One Extreme Or The Other: Everyone Loses

One Extreme Or The Other: Everyone Loses


Extremes, think about the word itself for a moment, what does that word mean to you? My wife just told me the two words that come to her thoughts and they were “always and never”. I guess this is one of those things that we as a person know that you know, without ever really thinking about it, “what does always and never mean as a definition”? Pick any issue in life that you wish whether it be something like “my 14 yr old daughter will Never date a 21 year old Woman”, or maybe “well sure I would Always let my 14 year old son to be allowed to date a 30 yr old Pole Dancer, what, what’s wrong with that”? I would think that most folks would agree with that type of assumption, at least I hope so, though there are always many sides (at the very least 2, before there becomes only 1 acceptable side), even to an obvious story.


For most, live allows us many avenues in which we may be allowed to follow, these are things that we tend to take for granted here in America and the West (as well as many other Democratic leaning countries). Something that the whole world does, and doesn’t, (to different levels), what is acceptable in venues like labor relations, politics, religion, economics, race, cultures and there are probably many others that you have also thought of where for Humanity’s sake we must learn to compromise, or die as a species on this planet.


Folks the first one of these “Issues” I am going to refer to is one that I became quite aware of at the age of 10. This is when my family moved from a desolate situation in Spear Fish South Dakota to my Dad getting hired at a new Chrysler Assembly Plant in Belvidere Illinois in 1966. My Mom had always spoken very highly of Workers Unions from the time I could remember much as being the only way for working people to get such “Benefits” from your Employer as a livable wage, safe conditions to work in, and security of keeping your job even if your boss is having a bad day. To me, in my awareness of time, this job my Dad got at Chrysler would be the first Union job either of my parents ever had. From November of 1966 through the summer of 1975 when Dad became disabled from there, was what was going on every third year with labor negotiations between the U.A.W. and Chrysler Corporation. Mom was always worried that they would end up losing their home they had been able to buy in Belvidere if there was a Strike. Most working people in lower paying jobs never have more than a week or two of survival money in the bank, they can’t afford too, not when all their income is required for the minimum basics like housing and food. There are people who will argue with every little point of every issue though no matter what you think or say.


Strikes, no strikes, Unions, no unions, what should this have mattered to a 10 year old kid? Don’t be snobbish now, those of you who think that the working class children don’t matter to you, everyone on Earth matters, yes, even you. During those years that Dad was employed by Chrysler I was age 10-19, it was during these years where I first started learning of labor negotiations with Corporations. Those of us who are old enough should remember that there was a nation wide industrial slowdown from about 1976-84 and it hit America’s industrial/now the rust belt, very hard with many Corporations either going out of business or having laid off employees several years deep into the seniority list. I have a question for those of you who honestly don’t understand it yet that when it comes to the adults earning ability how it affects not only the employee but the others that depend on the adults earning ability in order to stay housed, clothed, and fed. If someone bigger or richer or more powerful than you comes along and takes it all from you, how do you honestly think you would feel? Unless you are the one lone remaining survivor what have you really gained? This is true of a business or of the world itself and it is true for each human on this planet.


During the years of my youth I learned some basic lessons about Unions and Employers and even I as a youth could see the need for moderation on both sides of that isle. I spent most of my adult years in America’s Transportation Industry as a coast to coast truck driver which pretty much means anywhere and everywhere in the lower 48 states. There are many things that a person can learn about a country’s true feelings and condition as you travel all around the country for years. You can learn how different company’s treat their employees and I’m not just speaking of the trucking companies, I am speaking of the brokers, all the companies that transport or receive anything from a shipping or receiving truck dock. You learn both good things and bad about companies (which is really just another way to say a company’s leadership). But you also learn many things about some of the people employed there, as well as about people and events in the town of that region of the state or country which helps form political opinions on how people value each other, or not. Here I bring down the reason why I spent so much time above about Unions, so that you would be able to see that I do try to give the best most honest opinions on all things all of the time. I am not smart enough to be able to remember lies so I have to stay honest or I might forget who I am as a Spiritual Soul. I believe that when we forget that, then we are risking a very hot retirement.


