(Philosophy Poem) Who Is Worthy To Rule Us



It is the law that ordains Presidents and High Priests

Yet man’s laws are filled with infirmities and deceit

Do our Leaders meet each morning to ask God’s will

Are our Leaders Holy, undefiled, separated from sin

Just as a Priest will fade away, so do the words of men


As a Priests oaths are Holy, should not also the words of a King

The Lord has no need to repent, can the same be said for a man

Man’s laws have never been perfect, yet they now rule over God’s

Until man annuls the grip of evil hearts, there is no justice for all

The weak are only for the profit of the rich, until the Trumpet’s call


In the Order of Melchizedek are there Leaders in the shade of His Tree

There is one High Priest not of human laws, but for everlasting peace

God’s Words are as a solid rock, yet what of these words of mortal men

New Covenants, new laws that don’t pass away, there made to bury us

Humans who wish to take the lead but what of their mercy and righteousness

(Faith Poem) The Cross



Upon the Cross in silence He Suffered

Upon the Cross they mocked the Lord

At His feet the Lord’s Mother wept

Upon the Cross He bore our sins

Upon the Cross he paid our price


Mid day the darkness settled in

The Earth did tremble and did shake

Imagine the ones who nailed him there

Did Pilate really wash his sins away

High Priest dismayed the Temple torn


Abba Father Father it is done

The Son of God He took our place

His side pierced no bones did break

Laid in a Tomb to wait three days

Thank you Lord all our Souls you saved