(Philosophy Poem) I Thought To Late

I Thought To Late


I had the chance to except your love

Almost changed the way I live my life

Yet my own self love got in the way

Got scared and asked You please, not today

Come back again when I am old and gray


Go away now Holy Man your messing up my day

You have tried to change the way I think and live

Someday I may convert but today is not the day

Life’s joys are many and I won’t to live them all

It is many years till my sun will set so today I play


My life is filled with golden lace and many riches all

I fear no foe for I am young, strong, handsome and tall

Again you told me of the Lord of Light and His loving call

You almost persuaded me to pick up His Cross and follow

Woke up this morning with a hot pitchfork stuck in my side

Lights of life they dimmed so quick I think I thought to late


Philosophy Poem: Darkness



Darkness is the absence or the lack of the Light of our Creator

Wickedness and evil are the hallmark of the Darkness hidden

The metaphor of Darkness conceals it danger via its own lies

Lack of knowledge and enlightenment encourages Darkness

Darkness is the destination of those who lack understanding


The Lord often speaks in a parable of the darkness of old

Often one can feel the essence of the Darkness around us

The Righteous have no need to be afraid of the Darkness

The Works of Darkness are shameful even to be spoken of

Darkness blinds the heart and eyes to ones own salvation


We can say we are a child of Light but by our hearts we are known

When we hate our own Brothers we are children of the Devil’s Darkness

To love the World and their lusts condemns us to living in this Darkness

The Darkness of this World is wicked and it and we shall soon pass away

The Love of God is the only Light with the Power to save us from the Dark

(Spiritual Poem) Walk The Line Toward The Light Of Jesus



Walk the Line toward the light of God

Lord please guide the path my feet trod

Please keep my toes from out the grave

Keep the sheets clean upon my bed



When I go out deep in the night

Please keep a lit lantern in my hand

With my old eyes I stumble and fall

There’s many a bruise upon my head



Though I try to walk a pure lit path

To every side I still do slip and fall

Our Lord’s hand keeps me from the pit

Why is a straight line so hard to walk



There is a light so bright that it can not be hid

Try not to step to the right nor the left of its glow

Though short skirts, cocaine, and money may thrill

This same combination can be lethal to life and limb


Walk straight our path with God’s light of love in hand

Making ones sins like the grain beneath a grinders wheel

Walk a straight path toward the Light on the Temple Mount

The light that is The Son Of Man that can not be put out