Don’t Say Your A Christian Then Be Cold-hearted: Fore One Cannot Be The Other

Don’t Say Your A Christian Then Be Cold-hearted: Fore One Cannot Be The Other

In a Presidential Debate one Candidate said that if he were the President that people wouldn’t be dying on the streets because they couldn’t afford healthcare, I’m pretty sure that is a word for word quote. The Candidate that was to his left quickly spat out a comment about “and how are you going to pay for that”? Reasonable question isn’t it? Yet there is one fact that keeps bothering me about this situation and that is the players. Speaker #1 is a successful cold-hearted business person whom has made billions of dollars by exploiting loopholes in our political system and taxing system. His actions were done to maximize his profits at the direct cost to the American economy and workforce. You would think that this man would not care less if people are dying on the streets. Which is the book and which is the cover?


Candidate #2 has as the major theme of his Candidacy that he is a Christian and that he is very conservative when it comes to spending ‘other people’s money’. Has #2 become known as a liar during this Campaign? There has been several times that his actions have proven himself to be such, yet he keeps on trying to tell real Christian people that he is one of them, I believe for the sole purpose of conning them out of their vote. I have a question for #2, how would you see to it that the poorest of the poor could get medical care or funeral rites?


What I am getting at is simple, if you consider yourself to be a conservative Christian, have you let the dollar-bill become you God? #2 is known for being hateful then he chose a running mate who almost always has a scowl on her face whom is known for being hateful and whom also loudly confesses their Christianity. So, hate filled personas and know for being a liar, and they are supposed to be the good guys? Are they not suppose to be Christian examples? Lukewarm water is not a good example.