(Poem) Mandrake The Devils Flower???


Mandrake, are you the Devils flower

In Islam you are so-called you see

The reason is plain and simple

But most of the world is blind to thee

How could you a God-given herb

In any way be such a controversy


Go back in time about four thousand years

Back before the first seed of Islam or Christianity

You’re beautiful seed like all of God’s green herbs

A gift given from God to man no doubt are thee

Given for enjoyment and relaxation to woman and man

But some how now to partake of you it is called a sin


Back a long time ago before God’s Prophets were on the land

Abraham the father of many, this is where the story began

His son’s Ishmael then Isaac who begat Jacob he of 12 sons

Mandrake the history that is Israel began one night with thee


Isaac was married to two sisters, back then it was okay to be

He rotated from tent to tent each night in his attempt to please

Rebecca was his favorite wife but tonight was not her turn to be

But this night was her sister Leigh’s turn with Isaac to be with her

Rebecca the smart one had lots of Mandrake but Leigh had none of thee

This night Rebecca wanted Isaac and Leigh wanted a buzz from thee


Mandrake flower, Leigh pleased, this night Isaac impregnated Rebecca

Not with just any child, but with one who changed all of world history

Boy child born whom his parents called Jacob, twelve boys in his loins to be

The Lord God would soon change his name to Israel

Twelve boys the twelve name’s of the twelve tribes of God’s Nation Israel

Now do you see why Islam calls Mandrake the Devils seed?



‘Scandal of American Church’: ‘Huge Majority Yet Culturally UN-influential’


Os Guinness on ‘Scandal of American Church’: ‘Huge Majority Yet Culturally UN-influential’


May 23, 2017 | 9:45 AM

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — The Church in America is at the “low ebb” of society when it comes to its overall impact on today’s culture and is in need of “reformation” so that it can once again be the “salt” and “light” that Jesus called it to be, evangelical author and social critic Os Guinness said.
(Photo: The Christian Post / Samuel Smith) Os Guinness speaks at Wilberforce Weekend 2017 at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland on May 19, 2017.

Guinness, who has authored numerous books and is a senior fellow at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics in England, gave a Friday address during the opening session of Wilberforce Weekend 2017 hosted by the Colson Center at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C. The annual conference is held to “equip Christians in Christian worldview and cultural renewal.”

)Os Guinness has been a guest scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies and the Brooking’s Institution, and is the author of over 25 books.

Explaining that America has gotten away from its founding as a “conventional” society, Guinness, who has lived in the United States since 1984, declared that “we are in the midst of the gravest crisis of the American republic since the Civil War” and added that the world is witnessing the “decline of Western civilization [being] crucially shaped by the Gospel.”

Guinness, who authored the 2016 book, Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilizationspent time explaining that there are parts of the Sinaitic Covenant made between God and the Israelites in the Old Testament that “resonated down through history and are behind so much of American freedom.”

“In a covenantal society, each one is responsible for each other one and there is much more there that needs to be thought through carefully and above all, the notion of transmission,” Guinness said, comparing covenantal societies to organic and hierarchical societies. “It has to be passed down from generation to generation. As the Jews point out, what did Moses talk about on the night of the Passover? All these hundreds of years in captivity and cruel bondage in Egypt and this night, they are going free. What does Moses talk about? Freedom? No. The promise land of milk and honey? No. The dangers of the wilderness they might go through? No. He talks about children. In that Jewish understanding, the school is far more important than the army — parents to children, teachers to students, leaders to followers. The transmission of it is absolutely critical.”

Guinness explained that in America today, that transmission of understanding what it takes to keep the “covenant” alive is “broken down.”

“Constitutional government requires civic education. What used to be done in the public schools collapsed in the [1960s] and you can see now a big vacuum,” he warned. “Which of course, leads us to where we are today — the repudiation of the founders and the founding.”

Guinness highlighted factors contributing to today’s widespread “repudiation” of America’s founding ideals. One of which, he said, is “progressive philosophy.”

