UKraine President What In The Name Of Hell Are You Doing

UKraine President What In The Name Of Hell Are You Doing

I have some questions that I would like each of us to answer, you don’t have to answer them aloud, with whispers that only our minds here is plenty good enough. I was going to say  that only your soul hears, but I do realise that there are a lot of people in this world that do not believe in the existence of a soul. But I do hope that even those folks do realise that they have a brain even though we are all guilty of not using it at times. It is this factor that I wish to address today, the factors of thought. We all think, even those who are comatose still have active brain cells. It is only when a body whether human, animal, or fish, cease to have active brain cells that one is truly dead. I brought up the silent factor because in some countries people cannot speak aloud on many subjects in their lives for fear of having their tongues ripped our or their heads cut off. I want each of us to think about what is going on in the country of Ukraine right now. If this situation comes to your door, and if you live another generation or two it will, and yes, even here in the States it is coming, what are you personally going to do? I am asking each one of us to think quietly to our own selves, to be truthful to our own selves. Think ahead before it happens so that maybe you can protect yourself and your family when this is happening in your own country.

Each day now we see on our television and computer screens the violence in the Ukraine, the latest of many so called hot spots on this planet. Most of us know the reason why this situation is happening. If by chance you do not, it is because their President at the very last moment backed out of a financial agreement with the European Union and instead went with a loan package from Russia. Russia was their former Master whom they had not very long ago had broken free of after the fall of the Soviet empire. I have two very good ideas where either one of them if adopted would stop this hate, murder, and death. Plan (A) I believe is better than plan (B), obviously that is why it is A.

(A)—Why, in this case is it mandatory that the Ukraine government and their people have to accept an either or situation between Russia or the EU? In the far eastern part of the Ukraine which is the most industrial part of the country, the majority of the people speak Russian as their first language and it is said that they prefer to take the Russian loan package. But these folks by the numbers are the vast minority to the population to their west. The vast majority of the population especially in the western 75-80 percent wanted their government to align with the EU. Their elected President at his own personal whim after a deal had been worked out with the EU betrayed what he knew very well was the wishes of those who elected him, turned face toward Russia with his hand out. This is why all this violence in their streets where where government snipers are on top of buildings shooting people down in their streets. My part (A) is a simple conclusion, why can’t the people of this country accept the East (Russia), and the West (EU) together? Why can’t it be where they except the good will of East and West and throw away the bad parts of each ideology? In our world’s history many countries have prospered greatly from being on established trade routes whether by land, sea, or both. Geography they are setting in a great spot between ideologies. The country and the people of the Ukraine should be

setting on a geographical goldmine, not a battleground. I believe that this is the option that for the sake of their people that they should be following.

(B)—If the UKraine government can not find in itself to have all the violence stopped, and put an end to shedding the blood of their own countrymen, then I think that the next best option is for the country to divide itself North to South, creating two separate countries. I know, I hear some that say,”well, they can’t do that, that would cause a Civil War”. My response to that is simple, what do you think has already happened there with the spilling of all this blood?

If the Government of the people of the UKraine is too ignorant to not bargain for the best of the East/West divide for the behovement of all their people (which should have already been done) then I pray that they leave office now. There is no way that the people of this Country will ever allow the current President to remain in office, it is his fault that all this blood has been shed. The only way to avert much more blood shed and a full blown Civil War that will crumble this country like we see in Syria is if the brakes are put on this situation right now. And yes, in the title I did say “In The Name Of Hell” because Heaven hasn’t got anything to do with cold blooded murder.