Just An Old Used To Be A Trucker

Just An Old Used To Be A Trucker


In 81 I began what would become a new life

Back then you could work and get the bills paid

Black Top and Concrete, potholes, groovy tracks

Different States, different weights, different laws

Looking through a windshield is how you see life


Beauty of G-d’s Paintbrush, so much better than ours

Boss is always pushing you, equipment gets worse each day

Politicians see trucks as their own personal Piggy Bank

Coloring in your Comic Book at least have two or three

Work five days to get even then two to pay for the frills


Following the lines on the highway it becomes your life

To pay for the needs of the family you gotta stay gone

Ball games, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays you miss

Truckers Wives, G-d bless them especially if their Moms

So many Marriages can’t make it when you are always gone


Hobby for the homeless it keeps the rain off your bed

It is not just a job it is a total different way to live life

Loved Ones are always just a long distance call away

Knowing that one day out here, you’ll wake up dead

200 Thousand miles a year my body broke down instead