(Spiritual Love Poem) What Is Love Anyway



Love, what a little word, not very long at all

Yet with such broad outstretched arms it calls

Wonderful how wide, inclusive those arms can be

Love, it’s different for Aunt’s, Uncles, Mom and Dad

Bloodline we can’t choose yet real family we can and do



Narrow are the love lines, can we love a person we just can’t trust

Tender, deeper love than for our spouse our children, our Lord above

Is love any different when considered by the caste in which we’re born

O  the quiet in the Heavens after the Shout ordered by the Father Above

Now friends, this is the time that all of the Human Race will find out

The Human Race: We Say We Want Peace Yet We Refuse To Stop Our Own Personal Violence


In general terms, is the human race incapable of being truthful to our own selves? What gave me the idea for this article today was my reading the Times Of Israel article about the people they have lost to violent acts of terror against them since Israel re-became a Nation. The count was over 23,000 people taken away from their families by acts of hate. The article said that in this past year that 68 IDF soldiers and police officers had died in the line of duty and 32 Israeli civilians. Folks that is an even 100 Israeli people whom hate killed, these people would most likely all be alive today if not for the ignorance of hate. Yet when we through our hate carry it to “extreme prejudice” by on purpose killing another person we have lowered ourselves into the Devils playpen. As I hope you did notice, I did not include the people of the Gaza Strip or the West Bank who died from Israelis committing violence on them. Then there is the issue of how many people in those two conclaves have been killed by their own government officials. By the accounts that I have noticed it seems that on a loose average about 10-15 of the Palestinian population die for every Israeli that dies.


There is a line of thought that I would like us all to follow for a moment. If you personally were the leader of either Palestinian conclave and you really hated all the Israeli people to the point that you wanted them all to die, please ask yourself this question. How much is the lives and quality of life of the citizens under your flag valued at to you personally? Are they worth nothing to you? How about 15 for 1 person in Israel? Why would any sane human being be willing to trade even 10 for 1? If you are the commander of a unit and you know that you are going to lose at least 10 of your soldiers for every one you kill of theirs if you go through with your next attack, do you still go through with it? Buddy if still would sacrifice your people like that, you are a cold-hearted piece of the Devils shit, literally!


The point I am trying to get to is if you really actually want peace with Israel and you want your own families to live longer healthier and happier lives then stop 100% of all violence toward everyone, and I do mean everyone.  If the Nation of Israel actually wants peace and you are not committing any acts of violence toward them, let them prove that to you, your people, and the people of the world that they want peace with you right now and forever. When you attack, Israel counter attacks and you lose far more than they do, always. So, the point is, quit all violence, everyone, then we will see who is telling the truth about wanting peace. Yet if your own personal charter states that you will not ever accept peace, why should anyone including the people and the government of Israel believe anything you have to say about anything? The only way for there to be peace anywhere in the world is if every human refuses to harm another human. Don’t be fooled, I know that peace will never happen because the human race prefers to act like Demonic fools. This is why at the Second Advent of Christ the Nations of the world will fight against Jesus and His Angels and human blood will flow to the horses reins. In other words, folks we condemn our own selves with the ignorance we refuse to let go of, the ignorance of hate, and of violence.

Because Of President Putin I Feel Sorrow For The Russia People


I have no ill feeling for or toward the people of Russia, never have. Do I feel very pleased with some of the actions of their current (maybe forever) President, Mr Putin? No, not really! How about you? I am a born and raised American Citizen and I also have some deep negative feeling and opinions against our current Government Leaders, not all of them though. Do you feel the same way about your Leaders? I am quite sure that President Putin doesn’t give a rats behind what I think, or what you think, or what the people of Russia think. That folks, is the problem. When it comes down to the closed doors, brass tacks, of reality, just how many of all so-called Leaders of all the Nations here on Mother Earth give a damn what “we the people” think? But, today, I am choosing to pick on the sorrowful state of the state of Russian-American relations pointing most of the blame toward Mr Putin.


I am not going to pretend that I know everything and every angle or reason why the truths/reality of what we see of world events are what they are today. In the real world almost every complex situation has complex reasons why they are what they are. We hear here in the States of bad for humanity and bad for the People of Russia, things that their Leader Mr Putin has been doing of late. If the reports that get to our ears here in the States is correct Mr Putin is guilty of utter recklessness, ignorance, and ego. If all of the things he says he is going to pursue, he does in deed pursue, then he is being much more than just reckless, he is being ignorant and dangerous for the existence of the Human Race!


When Mr Putin first became President of Russia he was in many ways a very good thing for the People of Russia. The Russian People are a very proud people, just as almost all people would be if they were being slandered in all major ports of media. There is no reason that the American Government and Holly Wood went after the Soul of the Country of, the People of, the Country of Russia the way they did. If the aforementioned parties would have treated these Peoples with Brotherly Respect then a person like Mr Putin would have never been needed to come to power! Mr Putin helped give the People of his Country back some of the self dignity that our government and media had been slandering them on. But now his ego is taking the whole world into a more unstable existence.


