(Philosophy/Faith/Poem) How Tall Are We On God’s Ruler


How Tall Are We On God’s Ruler


We’re there marks upon your Granny’s wall

That measured our years with a stick and pencil

We make our marks upon the events of our lives

But at what place we choose to spread our wings



Do you really feel as tall as it say’s you are

All our life we had to measure up, but to what

A true measure can only be done by the soul

Yet how could a man ever find a Spirit ruler


How high can we get upon on our boss’s ladder

At the end of one’s life, what does it really matter

Are we ruled in our sleep, by our day’s actions

In our end of our day’s, boss’s mean nothing anyway

We all lay in the bowels of the Earth quietly waiting

For the real owner of our Soul to call our name


Four foot or seven it does not matter in Heaven

The size of our hearts and our brain does not save

Bank accounts and big houses aren’t the measure

In the end the fruit of our Soul is all that matters








(Humor/Dark Poem) In My Eyes (The Mirror)

In My Eyes (The Mirror)


In my bathroom mirror, I see but a grain of sand

How is it that one such as I could an ego possess

How could anyone look upon one such as I am

This old man, and entertain a single thought of lust



In my mirror I see my head shiny and balding

Hair now only tends to grow from my nose and ears

Hair from these strange places, yet not upon my head

Even with these old eyes I can see my belly swaying

This front porch hiding by belt loops and even my shoes



So many years of my life all I did was work like a dog

Army lightning strike tore up this body’s quality of life

Never anytime for any recreation or play, just work

The reflection in my bathrooms mirror do I laugh, or cry

I see my store-bought teeth, in their container a waiting



In my mirror I see all these things I wish I didn’t recognize

With my store-bought eyeballs a hanging on this old ugly face

Now in my shower I think of a real great entertaining thought

If I leave these store-bought glasses in the top drawer of my desk

For a moment this old mans flaws maybe I can wash down the drain

Head in the sand, if you can’t see them, maybe they went away



Now all things in my mirror are blurring, I can’t see for the fog

Young man in my mind but not in the passages of my heart

Thinking of my loved one’s I will soon be once again seeing

I lay here beneath the mirror waiting the last tick of the clock

Comfort of Soul I lay here upon my bathroom floor expiring

This old ugly man I wonder if the Lord will recognize who I am

(Poem) X-Wives



She used to be a wife to me

Fulfilling the lust of my dreams

Her belly grew from love of my seed

Now blond hair with green eyes a glow

Barely now twelve months in the wind

One more angel, blessed again

Though not tied, you would think they were twins

Wherever one went a second blended like a shadow



I should have known their Mother would roam

Into the bed of many my heart suffered such pain

Working too much if you’re married to a slut

This disaster is not a good home in the making

Your Angels get used as bait to make your heart-break



From deep in your Soul your heart and mind can’t take it

Not caring that for lust your family home she is destroying

Men, divorce is no one’s friend do not play it like a fiddle

Not just your heart, your children always lose in the end

Son, be careful what she is when you say you wish to get hitched

Easily spread legs not always one you should consider marriage



A Hollow Vessel

(A Kab), a hollow vessel, be ye not

For God’s gathering place is Holy

Know ye not that your body is a Holy vessel

It is a Promised Land, a Home to the Spirit of God

Be ye not vacant, nor your Spirit in drought

For a vacant house is open to the Master of death

Clean thy thoughts O man, for the Lord knows them

Thy heart knows thy words before they touch your lips

Please, seek ye purity of heart and of your Soul

There is nothing that we know that was not given before unto us

Kiss the ground and bow thy head O man, walk with eyes wide open

Evil is trying to snare your life and Soul with your every step

Friends we must keep the stoop to our Souls as clean as we can

At the door to our Soul, the Lord Jesus stands knocking

All of our bodies are a Home for a Spirit, either of God or Satan to dwell

If your Soul lacks God, your hollow vessel, all the way to Hell Satan will indwell!

Praise And Vanity


We praise who we are not what we ought to be

Are we pleased with the mirror the selfie we see

So vain, or is it just honesty, not really vanity

What we wish for most we worship, we are

A beautiful bum, Silver Shadow in our garage

What we praise is who we be, who we really are

Put someone else first, you are an odd one I see

DC-10 hitch us a ride to the next rock barge

Clone us but don’t donate a thing when were dead

So many a plastic neon star self-proclaimed as we are

Through personal praise and ego, a star we now are

To whom or what is worthy that we should ever bow or pray

We think we are so cool, yet we are one heartbeat from the flame

Wake up dead with Hell’s flame licking our heartless shell of shame

To who is it now that listens to our prayers as we have to endure the pain

While were still breathing our heart, mind, and Soul, please decide wisely

Careful what we pray for, where there is no humility we show the world our shame.


Dance This Dance

Pretty girl, if I ask you very sweet

Would you please slip into my arms

And dance this dance with me

For you are the most beautiful girl my heart has ever seen

I see you setting with all your friends

Grape juice against your lips

From the crystal glass that you now sip

How I wish that crystal, were my lips

I’ve seen you turn down all the other men

Could it be me with whom you wish to dance

I see you look my way, I tip my hat

My heart now leaps with joy

You said yes, to my offer of this dance

With Channel and Halston now intertwined

We now float across this floor

Now we dance in married bliss

As I carry you across the threshold of our door

Now we dance this dance of married love forever more.

It Is What It Is


Yes it is what it is but does that then depend on what ‘it’ is? ‘It’ could be like ‘truth’, does truth simply depend on whose version of it we seek? The ‘it’ of this note to you today is simply ‘life’. I have been blessed to have been given almost sixty years here upon this patch of ground and I have seen many a pretty locations here in the States and in Canada. I now only see them in my memories as life and time have retired my roaming days. No amount of wanting to do things we used to could do changes the fact that you are now a broken down old fart and your body just won’t let you do it. ‘It’ simply is like life itself, it is what it is, until we change it.