“You can see from the gentleman whose names are on these [ballrooms], Woodrow Wilson, right down to Barack Obama,” Guinness contended. “There are many people who say the framers were brilliant in their time but we are in different times.”

Guinness added that much of the “deepest divisions” in American society are occurring between the “heirs and allies of 1776 and the heirs and allies of 1789,” or the American and French revolutions.

“You can see how many of the movements, such as multiculturalism, political correctness, the sexual revolution, they go back, not to the ideas of the American Revolution undergirded by the Jewish and Christian faiths, but to 1789 and Enlightenment ideas which lead in a very, very different direction,” he said. “Which brings us to where we are tonight.”

Guinness said that Americans are facing a moment similar to what the people of Israel faced when prophet Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel in the Old Testament.

“He faced his country — led by the king and queen, Ahab and Jezebel and all the court prophets of Baal [who were] all in favor of Baal. And here he was, standing for the Lord,” Guinness said. “And the people? Sitting on the fence. You notice [Elijah’s] argument, ‘If Baal is God, follow Baal.’ He has the courage of knowing Baal is not God. The fastest way for them to try and discover would be to follow Baal, in this case, over prayer and they hit their heads against the wall of reality.”

“America today, in many places, is sitting on the fence,” he added. “Although the elites — recently in the White House, many in the universities, many in the press and media, many of them unwittingly are espousing philosophies closer to the French Revolution than to the American Revolution and they will end in disaster.”

Guinness asserted that not only does America need a “new birth of freedom,” but added that “the Church needs reformation too.”

“We need to recover that wonderful reformation truth semper reformanda — ‘We all always go wrong,'” he said. “The church is [at] the low ebb of America today. … The scandal of the American church, unlike almost every European country except Poland, is that in this country, the church is a huge majority, yet culturally, uninfluential.”

Guinness explained that even though the Jewish and LGBT communities, for example, are only a small percentages of the American population, they tend to “punch way above their weight with cultural influence.”

“And we who are a huge majority as followers of Jesus are not the salt and the light that our Lord called us to be,” Guinness asserted. “So yes, we speak and I hope we all speak out with courage and with clarity and with compassion, as in the words of our [Wilberforce Weekend] ideals. But at the same time, we have to say, ‘Lord, restore this nation, yes. But Lord, revive Your church. And Lord, in Your mercy, revive me.’

“Covenantalism, if you have time to explore it, is the forgotten key to American greatness,” he concluded. “If we live it again in our own circles and show what it means wider, it could be a key to the restoration of this country and of freedom.”

Resurrection theology

Churchmouse Campanologist

jesus-christ-the-king-blogsigncomIn 2012, I posted a series of excerpts from articles on Resurrection theology from James A Fowler’s Christ In You Ministries site, which had several excellent and uplifiting sermons about the meaning of Easter.

Revd Fowler, a pastor of the Neighborhood Church in Fallbrook, California, has also had a teaching ministry in several countries around the world. The articles cited below can be found on Christ In You’s Miscellaneous Articles.

His articles remind us of the importance of the Resurrection, not only on Easter, but the whole year through. I hope you will enjoy his perspective as much as I did. I have also included a Lutheran point of view which is similar to Fowler’s:

Remembering the reality of the risen Christ

Are we bypassing the risen Christ?

A call for Resurrection theology

Christianity IS the Risen Christ

Unlocking the meaning of the Gospel

The extension of the risen…

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Governments If You Really Want To Stop Heroin And Opiate Deaths: Then Legalize Marijuana Now