Would my mostly good thoughts about Unions disappear when I could as a truck driver get loaded at a shipper and the six big pieces of product with a total dock time of about 15 minutes with shipping paperwork in hand, from a non-union mill in Louisiana? Would those good thoughts dissipate when you take the load to the shippers union company warehouse in Indiana? Your on time, you are the only trailer there in a 40 plus dock warehouse, you check in and then you sit there for about four hours while the employees are in the breakroom. In the real world what everyone of us does affects others, it just seems a lot of people simply don’t give a damn about anyone else.


Just like life is a learning process about pretty much everything in life, we also each will in our own way, judge everything. We learn not just the art of compromise but the absolute requirement of compromise, or we all die as a species. Just as there are companies I have know in my life who have gone bankrupt some because of unions who would not allow the workers to work hard or for a full paid shift, so the company’s could not compete and dissolved. There are also companies who went bankrupt because of mismanagement and or theft. There are also companies who go under because of pure greed by management and ownership where they only pay anyone anything because our government makes them or if they can’t get anyone at the price they were willing to pay. If a company goes under and has to close it does many things and all are negative. No matter how or why the business had to close, now there is a loss of income that spreads in many directions not just to the former employees (both hourly and salary). This event depending on size of business and size of local employee market can shut down whole communities. Many people can suffer so badly just because of one arrogant, greedy, or hate filled person.



I am going to close with the main point of the note to you for your thoughts on why I say that if the world systems do not allow many minute compromises as well as the huge ones then the world will implode. It is my total belief that only one side wins when one side wins all, and there are always those who believe that one only wins if one wins all. In my country there are those in the public and in political positions who hate all trucks and badly want them all off of “Their” roads not realizing that everything that they own had at sometime and probably several times got to them via a truck. So no trucks, no food, no gas, no clothes, no pretty much anything. I hope these idiots are happy unemployed, living under someone elses bridge or in someone elses forest or open field. I hope they would have good luck finding any food or shelter when no one cares.

Point is that the world is now facing the most dangerous time in our history. The one place in this world that possesses the hate needed to destroy at least 6 of the 7 billion of the planets population is through religious hatred. I have no doubt that all 7 billion will be destroyed if certain members of that remaining one billion were able to get their hands on nuclear weapons. It is not just some of the worlds politicians and or some of it’s military leaders who want total global supremacy and domination, as we all know, some people try this by hiding behind a Cloth!

There are still people who are mostly of the belief that there is no such thing as a Deity or that through lack of any knowledge, who believe that all of these religions worship the same God. People who have spent a lot of time studying what the (at least major) world religions teach know very well that this simply isn’t correct. I used to think that same thing until I spent many hours studying the different teachings. When you break all things down, we don’t. I only know of one major religion that teaches world domination with the twist of convert or die. But, this hatred is taught in a major world religion that is not anywhere in Biblical Scripture. You don’t believe as they do, doesn’t matter, they will enjoy in cutting your throat just the same.

If the people of this planet decide to kill each other off I am sure that we could do that if a Deity didn’t stop it. Just because a person does not believe in something, that something if real in someone elses mind, it can still kill you. If there is a Deity that has final control of this planet but yet another Deity, or for these purposes, another Big Boss Man (or woman) that is not a God and is not you, then you are screwed just like all the rest of us. So, if you are not God then you really need to quit acting like an idiot like the politicians in Washington D.C. do every day. Both of our main parties will throw out a member if they try to work toward the middle of the aisle so that the country can once again function. With the main four political groups we currently have Democrats (which really aren’t anymore just as President Reagan felt ), Republicans and the Tea Party (which really has little to do with the current Republican Party), it is said we have two main parties, we really have at least four. If we as a country do as our so called leadership is doing then all of the nation will implode upon itself and there are many who do not care, not as long as they win. One last question for the would be gods of the planet, when you have conquered all, but all is destroyed in your victory, what have you really won when everything equals nothing left? Just think of the current situation in Syria, President Assad because of the help of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are going to win their 8 year old civil war. Yet what is it that he has won? Reality is that it is going to take several decades to rebuild that country even to the status level of 2010 and it is going to take several trillion dollars to rebuild it. Right now there is no infrastructure, all there is now is a bombed out pile of rock and cement. This can happen to any country at any time, it is what hate will do for a people and their country.




