Charlotte NC Police Chief Must Be Overridden And Or Fired Right Now!


The Chief of Police in Charlotte North Carolina said earlier today that the dash cam video of a Charlotte Police Officer shooting and killing a local resident will not ever be released to the public. His reason given was that the victims last moments should not be shared with the world saying that the victim deserves better than that. He may well feel that way but as a ‘public servant’ he does not have that right. The Police Departments around our Country are supposed to be ‘public servants’ meaning they are in subjection to the people who pay their salaries. There have been two nights of violence in Charlotte because of this shooting. If the Chief of Police refuses to release that video for the purpose of showing the public that the Officer who shot that man is telling the truth and that the witnesses are the ones lying, the Mayor of Charlotte must order him to release it today, or fire him. If the Mayor refuses to force the release of the video then she must be removed from office asap. The different Government Agencies have taken rights/authorities that they do not legally/Constitutionally have. Every single Police Department in this Country must be made to release these videos within no more than 24 hours. There is a reason that there are now such things as dash-cams and body cameras being required on Police Officers and that is because way to often Police Officers have been caught being the criminals and then lying about everything they said happened. The Rodney King incident being the wake-up call to the politicians and the Police. To the Charlotte Chief of Police: the public for very good reasons do not believe you, until you release those videos to the public to prove other wise, you are the liar and you are complicit to murder until the videos prove other wise. So, Sir, do your job or get the hell out of that uniform because of right now, you are disgracing it until you release those videos! When Police are telling the truth they should be anxious to show the public that they are telling the truth. When you decide to do a ‘cover up’ the public is always going to consider you to be the liar and in a case like this, the murderers. Mr. Police Chief, prove the truth because as of right now you have no credibility at all! When a Department doesn’t release the videos they are in fact proving that it is the Police that are lying, that it is the Police that have committed murder. All Police Officers should want the videos released asap to prove their innocence and to help end any violent crimes in protest. Mayor, show that you have credibility, force your Chief to release the videos, or fire him right now!