I know that there are folks who have read this title and had all kinds of different emotions flow over them and this is understandable. Here in the U.S. big government and big media have a long history of distorting what the truth is concerning marijuana. I credit the mainstream media for simply being stupid and running with whatever the federal government tells them. Big government and by big government I do mean from city, county, state and federal organizations where some are just ignorant, some are corrupt, and some are both concerning the concept of making marijuana legal again for the people to consume like a lot of folks do wine, champagne or beer. Yet it has been in the interest of different governments, police agencies and some big lobbyist groups to keep marijuana illegal for their own financial profits they make from such an hypocritical system. Now I know that a lot of folks who read my articles are a bit confused about my stance on legalizing marijuana or even mad at me because the underlying theme on by blog is Christianity. This is true, yet what is the title of my blog site? It is Truth Troubles isn’t it? In my belief system Christianity is Truth so truth troubles is about speaking the truth even if it is something that goes against what we hear in Church, the media, or from the government. Throughout Scripture in the Old Testament and the New Testament we are told many times that wine and alcohol were given to us humans for our enjoyment, but we are also told not to be gluttonous when we are partaking of them. God also gave mankind plants like Mandrake for our enjoyment. Remember back to the founding Fathers of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, remember Isaac had two wives of which his favorite was Rebecka and how she gave his other wife some of her Mandrake so that she could get to sleep with Isaac that night even though it wasn’t her turn? Mandrake does the same type of things as marijuana does as far as giving a person a ‘buzz’, if it is okay for the founding Fathers of Israel and their wives, you get the picture? Even here in America our own Founding Fathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin grew pot in their own personal gardens. Think about this for a moment, the night that Rebecca got to sleep with Isaac when it wasn’t her turn is the night she was impregnated with Jacob, the man who’s 12 sons the 12 tribes of Israel are named after. Remember that the first reported miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine and no it was obviously not ‘grape juice’ or the ‘governor’ of the party would not have referred to it as the best. As Christians we all have to quit acting like hypocrites on these issues.


I was born in 1956 and the first time I ever tried ‘pot’ was when I was 17, it was just some cheap homegrown that was so weak that it didn’t do anything to me. I was probably about 22 or 23 before I smoked marijuana again yet I was around lots of folks who did smoke it literally every day  when they could afford to buy it. In fact just about everyone I knew smoked it at least every once in a while. Most all of these people that I have known throughout the years didn’t even drink alcohol and if they did it was just an occasional beer. None of these people used any of the ‘hard drugs’ like Crack, Heroin or were users of pills. A lot of the people that I have known throughout my life who were able to keep smoking a little ‘pot’ in the evenings and on weekends at their homes never ever did go onto other type of drugs, not even alcohol. The Government and the big Media like to call marijuana a “gateway” drug, saying that when most people start off smoking pot that they progress into the harder drugs, the way in which they frame their argument is a lie, period.


The people that I know who have gone onto harder drugs like Heroin and opioid pills is because those drugs tend to flush out of a person’s system in about 72 hours. People have always throughout human history have wanted to have something they can have for relaxation and for a gentle ‘buzz’. When the U.S. Government decided to act stupid and classify marijuana a level one drug like Heroin and encouraged all businesses to start doing pre-employment and random drug screens on their workers almost all of the people that I know quit smoking marijuana because it stays in a person’s system for at least 30 days and they could not afford to lose their jobs. Most all of the people that I know who did quit smoking pot started drinking alcohol in place of it. Unfortunately there are millions of people who instead of smoking marijuana did turn to the real hard drugs. So, in a since, yes marijuana did become a ‘gateway’ drug in that people quit using it because it stayed in their systems so long that millions of people who would have never gone onto drugs other than marijuana have done so and the result is thousands of people are dying every year because of these hard drugs. Marijuana has never ever even killed one person! Now let’s look at states like Colorado since they made marijuana legal for adults, checkout the amount of overdose deaths from before they made marijuana legal and then sense they made it legal. I am no computer whiz to say the least so I will leave your investigations up to you, but I do ask you to check out the stats. I remember reading a Colorado newspaper online about two or three months ago concerning this issue and the results were rather stark, the amount of overdose deaths are way down as they are in Washington State.