Tea Party Part Two and The Good And Bad About unions

Tea Party Part two—And A Couple Of Other Issues


This post is partly in response to a response I received from MS Dana in her being disappointed in what I had previously written about the Tea Party, and it is quite possible that she will be disappointed with this reply also. I had intended to add my personal beliefs at the end of that article but chose not too so I am going to make up for that issue now. I had hoped that the Tea Party when it was first starting up would be a third party unto itself and I still think that would be a good idea to divorce themselves from the Republican Party because it is plain that the main body of the Republican Party is at odds with the Tea Party agenda. The leaders of the Tea Party know that this is a fact, that is why they keep running their own candidates against sitting Republicans in the Republican Primaries.


For us folks who are old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan was trying to become President in 1980 he made the statement several times that “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me” as for most of his life he had been a Democrat . The issue was that  their policies, the things the Democratic Party platform stood for evolved away from his beliefs. Rush Limbaugh on one of his radio shows many years ago (I believe that the time frame was about 1993 or 94) he compared the policies of President John F Kennedy to the current time and made a very good argument that in todays politics (93-94), that this Idol of the Democratic Party would have been considered a conservative Republican.


I grew up in a family that were poor southern factory workers most all of their lives. My parents were strong believers in unions so that the working people could have at least some job protection. Back then when I was a little kid and started going to church I remember several times seeing drawing illustrations that were in black and white where the preacher that was the dark shade of the two was always the democrat. This was because of the church peoples belief that the Democratic Party and the Church had the same belief system, and if I remember correctly I don’t ever recall  seeing anyone but white folks in those Churches back then.To me the way that Churches of today that are mostly black (it seems) to still be aligning themselves with a Party that is so ferociously pro abortion is a disgrace to the Christian faith. President Reagan was the first Republican that I ever voted for, as he used to say, I say the same, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, they left me.


What I was making note of in my Tea Party part one article about how our government is totally gridlocked almost everything is done on straight party line votes. If there were the three parties that I have been speaking of, by most of my personal beliefs I would align with the Tea Party. With the system that is in place now most everyone knows that our government is completely broken. With just the two parties (choices) in place the Republican Party is dysfunctional at best. You know that only about half of the people in our country that are eligible to vote even bother to register, and in the biggest elections (Presidential) only about half of the registered voters bother to go to the polls. The reasoning is simple, people do not believe that either sides candidates care anything about the people or the country, only about themselves and their parties.


Most people that I have spoken with for years now feel that when they go to vote that mainly they are voting for the ones they think will do the least damage to our country, it is sorta like which crook do we vote for and most Americans have made it plain that they wish they could vote for none of the above. With the Tea Party they say they are for things like less taxes, smaller government, and better border security. These things I agree with but still there are other issues like their fervent anti union stance that I totally do not agree with. You see, I believe that most Americans want more than the two choices that is being forced on us. Example of this personally would be my split of feelings about weather to vote for a party that is blatant anti working people or vote for a party that is for the mass murder of defenceless babies. We the People deserve much more and better choices than what we are given. I believe the Tea Party breaking away from the Republican Party or the Republican Party divorcing the Tea Party would be a very good first step for all the people.


