These Days Of Palestinian Rage


We see and hear news from Israel each day via our electronics about the violence there each day. Aw how the Media does love a good story, as they should! I want the whole worlds Media to be unencumbered when they are trying to get an important story out to the worlds public. I want to see and hear the stories on my evening news programs, but I want to know that what I am being told in my living room each evening is correct, honest, true, and totally unbiased, don’t you? I want the Media to be very knowledgeable about the news event they are reporting on and to absolutely have no bias in their reporting, don’t you? Here in America our main news agencies tend to be heavy toward either the Republican Party and their platform, or they slant heavy toward the Democratic Party and their platform. What we the people want is simply down the middle truth, this is one of the good things about technology today, more eyes on the ground. People need to know the “why’s” behind major news stories, why are these things happening, why is there such hate, why did the event go to violence, why’s do matter. Without the full truth as to why an event is happening how can a person know the truth of what they are being shown in a 30 second news clip? Another thing that no audience wants is to have the Media create their own story because of their own political or financial leanings.


These days of Palestinian rage, which day isn’t a day of Palestinian rage? Since at least 1948 when the Jewish Nation of Israel came back into being, back in their ancestral homeland, when hasn’t been a day of rage as far as the Palestinian populace is concerned?  Then 1967 happened and these people rage along with their Arab brothers hate spilled over into a very short battle against the Israeli Nation (I say battle because the war is still ongoing) in which Israel recaptured more of their historical Homeland. Loosely used the Palestinian people officially refer to the land they lost in 1967 as “the occupied territories” yet unofficially all of what is Israel today is “occupied territories” to them. This is why these Islamic hate groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah keep fighting, keep murdering, to this day, they want all Jewish people and all Christian people off of “their land”. O, by the way, also all Hindu, Buddhist, etc,etc,etc.


Now, do I blame the people who were displaced in 1948 from their homeland when the Nation of Israel came back into being, for their being mad about the whole event, then to now? No, not really. Would you have gotten a major case of mad if this were done to you and your kin folks? Now let us come to the issue of history, should any history be considered? If so, whose history? Do we only allow the history of one side, two sides, all sides? I am trying to be philosophical and fair in this note to you today, I am challenging you and myself, to think, to try to be honest with ourselves, to challenge our own beliefs. Why all this? Do you care about what “Truth” is? In pure honesty lies pure Truth and for the sake of this discussion pure truth is God’s Truth, God’s version, not yours, or mine.


We can look at human history with several different starting dates in one’s mind, depending on one’s own education and Scriptural knowledge. But for the sake of today’s discussion I am not speaking of prehistoric times but do let us go back as far as Abraham the Father of Israel and the Father of the Arabic people. Both the Jewish and the Arabic sides know that they are indeed half brothers, just neither side likes the other side of the family so much. By history Israel holds claim to Jerusalem and The Rock from about 2,000 B.C. till about the year 630 A.D. when the followers of Allah behind General Mohammed forced Islam on all the lands of North-Africa and the Middle-East. They did also invade Southern Europe but were eventually beaten back across the Pond into North-Africa. Followers of Allah held “The Holy Lands” (modern-day Israel) for about 1,320 years before the a new version of the State of Israel came along in 1948. Then there is the version (size) of Israel after the 6 day war in 1967 when all of Israels neighbors attacked her and Israel retook and has kept some of Her former land. Which ones of these dates do you wish to argue for or against? Or maybe you choose the day that the Nation of Israel gave back to the Palestinian People the West-Bank and Gaza? Now that they have their own lands of Gaza and the West Bank why is it not a two state solution already?


Here in America we celebrated Columbus Day as a celebration of the day that the Europeans discovered the Americas. That was also the day the native people of these “discovered” lands started to be eradicated, almost wiped off the face of the land by these same Europeans. Should the Indian folks of the Americas celebrate the beginning of genocide against their people? Should we European Americans, African-American or Asian Americans be celebrating what was for many, a tragic event in their history? For the purpose of making an example I wish for you to think of the situation I am going to present you, afterwards, what do you think should happen in this circumstance? In the south-western state of New Mexico lies the largest Native American Peoples “Indian Reservation/Nation” in America. This is the Nation of the Navajo People yet the American Federal Government freely operates on their soil. Personally I have always wondered how or why the Federal Government should have that freedom on their land, but that’s just my thoughts on that matter. Lets say for the sake of argument that the United States Supreme Court ruled that  the whole state of New Mexico had to be returned to the American Native Peoples of America, what would happen then? Would the people who lived in New Mexico who weren’t of sufficient Indian blood move freely, even if they were being given fair dollar value for the properties they had to leave behind? How many would fight the American government forces who were insisting they vacate? How many would fight against any Indian person who stepped foot on “their land”. Then there is the issue of violence or of a violent take over of the State by Native American Clans/Tribes. Should we the people of the other 49 States help our “non-Indian” brothers to kill these “Red-Skins, put them in their place”? What is “their place”, where is it? Just because the Native American Peoples occupied all of the Americas without significant influxes of other races up until the early  fifteen-hundreds. But we white folks, black folks, and brown toned folks have dominated these lands for about 500 years now so we have all the rights, right? Can I as  a White man honestly say that the Red man has no such right to even try to retake the lands of his ancestors?


I am by choice a man of God and I do believe that God is the true definition of Love, that He is not hate. If you believe this and you believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God the Father then the Spirit of God’s love resides within you, not hate. God has never said that a person does not have the right to defend themselves when they or their families are being attacked! Instead it is required of a person to defend their families even if not themselves. But, and a huge but has to be added here, no one and I do mean no one has the right to be the aggressor. It is easy to start blaming others say so and so started it when they did this, this, and this.

Here is a way to find out the heart of the person and the heart of “their God”. If your God is “not about love”, is he really a God? If there was a world-wide decree for there to be absolutely no violence at all, one person toward another and that meant all violence stopped at once, is this something that you or “your God” would adhere to?  If your religion says no to peace, if it tells you to kill all people who don’t agree with you, are you really listening to “God”? Or, are you for some insane reason following something that is pure evil? If I move into a new home and I find out that my neighbor is a horrible person, lets say every time he sees me he flips me off and calls me and all of my family horrible names. Even though I might like to go drop an elephant on his head or shoot him with a cannon, I don’t have that right, that would make me the physical aggressor. In nations like America we do have laws that are set up to protect us from such nice neighborliness eliminating the need for any violence. You know what happens when things turn to violence. The neighbor I dropped the elephant on had two brothers, three mean sisters, and crazy parents so now the whole neighborhood is up in smoke. If no one and I do mean no one from either side strikes the first physical blow, there can be no war, no physical casualties. If the “God” that has your ear is not the God of love, then it is not a “God” that has our ear at all!