The Sadness Of Another Passenger Jet Gone Missing


The loss of life this year now ending with another tragedy  of lives lost is a year of sorrows. Weather, or fiend, still fills many lives with holes, with sorrows, of loss. The loss of life in so many places around the globe can almost numb the mind as we are saturated in hate. Accidents happen ever so often, when humans commit  violence against other humans, the situation becomes Biblical tragedy with sorrows one upon another. I pray for the Souls of all these people who are now on their final journey to our Creator. We are all just one heart beat away from our own visit to Gods Judgement Seat.

(Philosophy/Poem) Wisdom



Through your wisdom you have built your life upon a rock

There is no shifting sand that can detour your feet from your door

Though man is simple, even he will seek shelter from the lion’s roar

Rejoice in the instruction from those of gray hair from your youth

The fruit of wisdom helps to keep you sheltered from the cold winds

The wise lay up knowledge for it is a well of life if you choose to drink it



The simple and the wicked do hunger and fear till the end of life

Through ignorance and ego they do stumble through the darkness

Not knowing or seeing the lion and the wolf who delight in their flesh

Knowing light is a beginnings for human understanding and wisdom

Human, enter the door of your rock house and sleep soundly tonight

You awake in the morning, through wisdom, your new day can begin