(Philosophy/Poem) All Countries Have Dark Shadows And Secrets


Is there any ground that is not stained with innocent blood

Through the thousands and thousands of human years told

Every Clan every village every woman every child and man

There are shadows that move in the back swamps at night

Every Pod sprouts out into the light showing good seed and rotten


Here in the U.S. our own History shows we invaded every neighbor

There is blood on the hands of everyone who survived a cleansing

Freedom ain’t Free if all flows to the top end of big Gov and Corporate

How many fields and streams have flowed red with the innocent

Political Media spin put up a face act all amazed to learn about you


Ain’t nobody without a little dirt kicked onto a family grave

We won our freedom but how many free people did we kill

Some blood were proud of spilling, some were ashamed of

Can any Country live Free without making a mistake of two

There are dark shadows in the forest and swamps of all Lands




What in the name of Hell is terrorism ever been good for

Do we pretend that innocent blood has no matter

Is the Devil’s broad-ax not heated in the delusions of evil men

Raid upon raid blood upon blood dry bones baking in the kiln

Can civilization grow when the stench of blood is on your hands


Generation’s grow more hate filled with the passing of time

How deeply does the blood splatter upon your cold Souls

Those that we kill is it for flag, honor, their land, God or gold

In whose Army do we ride upon the ancient Saints dry bones

Do we ride with or against the Four-Horsemen Revelation foretold


Fear and tyranny, do we claim Valhalla or virgins as our life’s goal

Kill all who are not like us, is this really God’s or Satan’s own will

Satan tries to wash his hands in the blood of God’s  Holy Saints

Black pajamas nor bright white sheets can save the Soul that’s within

Nation against nation, clan against clan, all blood is red within


I kill you or you kill me the breath we all breathe is the same

Does God require blood sacrifices to turn  little boys into men

Terror you have given, at your death, Satan laughs in your face

Idiots, the Devil takes the breath of the innocent, at your hand

Terrorism and God have nothing to do with each other my friend

Saints blood you have spilled, now you sink into Hell through the sand!