So that I can make one thing clearer about my pro union stance, I feel I should add this last paragraph to this article. In the last Presidential Primaries Newt often railed about how the unions were destroying our country, that is sorta novel being the union workforce is only about 2% of the workforce. But then again he railed about the welfare system in America and then included in his rant things like government pensions, social security benefits including disability, military retirement pay and VA disability payments that are things that are destroying our country. I never heard him ever directly say that pensions that he does except himself like the golden parachute he personally gets each month from being in the Congress is a problem for him.—Sorry about getting off subject there for a moment but hypocrites really bother me.—Unions, I have seen first hand many times when I went into union shops, factories, warehouses ect how anti production the union had made it’s members. I spent most all of my working life as a long haul truck driver so through about 30 years I was in many hundreds or more union shops and non union shops. Unions are mainly set up to get the most possible dollar value for their members while at the same time making it to where their members had to do as little as possible. Companies are just the opposite, they want to maximise their profits for their stockholders or owners so they want to pay as little as possible for the work being done and they want the employees to work as hard as possible to produce more. A good example of this issue is a large paper company that has a mill in Louisiana where I picked up a load of big rolls of stock paper, once you bumped the dock and walked onto the dock you were sent to pick up your paperwork at the office about 200 feet away. You go in, sign your bills and go back to your trailer that is now loaded. At this location you could literally hear the forklifts squealing their tires as they rushed about, needless to say they were a nonunion shop. This load went to one of their warehouses on the north side of Indianapolis Indiana which was union in whats called an in house move. Their warehouse was huge, if I remember correctly it had about forty dock doors with no trailers in any dock, I had to just wait in their dock for four hours before anyone would leave the break room and spend the ten minutes needed to unload. Or, like a load I did a couple of times bringing parts into a General Motors assembly plant, you must be there one hour before your appointment, you check in and they give you a dock number to line up on but you can’t back into the dock until told to do so. Example, 5 am appointment, check in at 4am about 4pm they finally get the evening shift to unload the five rack’s that take about five minutes to off load. All day long the work crew sat in the break room drinking coffee, watching TV and reading papers and the such. Even telling their foremans and their union reps to go to hell, and I’m being polite, when they would as them to please leave the break room and go unload the trailers.

On the other side of the coin are examples like when we moved here to east Tennessee. I went to the DMV when it opened to get my tags and the such and there were a lot of hispanic folks lined up to get their state ID’s so that they could work. After a few minutes of waiting my turn in line a lady came and got me from the inside, she was the one who let me know why all those folks were there. She told me her story while waiting on me about how she had worked here in town at what was the town’s largest factory for fourteen years until one Monday morning she was waiting at her station for the bell to ring and her foreman came up to her with a very young hispanic male who could not speak english and the foreman told her “here’s your replacement, youre fired”. When you are in an area that is nonunion and you are only making minimum wage or very close to it, with no benefits at all, and you are let go so they can put a new person on, it’s not to hard to figure out how much these people are going to get paid. And this folks is one of the reasons why union protection is needed.


I know that this was more drawn out than I intended for it to be but finally here is my relation between policies and political parties. Just as unions and companies need to work together to help make the whole work for the good of everyone so do we the people need options like the Tea Party to be it’s own party and for those who are following the Democratic party as the least of two evils in their eyes to have splinter parties come off of the Democratic Party also, for the good of the country as a whole because it is obvious that the two party system we have now is broken. O, by the way, that large factory after they had gotten rid of almost all of the local workers they decided they could make more profit to just close down the factory and move everything to Mexico, I guess it was cheaper than bussing all those poor folks all the way up here. In my opinion we as a people need more caring by corporations, unions, and political parties. We are either going to work together or we as a nation are going to implode. O,by the way, I nor any of my family have ever bought any of this companies chairs since nor will we ever buy anything from the company that sold this town and her people out by taking their business out of our country. If everyone would protest these companies that do these type of moves we could hit them in the only heart and soul they have, their bank accounts. Okay, I will quit gripping now, goodnight everyone.