(Real World Poem) Terrorism



What in the name of Satan has terrorism ever been good for

Do we pretend that innocent blood has no matter to God

The Devil’s broad-ax is heated in the delusions of evil men

Raid upon raid blood upon blood dry bones baking in the sun

Can civilization grow when the stench of blood is on your hands


Generation’s grow more hate filled with the passing of time

How deeply does the blood splatter upon your hate filled Souls

Those that you kill is it for flag, honor, their land, God or gold

In whose Army do you ride upon the ancient Saints dry bones

Do you ride with or against the Four-Horsemen Revelation foretold


Fear and tyranny, do you claim Valhalla or virgins as our life’s goal

Kill all who are not like you, is this really God’s or Satan’s own will

Satan tries to wash his hands in the blood of God’s Holy Saints

Black pajamas nor bright white sheets can save the Soul within

Nation against nation, clan against clan, all blood is red spilt


I kill you or you kill me the breath we all breathe is the same

Does God require blood sacrifices to turn little boys into men

Terror you have given, at your death, Satan laughs in your face

Idiots, the Devil takes the breath of the innocent, at your hand

Terrorism and God have nothing to do with each other my friend

Saints blood you have spilled, now you sink into Hell through the sand







(Philosophy/Poem) Is A Human Really Capable Of Obtaining Wisdom?



What is Wisdom that a man will choose to actively chase it

Is not Wisdom but a vapor that is beyond our understanding

It is said that a wise man listens carefully to obtain understanding

Yet who is it that decides what is wise and what is foolishness

One can have a sweet tongue yet also have the Soul of an Asp


Did not Hitler and Chairman Mao attract masses with poison pens

Are the masses but simpletons incapable of understanding dark secrets

Does not a political Preacher speak sweet words as he lifts your wallet

The Professor, we assume bathes each night in truth and in knowledge

Yet, does truth drip from his lips or just his version of political correctness


Politicians rattle their lies as they wrap themselves in the Flag and the Bible

Doctors and Lawyers, many graduated in the bottom 50% of their own peers

Did we choose to listen to our parents or theirs in the days of our youth

Even when one is not lying it does not mean they know of what they speak

Humans are not Devine yet without Divinity there is no such thing as Wisdom



So Hillary Says The Democrats Are The “God And Country” Party: How Pathetic


So Ms. Hillary says that the Democratic Party is the God and Country Party? I can only say that she “says that” because it’s impossible to say what she actually thinks about anything! Most of the wired world has known for at least a couple of decades now that this woman is the Queen of habitual liars, it’s impossible to know what she actually thinks on any issue. Before you get to thinking that I am some right-wing wacko conservative Republican, I am not. Yet I am not a Democratic either, I am a registered voting Independent. I agree with some of the policies and stances of each of those Parties and I disagree with much of both Party platforms also. I am not at all a Donald Trump fan as I think he is one of the most clueless 70-year-old men on earth as well as the most immature. Mr. Trump as you probably know likes to label everyone with some derogatory metaphor and he has chosen to call Ms. Hillary “crooked Hillary”. If you have paid any attention to Mr. Trumps business tactics it appears that he is well-informed on crooked tactics, Trump University being one such example.


Ms. Hillary has the gall to call a political party the Party of God when she and her Party favor abortion “rights” for all women up until the time the umbilical cord is cut. The Democratic Party also backs and pushes for the right of gay folks to marry when God calls gay actions an abomination. I believe that by the American Constitution that gay folks do have the Constitutional right to do so, but such actions are not ordained by God. The reason I am writing this article today isn’t for the purpose of knocking people’s beliefs nor am I trying to hurt people’s feelings. As with all things I write I am only trying to show people the truth about the issue I am writing about. For an absolute habitual liar to say that her party is the “God and Country” Party is not something that can go unchallenged or refuted. It is my opinion and belief that neither Hillary or Bill Clinton nor Mr. Trump have a clue about the Spirit of God nor that they care about anything God has to say about anything. I believe that these folks only care about money that they can get into their own pockets. How can anyone trust habitual liars and con-artists, especially these ignorant Godless ones? Republicans like to wrap themselves in the American flag that they are using to hide the fact that they are getting their pockets stuffed by large corporations and that they do not give a flip about the struggles of the working class people. Yet for the Democrats to have the gall to call themselves the “God and Country” Party is enough to make an Angel puke. But then again, if Ms. Hillary declares that she and they are, then you can pretty well bet that she and they are not.