Truth is that all this “war on marijuana” has done is to put a lot of money into drug cartels pockets and cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives. Our Nation’s policies are idiotic, un-Christian and un-Jewish as well as being immoral. If our government was really interested in cutting down on overdose deaths from these hard drugs thus cutting down on the amount of these drugs coming into our country and giving drug cartels billions of dollars each year then they would create a system where pot is treated like beer or wine. Marijuana should be made to be cheaper than Heroin, Morphine or Crack. States who have actually done what the people of their states have voted for (when they have been allowed to vote on the issue, places like here in Kentucky refuse to allow a vote on it) the States have benefited with hundreds of millions in new tax revenue along with creating thousands of new jobs to help spur their economies. When our Government decided to create this “war on drugs” they through their own ignorance and hypocrisy took a benign medically helpful God-given Erb away from the people and have been the driving force behind the reason that millions of people worldwide are now dead. If our Nation was actually serious about stopping thousands of people from dying each year to drug overdoses then they need to get a clue and make marijuana totally legal in Our Country just like beer and wine is.

Why I Choose To Operate A Diversified Website


I know that there are a lot of folks who choose to stay very narrow in the material they publish on their websites and I do totally understand that line of thought. There are many people who are by their nature very narrow-minded in the way they choose to live their lives, some would say they are very ‘focused’ and I do not doubt their sincerity, our lives after all is a personal thing. Some people are wildly diversified in their beliefs yet choose to be very narrow in the material they will post in their blog, that is understandable to me also. There are a lot of people who when they get onto the internet in search of material to read they want to go to sites that totally and only agree with their personal points of view. This is understandable to me if a person is looking for a certain venue like muscle cars, farm equipment or clothing fashions. There are some folks who run websites who know their targeted market and the people who visit their site so the author’s stay on that narrow path so that they don’t lose readership, in my opinion that is a safe way to operate your site. Yet there are subject matters in this world we live in that are diversified by their very nature.


I know that there is an old cliché about never mixing religion and politics into a conversation unless you are wishing to start a war, or to get everyone to leave your party. Yet these are two genre’s that affect our lives whether we wish them to or not. So, this is why I add them into the things I write about and that I reblog for other writers. I try to be a bit eclectic on purpose hoping that I can get people to think outside their norm. I want my readers to search out this website each day for the purpose of liking some things and getting upset about other things they find on this site each day. I do not agree with everything I reblog from other writers, some I very much do not agree with. Yet I do this to broaden my own area of knowledge and hopefully broaden the knowledge of some of my readers.


Before I went to college I did not write anything at all except maybe an occasional letter to a family member. While in school I was forced into taking a class called Creative Writing, one that I am positive many of you folks also had to labor through. I found that I actually liked writing during the time I was in those classes though. I survived by writing a lot of poems that a lot of people seemed to like and I was pleased to be able to pass the course. As many of my readers know I still post one of my poems once in a while just to break a routine from serious articles. In the political arena I am a registered Independent voter who is sick of both the Republican and the Democratic parties yet on this site I post articles that are for and against both of these parties as well as other parties and groups of people like Nazi believers, Communists believers and even Socialists believers. Do I do this because I wish to start a war? No, not at all, what I am trying to do is to help start a conversation between these different ideologies. You know, sometimes this conversation I am trying to facilitate is even one that is between one’s own ears.


Another genre that a person will find on this site is about religion, or should I say religions. Personally I am a fundamentalist Christian that does not agree totally with any of the world’s main denominations doctrines. There are many ‘Christian’ religions and many people through the past two thousand years have died fighting against other ‘Christians.’ In my personal opinion this violence toward each other is anti-Christian. Then as you know, there are many other ‘religions’ here on this planet that have nothing to do with Jesus (Yeshua) or God the Father Jehovah (Yahweh). There are billions of people who believe in Gods that are not found in any version of the Bible such as Buddhist, Hindu and Islam to name just a few. Yet you may ask why I will forward writings from other bloggers on to this site that are not fundamentalist or even Christian at all and this is a fair question. If you have ever read my homepage article you know that I was brought up in the ‘Church of Christ’ as a kid and as a teenager. I was taught that only people who were members of the Church of Christ would go to Heaven and that everyone else on Earth would go to Hell. Yet there were many questions I had that the Elders would not or could not answer so I started digging into other religions, Christian and otherwise. The Church taught that we were correct and every other religion was wrong yet I was expected to go around the neighborhood knocking on people’s doors telling them that their version of Christian worship was wrong without knowing what they were wrong about. How does one do that? Yet the Elders told me it was evil to be reading materials about religion that wasn’t from the Church of Christ. My opinion then was as it is now, how do you tell someone they are wrong if you don’t even know what they teach?


