Dirty Little Secrets

Just because we were young

Girl, I kept your secrets

Because both of our kids were young

I pray their minds will be free of your deceptions.

Secrets, O how much they can harm

Couples dirty little secrets

How many deaths have you caused?

Dirty little secrets, O how you mar the soul and heart.

Secrets, prognosticate the lies that now come

Why always the need to bury a truth?

Secrets, used to skirt life’s real issues

In the mirror, what is that looking back at you?

Do you even know what you are, dirty little secrets.

The human experience, we all keep some secrets

Sometimes to protect the heart of a friend

We all know it’s okay to lie, to deceive

I’ll just pretend I don’t know, your dirty little secrets.

I wish that perfect I could be

A disgrace is all I see

When I see the secrets inside of me

Lord I come to you on bent  knees

Please cleanse me of all, my dirty little secrets.