(Reality Poem) Lightning Facts: Besides The Fact That, It Hurts



Lightning is pretty in the sky at night

It flutters and flashes from the heavens on high

A power from God only an atheist could deny

The beauty is awesome, the power, a fright


Like the fingers of God stretched across our domain

The thunder adjoins like the clapping of God’s hands

When thunder rings loud and lightning strikes close

It can and will scare the hell out of a mortal man


Do not seek shelter from the beauty above you

Underneath of a tree cause the lightning will touch you

If you feel hairs on your back stand high, with knees weak

Fall on your face and pray that you will not soon be fried


Please take it from me, your brother a survivor and friend

If one of God’s fingers touches you will never be the same

If you are blessed to survive the fright of being lit up

You’ll never again stand in the open, enjoying the sight