(Humanity Poem) The Phoenix Of Baltimore



Tears, felt from the depths of the well of the Soul

So sad to lose the young, through such callous hearts die

Some yell race, it’s not as much that as it is immaturity and ego

The Blue needs to pray about the Heart and Soul of the Blue

Cold blooded murder is not okay for me, nor is it for you

Do not blame those who did not defecate upon their profession

For the sins of six lose not faith in those who protect us with their blood


Most chose peaceful demonstrations for the innocent shedding of blood

Some among us choose to act out the part of liquored up violent thugs

Many chose to hide their Asses behind masks like cowards so often do

Burn a few cars, loot a few stores, show the world how sincere you are

Doesn’t the Community of Earth deserve accountability from us all

Tears for the fallen, no reason to burn anyone’s neighborhood, even yours

Justice must roll from the bottom to the top or whole generations die by the gun




Israel I Love You But You Must Charge Your Soldier With First Degree Murder



Israel I am a person who is a Christian by choice who was born and raised in the United States of America. I have never set foot in the Holy Lands (never been able to afford to go) yet I have prayed for you for many decades now. Prayed for you all to have peace in your own days, trying to understand the reasons why you don’t. I do by my beliefs tend to side with Israel on most, but not all issues. Israel, just like the United States has based our very existence on a few basic thoughts and beliefs. Things like loyalty to a loving, caring, living God or, at least the decencies that come upon a community if most in it are of like mind. Jewish and Christian ‘rights’ came from what is taught in the Bible Testaments, New and Old.


Now this old mans thoughts on the issue of honest, what is right from wrong, what is cold-blooded murder and what is not. The IDF is correct in my opinion for not backing this soldier, from the evidence I have seen and heard the soldier committed the horrible crime of murder. Christian and Jewish  believing people who confess to actively serving God can not tell their own government that it is okay for their police or soldiers to shoot an unarmed person lying on the ground! How can we condemn another culture/society for doing such things yet support the shooter when it is one of our own? I know that the man the soldier shot had just committed a knife attack on another person but it has to be more than just a motto that our security people can not be ‘judge, jury, and executioner’!  Truth, Justice, and the Godly way? If we choose to act evilly then Evil itself has already won (for now) this battle of Thrones.