(Religious Poem) Walking With Faith, Or Without It



There is no peace saith the Lord for the wicked

Without faith in God it is impossible to please Him

The Hebrews were given water out of the rocks to drink

In 40 years the soles of their shoes nor garments ever failed

Birds and Manna from Heaven given to these faithless


Listen to the Lord O Israel as He calls you to honor His name

With faith in the Lord you never would have lost your land

Babylon shall never prevail against you for His name sake

The language of the Mediterranean shall cease to be spoken

Babylon and her Whore shall be brought down in one day


The Lord laid all the foundations for all of us to live and to love

Our Lord is the Alpha and the Omega the First and the Last

Thus saith the Lord our Redeemer He is the Holy One Of Israel

With faith we shall all be refined better that the purest of Gold

Through faith there is hope, without faith only Hell’s fire awaits