The actual actions of our governments often do not represent the will of their own people. We know that lesson here in the States very well. There is much evil that flows out of many Executive Offices around the world. I wish that was not the truth but I personally believe this, and I suspect that I am not the only one on this planet that thinks this way also. There are three main powers at play in all places where true human power lie. They are simple truths, unfortunately, are Money, Power, and Ego. They are in a sense a Trinity of Evil that work against the well-being of the normal, common, average, powerless people, of the countries of the planet.


I wish that President Putin would put the best interest of his own people and the best interest of the rest of the world’s people as his personal top agenda item. Keeping the people of your country physically alive should be the first priority of everyone in every government. Then it should be to increase the quality of life for the People of your Country. Peace should always be sought whenever possible for the benefit of your own people. President Putin is not doing these things at this time, he is majorly risking the lives of every living thing on this Planet. Why is he doing the things he is doing, is it ignorance, ego?


Mr Putin needs the Country of Russia to have real friends, ones that will stand up for/with them shoulder to shoulder if they themselves are physically attacked. Unfortunately Mr Putin is of the old Communist School of thinking that you only get friends via force and intimidation over them. Even so his actions in the Middle-East are going beyond the point of ignorant and reckless now. I agreed with President Putin’s policy of sticking with the current President of Syria when their current Civil War flared up. You might say that is harsh but in a sense it is the same type of policy that then American President George H.W. Bush followed in the first Gulf War back in 1990-91 in not removing Saddam then. If you wondered why Mr Bush did that then it was because he knew that a power vacuum in a major country in the Middle-East would unleash a Jihad. Do you personally wish that his son would have followed his advice and example in this matter? How many thousands of people are dead right now because he didn’t?


China, Russia, and the United States governments need to quit infighting and pay attention to their and the rest of the people and governments real safety problems and not work so hard at creating new ones. The Crimea and Ukraine situation and all of those deaths are laid at Mr Putin’s own feet as well as all of the western sanctions that he is putting upon his own people. Mr Putin obviously does not care about the blood of the Russian Peoples Sons that has been shed solely because of his ego, his actions. His actions are the account for the economic hardships that have been put upon the lives of the Russian people. But to him I guess the current situation is like the differences between a recession and a depression, you know, it’s a recession when your neighbors lose their jobs, it become a depression when you lose yours. What does that have to do as an example with Mr Putin? If the U.S. Government propaganda machine is correct Mr Putin has gone from the poor Spy Master to now being worth over 200 billion dollars. If this is the truth he is starving his own people as he becomes an oil tycoon, among other things. Which is worse though, slowly starving your people to death, or getting nukes into World Wide Terrorist hands? What good is being worth 200 billion dollars if you and your own people are dead Mr Putin?

The Human Race Is Living In The Foot Hills To The Valley Of Death

Today, like everyday it seems, when I click on news sites it tells the stories of hate, mayhem, and mass murder. We all have the option of just never looking at, watching, or listening to any type of media, but that avenue doesn’t make anything become better. If you or I decide to just hide our heads in the proverbial sand, it will not keep our backside from being shot square in our ignorant asses. If anything, when people try to pretend that evil is not present, that approach just gives evil a free greased path to your front door. When a person pretends that someone or something doesn’t hate you, do you really think that because of your pretense, that these people will now like you or decide to just leave you alone? If that approach really worked, or you really think that it does, you need to let the real world know what plant it is that you are smoking. How I wish that there were no such thing as hatred and violence, but just wishing it to be so doesn’t magically make it become reality. If such a wish could make it be so, don’t you think that Walt Disney would have been able to create that utopia by now?

You may have noticed by now hate groups, especially those hiding behind the flag of religion are insisting on a worldwide Jihad, what these groups like to call a Holy War. What baffles me is how anyone can be talked into the ultimate ignorance of strapping a bomb to themselves then walking into a cafe, market place, or a school and push that button. War, war as most all of the world knows it is when one nations army fights against another nations army, people who have chosen to put on their nations uniform and fight against another nations army that they consider to be evil. I know that to a degree this idea has most always been a fantasy, if nothing else Hitler should have taught the world that just being a civilian would not stop a bullet or a gas chamber.

Friends, I wish we could all just sit down at some big round table, pass the pipe around and that everything would be better in the morning like when you take two aspirin after a night with Jose Cuervo. Unfortunately friends that remady isn’t going to work for stoping people who are hate filled. During most wars there have been countries who have declared themselves to be neutral and in some cases that sorta worked for them. Bad people still occupied their countries and took pretty much anything they wanted but they mostly let the people stay alive. But we (the world) are not fighting a World War Two type of war today. For example, just ask the Dutch people how safe they feel in these modern times. In the World War that is happening right now, everyone is a combatant, even the smallest of our children. Do not act like a fool and pretend that all of the world is not at war now, that foolishness will only get you and all of your loved ones killed quicker. When there is any group of people that have declared war on you and on everything and everyone you care about and you decide not to fight just because you don’t want to be part of their war, then you are nothing but zombies, walking dead people!