My Own Personal Confederate Flag

My Own Personal Confederate Flag

(I wrote this on the 4th of July of 2015)

I have been wanting to write on this subject matter now since evil stuck down nine members of a Church, inside of a Church last week. After the event is when I started hearing a huge pickup in chatter about the South Carolina Flag being removed from American Society because of the Confederate (Rebel) Flag on it. As most Americans know the Confederate Flag is on many things in our society. I have learned some things about historical figures this past week that I was totally unaware of. For example former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, if things I read this week as being quotes from him are correct then I am rather ashamed that he was ever one of our Presidents. I know that I am not the most educated person that checks into this blog nor am I the smartest or most clever. I am a person that only carried about a 2.7 GPA and I only have 84 credit hours. Why I tell you this information is because with 15 years of normal public education, why haven’t I ever been taught any of it is my question to you and to everyone. My thoughts are that smarter people than me need to really get serious about the material being taught in our schools and about the material being left out and not taught to our children. How are we programming our society? Are we programming into our children subtle ignorance’s and hatreds?


I was born in the Blue Ridge of SW Virginia and have lived in many states throughout the Southeast, Midwest, an Texas. My lineage is mostly all from the southeast except my Mom who was born in Benson MN but was raised in Galax VA. What I am saying is in my heart I am a Southern American but I do believe that any type of slavery is horrible and should not have ever been legal anywhere, especially in a country supposedly ruled by Christian morals. There are those of us in this country, our country, your country, that are proud to be Southern Americans. All of my lifetime (since 1956) the “Rebel Flag” has never ever in my heart meant to be offensive toward another person. The Confederate Flag, to me, doesn’t represent a Government, it does not represent any certain Governmental ideology. The “Southern Flag” is just that, a secondary Flag to all the people who are born and/or raised in this beautiful part of our beautiful country. Of course to most of us type folks the American Flag always flies first. To me and to most folks that I know of the only thing you put before Family or Country is God Himself.



I have never bought a Confederate Flag before in my life, well sorta not. Back in about 1987 a good friend of mine in Mt Airy NC had the artistic talent to do very good tattoo work. Until I met Jerry and his wife I had never had a tattoo before. To make a longer story shorter, the second (and last) tattoo Jerry did for me was to put a large tattoo of the Southern Flag on my chest with a Bald Eagle in flight in front of it. The only message I was then, now, or ever, trying to say is that I am pleased that I was born a Southern American and there is absolutely no hate intended toward anyone. We all have a choice with every Flag in the world of how we choose to feel about it as individuals.


We choose which Flags to honor and which ones to ignore everyday. We choose which ones to feel hatred toward, example being the Nazi Flag, the black ISIS Flag, and so on. I don’t know the answer to this problem swirling around America’s airwaves. I think this still breaks down to basics within each individual person. How do I/you as individuals choose to see things. If it is with hate, pure hate, no Government can dictate it out of us. But, a Government through its Public Education System can breed whatever it wishes into our children, programming them into their little robots, if that is what they wish to do. In this country it does seem like the biggest feeders of constant bickering is the media trying to create stories for their readers or listeners. Then of course there are all those self-serving hate filled politicians pumping the airwaves with hate and discontent.


This is just my opinion but I believe if we as a nation of individuals would even spend ten minutes everyday reading/studying the Bible and would even spend five minutes twice a day on our knees in prayer the mood and fortunes of our Nation would change for the better. Unfortunately this is not the “in thing” to do. It is our Nation of Individuals who are turning their back on their Creator that will get our Country destroyed, not a Southern Flag on the top of the General Lee!