We can’t go back and change the mistakes of our past nor can we relive days of old with people we love, but who have moved on. If you are like me at all then you also have several points in times past where you wish you could change a decision you made in your personal life. One of the hard truths of life is that we can only go forward in life, we can not spin the globe counter clock wise. Having to live with the knowledge of our own mistakes is what tends to grow us as adults and as humans, or it can break us if we choose to let it. Depression can be the ‘it’ that destroys our lives some times if it controls us. Wine, women and song is said to destroy, but only if we let it. We humans are hopefully like a sponge, we learn everyday as we are made to go forward to learn from ‘it’, life, our mistakes, or our successes.


Race is a good example of ‘it is what it is’ I think for this demonstration of what I am trying to say. Race to me is nothing more than a skin color it is not a definition of a type of person or at least it should not be considered so. Race is what we as a society are choosing to let it be, good, evil, or something that completely does not matter. I am a white person who was born in the American south, these are facts that I had nothing to say about when they happened, no one else here on earth had anything to do  with their two situation’s  either. Things no one can control and they should not matter. Racism is something we can all control, if the color of a person is what is most important to you, you are poisoning your own soul and the lives of those around you. An example I am going to give right now is obviously just my own opinion but then again isn’t this what most (not all though) folks writing blogs are doing? If you are a person who believes that your race was treated wrong in the past or that you are not being treated as equals now have you intern grown a hate filled soul? Have we become that which we have always hated in others? Our skin color is what it is. The rest of it, the hatred, the stupidity, these are ‘it’s’ that could be changed. That is if, we will choose to accept the love of Jesus as our heart, mind and soul. If we choose not to, we cost us ‘it/our own soul, to be cast into hell forever. That is to high of a price for everyone and anyone to have to pay for ‘it/hate/racism/stupidity/ignorance’.




Can You Really Trust Anyone These Day’s


Who do you trust; is there really anyone you would bet your breath of life

I do mean really deep down inside us, answering this question only to ourselves

Your life and your families lives on the line is there a Soul devoted and true

In our lives, look at all of our living bloodline, would they all drop a dime

At our chosen place of holy worship, do we ever really care what is the Truth

Is there any flesh in the building whose word to you is always golden, unbroken

Is there anyone in our lives that we can go to who won’t sell us out with a smile

I can only hope my friend that you are blessed like I, loved ones by my side

Rocks fall upon us all, even our beloved spouse and children fail at times

Pray we have a warm blanket on the winter nights, keep the bare toes inside

Can we even trust our own selves to use logic when our dreams talk at night

Where do we go at night in our minds as we wait for sleep to finally arrive

Is there anyone that we pray to before sleep over takes us and closes our eyes

If we have no family or friends that are trust worthy is that their fault or ours

Do we really trust or believe the one we pray to, or is it that all we tell Him is lies

I pray that we have all had at least one true friend in these days of our lives

Total trust, for me, I have a sister and four children whom are still alive

I do hope that you are like I in that I have a sweet ball and chain, my bride

When life is full of pain, deceit and lies she is the rib that holds up my life

I hope that you are like I in that you are blessed with true love before you die

True love is built on trust, it is not possible if your spouse fills your heart with lies.


Old Poet’s Prayer


Here I sit with my pen in hand

Pondering deep inside myself a prayer

Praying to our Lord and friend

How to write poetic words again.


On my own there is nothing I know

I pray my Lord for rhyme and flow

Please guide my hand my heart in song

Please put Your words in order on my tongue

However in your eyes Lord you wish them thrown.


I pray that all of the words I ever write Lord are yours

I pray Your Spirit Lord is holding my hand like braille

Please tell my thoughts where they should start and let off

Poetic talent can take your shoestrings and uses them to choke you

With the Spirit of The Lord firmly in your Soul there is no earthly prison.


Son stretch out your mind and write of the things you care about

If the Spirit of God shines within you maybe your poems will be of lite

The darkness of a Poe or a Whitman were they from a dark soul as well

Bright smiles often hide the dagger or gun up the sleeve as will tell

Careful how you spin your tales remember your spouse married ugly.


Lord please excuse the dust upon my hand and brain because there lightly used

Your power and your wisdom Lord are above my levels of  knowledge or sight-plane

Through you kindness of your Spirit I always pray you guide me heart and hand

A heart filled with gratitude to the ones who created and made us the person within

I, like my poetry Lord are filled with stumble but please accept this old poets prayer.







Facing Starvation Today


Seven billion people face starvation everyday

One break in the link, one chink in the armor

Someone new will feel the sting of hunger each day

Concerning starvation the civilized have become spoiled

Governments gelding the very ones who keep us all fed.


Starvation; sure, but only in other Nations, not here

Does a Nation turn a blind eye so they don’t see the pain

Proud people of the Navajo, Apache and the mighty Sioux

Wholesale and Casinos the only way left to feed, or famine

Black, White, Red, or Brown, being poor trampled on the same.


Africa and Asia on T.V. screens we see such sickening scenes

How can the World say they believe in a God, then act this way

NAZDEX, profit margins, public company, bottom line all that matters

With the shortage of any product the cost per unit always goes up

Each country just as each village needs to work hard to be self-sufficient.


The poor die young, the privileged die old, the middle class thinning everyday

Seven billion people; folks that’s a whole lot of mouths needing food today

Every turn from the light the Earth swallows the blood of the millions starving

Today we the civilized throw millions of pounds of food, what some call trash; away

Missions and Shelters can always use the Christ like heart of the communities they serve.