Are Black Folks Their Own Worse Enemy When It Comes To Interaction With Police?


I believe that I am just like most people here in the U.S. when it comes to police shootings, I am outraged and I am sick of them happening. Today we hear of another one in southern California in a suburb of San Diego where another unarmed black man was shot and killed by Officers. This morning photographs were shown of the event as it happened an in this case I have to back the Police Officers 100%. When a person reaches into their clothing and goes to a ‘shooter’ position and you, me or an Officer are only a few feet away directly in front of someone who did this you are going to shoot that person as fast as you can. You, me, or that Officer does not have any time in which to do anything except shoot or die. For anyone to say that the Officer should have waited to see what the man was going to do is either crazy or has a death wish of their own. Either that or maybe you are a mind reader who knew that the man didn’t just jerk a gun out on you. This is just one case of many though and I totally believe that all are not justified in use of ‘kill shots’ or of even any shots at all. Most all of us have seen videos lately of people being shot where it was obvious that either a stun gun or one non-lethal shot would have secured the situation without the use of ‘deadly force’.


One of the things that is badly hurting the relations with the Black folks in the U.S. and the different Police Departments is how the Media is portraying these events. If a person didn’t know any better it would be easy to believe that the only time a Police Officer ever pulls his weapon or fires it is if they are confronting a Black Person, usually a male. The Media in this Country needs to be much more professional in how they cover the news. What I mean by this is that the Media is not supposed to be in the business of ‘creating’ the news, they are supposed to be truthful, fair and honest but do you really believe that is how News Rooms behave? Many more non-Black folks are shot by Police Officers each year than Black folks are but when is the last time such shooting ever made the National Evening News? I am a person that tries to always honor the Uniform whenever possible but some times the person in the Uniform is a very low-class low intelligent person that should never ever be issued a Badge or a firearm. Just like %50 of all Doctors graduated in the bottom %50 of their class the same is so for Police Officers. These highly visible professions should be doing their best to never hire such people or when they realize they have hired them don’t protect them, fire them before they disgrace your profession! The case of the young man in Chicago where an Officer chased him down then shot him 16 or 17 times as he lay dead in the street is a good example of what I am speaking of. The Police Union gave him a job after the Mayor (who spent more than a year covering up the event to help protect his re-election campaign) fired him and the Union is paying this man’s legal bills and fighting to get him his job back. Where is the credibility of the Union, the Chicago Police Department and of the Mayor? To me, my belief is that there isn’t any in either of the three.


Now I am going to get more to the meat of this article and the meaning of the headline that I used for it today. Last evening I caught about two minutes of a news clip from Fox News where a middle-aged Black man was talking about these latest publicized shootings. I believe that the term he used a few times was “comply and stay alive.” He said that this was something that he was taught since he was a very young child and he is totally correct as far as I believe. I was a truck driver trainer for many years and one of the things I always stressed to the trainees was to be a wall flower, don’t do anything that will make the Police notice you. The reality is/was that if they notice you doing anything wrong you just gave them all the excuse they need to pull you over and if they pull you over it is going to cost you a lot of your paycheck. So, basically, don’t do anything stupid and hopefully they won’t choose you to pull over. These were grown men that I was training so you would hope that they would have some basic common sense if they did get pulled over and to not act like a macho ass because that will just cost you personally a lot more money, or worse. I preached to my son as he was growing up (he’s 23 now) that anytime that he was in the presence of a Police Officer to always treat the Officer with respect even if the Officer was acting like a punk-ass and even if the Officer that pulled you over for something that you did not do, don’t ever act like a punk-ass yourself. The reason is (as I told him) that every time you are in the presence of a Police Officer your financial life and your physical life are on the line so don’t act like a fool. There are some very ‘dirty’ Officers in our society but they have all of the power when you are in their presence, they have the power to fine you, beat you up or to shoot you dead so don’t act like a macho fool around them. Most Officers are good folks, some aren’t, so as ‘Dirty Harry’ said, “do you feel lucky punk?”


What we have noticed on almost every single video clip where these Black males have been shot by the Police the Black Male did everything that they should never ever be doing. As the man on Fox News said,”comply and stay alive.” When an Officer tells you to do something, do it, and don’t run your mouth at them even if you are right and the Officer is wrong, simply shut up. What we have all seen over and over again is where these Black males refused to do what they were told to do and in most cases concerning weapons or perceived weapons, they refused to drop them to the ground at once, as they were told to do. When an Officer tells you to drop whatever is in your hands even if you know it is not a weapon, it doesn’t mean that Officer knows that, so simply drop anything that is in your hands. If an Officer has a gun pointed at you then raise your empty hands up as high as you can so that they can know that you are not a threat to their lives. If you do happen to have a weapon on your body do not ever touch it but always tell the Officer where it is and let the Officer remove it from you. Always be very courteous with the Officer, do not act like a fool and end up dead on the ground, act like you have some sense. Viewing these videos of these Police shootings of Black males it honestly makes me wonder if the adults in Black families are having these common sense discussions with their children as they are growing up. Please folks, talk to your children so that they can grow up to be old men. Remember, it doesn’t matter if an Officer is right or wrong when you are in their presence, comply and stay alive, please!