Philosophy Poem: Today Is Today, Yesterday And Tomorrow



Unless we were born today then we all had a yesterday

Did not our yesterdays make possible all of our todays

Because we learned from yesterday we breathe this day

History is a ladder we use to rise above the storms of life

If we obtained no knowledge before, would there be a now


We all obtain wisdom as we walk about within our daily life

If our brain paints us no scenes, do we indeed have any sense

He who keeps his head bowed will not step into a pit of vipers

Yet he who is always watching the stars, walks into many trees

Keep your eyes and heart upon a level path so tomorrow may be


Tomorrow is a product of all the lessons we lived through today

The paths we choose to walk today lets us see our tomorrows

Tomorrow can be a beautiful reality but only if we survive today

Ones life is filled with many sorrows yet from them we must learn

If we walk in darkness today we may be six feet under tomorrow