Monday over the brutal killing of the writer by a team of Saudi agents inside the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul last October, but two top aides to powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) – the de facto Saudi leader – were exonerated.

The Saudi prosecutor’s office said a total of 31 people were investigated in connection with the killing, and that 11 people were charged. Three were handed jail terms totalling 24 years and the rest were acquitted. None of the defendants’ names was immediately released.

“The investigation showed that the killing was not premeditated … The decision was taken at the spur of the moment,” Saudi Deputy Public Prosecutor Shalaan al-Shalaan said, a position contradicting the findings of a United Nations-led investigation.


In a series of tweets, Callamard explained that the verdict contravened international law.

“The execution of Jamal Khashoggi demanded an investigation into the chain of command to identify the masterminds, as well as those who incited, allowed or turned a blind eye to the murder, such as the crown prince. This was not investigated,” she said. 

“The hitmen are guilty, sentenced to death. The masterminds not only walk free. They have barely been touched by the investigation and the trial. That is the antithesis of justice. It is a mockery.”

Ahmed Benchemsi, a spokesman for Human Rights Watch, told Al Jazeera that the trial was “all but satisfactory”.

The case was “shrouded in secrecy since the beginning, and it’s still … until now … We do not know the identities of those masked perpetrators, we don’t know the specific charge levelled against who exactly,” Benchemsi said.

“Saudi prosecutors did not even attempt to investigate the upper levels of this crime, and whether they played a role in ordering the killing, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,” he added.

Khashoggi, a critic of MBS, was living in self-imposed exile in the United States, where he had been granted residency status.

After weeks of repeated denials that it had anything to do with his disappearance, the kingdom eventually acknowledged that its officials were behind the gruesome murder.

Turkish intelligence agencies concluded that he was killed in a premeditated murder, while the CIA has reportedly concluded that MBS likely ordered the killing. But Riyadh has consistently denied that the crown prince was involved.

Here are the reactions to the Saudi verdict:


Turkey described the verdict as “scandalous” and said those responsible for the murder had been granted immunity.

“Those who dispatched a death squad to Istanbul on a private jet … and sought to sweep this murder under the rug have been granted immunity,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s top press aide, Fahrettin Altun, wrote on Twitter.

The foreign ministry said in a statement that the decision “is far from meeting the expectations of both our country and the international community to shed light on the murder with all its dimensions, and deliver justice”.

Ankara said there was no clarity on key aspects of the murder including the whereabouts of Khashoggi’s body, labelling it a “fundamental deficiency” in terms of accountability.

UN rapporteur

Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur on summary executions, who has previously directly linked MBS to the killing, said the sentence “is anything but justice”.

“Under international human rights law, the killing of Khashoggi was an extrajudicial execution for which the state of Saudi Arabia is responsible,” she wrote on Twitter.

Agnes Callamard


g) According to my sources, the prosecutor had argued that the killing of Mr. Khashoggi had been premeditated. The Crown Prince had argued that this was an accident against the evidence. Guess who the Judge followed?

Agnes Callamard


h) The defendants had repeatedly stated they were obeying orders. The prosecutor had publicly stated that Saud al-Qahtani, Crown Prince personal adviser, had demanded the abduction of Jamal Khashoggi (on the grounds he was a threat to national security.) And yet, he remains free

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“Bottom line: the hit men are guilty, sentenced to death. The masterminds not only walk free. They have barely been touched by the investigation and the trial. That is the antithesis of justice. It is a mockery,” said Callamard, who does not speak for the UN but reports her findings to it.

United States

The US also welcomed the sentences, calling the ruling an “important step”.

“Today’s verdicts were an important step in holding those responsible for this terrible crime accountable,” a US Department of State official told reporters after the ruling.

The US “encouraged Saudi Arabia to undertake a fair and transparent judicial process”, the official added.

“We’re pressing them for more transparency and for holding everybody accountable.”

Reporters Without Borders

Paris-based media rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders said that justice was “trampled on” with the death sentences meted out after a trial that did not respect international standards of justice.

The group’s secretary-general Christophe Deloire tweeted that the sentences “can be interpreted as a means to permanently silence the suspects, a way to prevent them from speaking to better cover up the truth”.

“The opacity of the procedure and the concealment of evidence does not allow us to get an idea” of why several others were convicted or acquitted, said Deloire, adding: “We still expect a full accounting.”

Amnesty International

Amnesty International criticized the verdict as a “whitewash which brings neither justice nor the truth for Jamal Khashoggi and his loved ones”.

“Given the lack of transparency from the Saudi authorities, and in the absence of an independent judiciary, only an international, independent and impartial investigation can serve justice for Jamal Khashoggi,” said Middle East research director Lynn Maalouf.

“The verdict fails to address the Saudi authorities’ involvement in this devastating crime or clarify the location of Jamal Khashoggi’s remains,” she said in a statement.

Hatice Cengiz

The verdict left Khashoggi’s fiancee Hatice Cengiz unsatisfied, with her saying on Twitter that the “Saudi announcement not acceptable”.

Hatice Cengiz / خديجة


Saudi announcement not acceptable ..!

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United Kingdom

The UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemned “the use of the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle”.

“The killing of Jamal Khashoggi was a terrible crime,” Raab said in a statement. “Mr Khashoggi’s family deserve to see justice done for his brutal murder. Saudi Arabia must ensure all of those responsible are held to account and that such an atrocity can never happen again.”

Salah Khashoggi

The slain journalist’s son, Salah Khashoggi, said his family had achieved justice, thanks to the verdict of Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor.

“Today we have been granted justice as the children of the deceased, God willing, Jamal Khashoggi. We affirm our confidence in the Saudi judiciary at all levels, that it has been fair to us and that justice has been achieved,” he said in a Twitter post.

Karen Attiah

Khashoggi’s friend and editor at the Washington Post, Karen Attiah, said the trial was “a complete sham”.

“Justice for Jamal Khashoggi’s senseless, horrific death is not more senseless death,” she said. “More anonymous bloodshed is not closure. The ‘trials’ were in secret. For all we know, these five men who have been sentenced to death may not deserve the ultimate penalty.”