I need help with a WordPress transferring issue!

Okay, I know very little about computers, back when I was in school I only passed the class with a D- and that was on my third try. I do not know if the stroke I had during the first try in that class has anything to do with my memory issues but computer knowledge is a difficult thing for me to pick up or to retain.—My issue that is frustrating me right now is that when I read someone else’s article that I like and I try to reblog it for them as a courtesy to them I somehow manage to really mess up on the transfer over to my blog. Sometimes (seems like a lot of) the time when I go back and look at their article off of my Dashboard I do not see where there is a highlighted link to their blog. Sometimes there is one, sometimes not. This is very frustrating to me. I am trying to help people’s work ‘get out’ to where more people get to see it, I’m not trying to take credit for someone else’s material. I always put whose article it is, all in caps at the top of the story but I have been told that this is not the same. Can someone help me with this? As I said, sometimes the link is transferred over and sometimes it is not and I don’t know what I am doing any different one time to another. This is very frustrating to me, I do not want anyone to think I am trying to ‘steal’ their work, not in any fashion that is why I do that all caps stuff at the top of their stories. Sorry for the long note, I’m just frustrated with myself.

Thank You,