Our Dreams

Our Dreams


Are you still able to dream? I don’t mean the type that owns our sleep, I am asking you if you still have any personal dreams? We all have to face the sands of time, it is also true that we are at different stages on our personal tell of the tape. I am over 60 now and have had poor health for many years. If the Doctors had been correct I probably would have been dead around 2003-04. It was difficult for me to finally have to admit it to myself a couple of days ago, that I guess my chances of making the Cubs roster this year are pretty slim, then again, we are talking about the Cubs.


This question I have for you, no matter where you are at on your own personal ruler of time, have you become a person without dreams? Reality, sometimes fails to live up to any of our dreams. But as we get older and have not obtained certain goals that we have had since we were small kids, sometimes reality can burn a person out, from the inside. I think that we humans are for the most part adapt, we have to, we adapt to our failures and even to our successes. Just because I can’t get the Cubs to sign me to a long-term deal doesn’t mean that I couldn’t dream of becoming something else, like a Country or Blues or Blue Grass singer. As it turns out just as the Cubs would not sign me for the mere fact that I have no talent (I didn’t think it mattered with them), the Country, Soul, and Blue Grass  music bosses say that talent is required, how dare they.


In your opinion is this thought true or not, that a person without dreams is dead? If you think about it this last sentence said two truths with the same words. I ended up spending my adult life in my number four dream of living behind the wheel of eighteen wheels pulling forty thousand pounds behind. Number three for me would have been to be a Minister for Jesus along the lines of Doctor Billy Graham, but my troubles with languages and my lack of public speaking ability dashed that also. To me, I find two things disturbing about my list, I would have hoped that being a quality Minister would have been number one on this list. But the most disturbing though crossed my mind as I was typing this post and I will end with a personal though to you tonight. That first job that I should have said was my number one dream job that I totally screwed up, being a Daddy to my two blood children.


What Do We Wish To Be

Today (10-17-13) I clicked onto one of the blogs that I follow that is written by a young man named Sahm King. If you get the time google his name, you will get hits to click on. Sahm is a very prolific writer on a whole plethora of subject matter. Today one of his questions was whether you would rather be a good man or a great man, don’t answer too quickly, think about it first. Of course the subject question could be addressed to the ladies also in like manner.


Sahm’s subject sentence caused me to think of a question I had broached with my wife in the past, that question being, would you rather be rich or famous. Both of these questions are asked on the assumption that you can only be one or the other, but not both. So, before you answer either one of those questions spend a few seconds to think about the results of your decision if your answer were to somehow quickly come true.


Let us start with question number one, would you rather be a good man or a great man? I believe that Sahm was highlighting the concept that everyone has old bones in their closets and a lot of dirt on their hands. Also I believe that Sahm was highlighting the reality that if a person, in this case I will use myself as an example, if I decided to run for a public office or tried to become a famous minister, all of the dirty laundry of my life would find it’s way to print or camera. So, maybe a person would decide to just try to quietly be a good person that was unnoticed to the media. As we all should know by now that if a famous person were to fart in public it would soon be on Hollywood Live or CNN.


If my wish was to be considered by many to be a great man then you know very well that there would be many who would try to chop me down as if I thought that I was without blemish. No one upon this earth now is without blemish/sin ect. There will always be those who either now or in my past who simply don’t like me, some for good reason and some for petty reasons who would jump all over the chance to attack me. Such situations/people are going to always be there in everyones lives, there is really nothing that any of us can do about it. Beside the fact that I would be very uncomfortable with anyone considering me to be a great person, and all the laundry from my life filled with sins being brought out into the light, I vote for just trying to be as good a person that I know how to be. As all of us everyday people know, that even us folks have enough hatred and venom being spewed our direction just because we are trying to do good and shun evil. What any high profile person needs to do early on in their quest is to never pretend that they are better than anyone else or that they are a person who has lived their life without blemish. Because if you do, sooner or later you will be chopped down. I personally agree with that old saying “just keep it simple stupid”.

Now, for many, a more difficult question, would you rather be rich, or famous? Well the famous scenario to me would be mirrored by the question above in regard to being a great person. If I were to be famous as in being a movie star, a country music star, or maybe a great baseball player, the side effects would be having people all up in my personal space and or having a camera stuffed in my face everytime I left my home. This is of course for the purpose of argument that you had blown all the money you would have earned from these mentioned professions, still being famous but broke. It is not nor has it ever been my endeavor to be rich because of the Scriptures telling us not to make this our lifes goal. Now, I have probably spent a couple thousand dollars on lotto during my life and I have never had any luck at all playing it. I do believe that it is pure luck if you win and there are many, many stories about how winning them has affected the winners lives. Some people have had their lives ruined because of how other people have acted toward the winners. I have always wanted to win one for the purpose of being able to help all my family and long time friends out with such things as paying off their homes, or buying one for them, paying of their cars and any other bills they had. Then I would have helped out my community with their needs. So, in other words, if I ever did win, I would soon be broke. So, I guess I really have no desire to be rich or famous nor to be considered as a great man. I simply wish to be a simple, decent, Christian man. Being that is being as much as I could personally hope for, or wish for.