These are the reasons why I post a different type of articles and opinions on this website, to get people to think, to read, to question, to understand. Do I believe in everything I post up each day? Of course not. In editing this site I have learned so very much from what other writers have written. I have learned many things about other cultures, religions, jobs, economies, militaries, and about other countries, some of which I did not even know existed. Friends this is why I do what I do on this site. No one is paying me anything at all to write what I do or to reblog what I choose to reblog, I have never earned one penny from this site and I do not ever expect to. I write and read these articles to educate myself and hopefully to help broaden the understanding and knowledge of others. I do have things that I will not put over onto this site that other WordPress bloggers who read me write about though. I do not put anything I consider to be pornographic nor do I put over articles with filthy language onto this site. That is just a personal choice, just as I hope it is your personal choice to stop in each day to see what range of genre I have posted for you to consider. Until we can meet again, Shalom my friends, may God bless you and your loved ones always.

Everyone Should Be Thankful The Jewish People Killed Jesus 2,000 Years Ago


For those of you who have little or no knowledge of the Scriptures I can understand if you are screaming at me right now, and that is okay, if I had no knowledge of the Scriptures I would be doing the same thing. I used this title to try to get people’s attention. If you know the story about Moses and the Egyptian Pharaoh do you remember how there was several times that the Pharaoh had agreed to let the Hebrew people leave Egypt one day but the next day changed his mind? Each time this happened we are told it was because God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Even the last time where Pharaoh actually ordered them to get out of Egypt, after the people had left God hardened his heart one last time and Pharaoh took off after them to bring them back, only to drown the Egyptians in the Red Sea.


I brought that issue up to help remind you that God did the same thing about 1,500-1,600 years later except this time He hardened the hearts of the Jewish people of Jerusalem so that they would go through with having  their own Messiah killed at the hands of the hated Romans. You see, the Jewish people of that time were waiting for the Messiah to come there and to set up an Earthly Kingdom where He would rule the whole world from Jerusalem and in the process, get rid of the hated Romans. Actually, this is what the Jewish people of today are also waiting on, for the Messiah, the Christ, to come to Earth and do exactly that, except for the Romans part. The Jewish people were/are God’s chosen people and when the Messiah does come (back) He will do exactly that. When the Jewish people 2,000 years ago realized that Jesus was not there to set up the Messiah’s Kingdom at that time, God hardened their hearts so that the Scriptures could be fulfilled completely.


Folks, if Jesus had set up His Throne at that time, if He had not been killed and if He had not been raised from the dead three days later, there would be no such thing as Christianity and no one and I do mean no one but the Jewish people would have been able to be saved. Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, went through with all of that pain so that everyone could have the chance to be saved. The Jewish people are correct, the Messiah is coming and the people who are of pure Hebrew blood are still peculiar people to God. And yes, Christ is going to set up His Kingdom from the Holy City of the New Jerusalem which will come down out of Heaven and yes the Messiah will set up His Throne upon the Temple Mount. After the New Jerusalem has come down from Heaven those of us who are not of %100 Hebrew blood (Gentiles) will be allowed to walk the streets of the Holy City for 42 months. After that time Christ will come down from Heaven and sit upon His Throne and rule the whole world from the Holy City for ever more. But, after that forty-two months us Gentiles will no longer be allowed within the Holy City. I know that some folks are angry at the thought that I/you/we are only relegated to the reality of a true Heaven on Earth type life style but think about it for a moment before you complain too loudly. If the Jewish people of 2,000 years ago had not killed Jesus we would all be one of those folks in Hell hoping for a bit of ice water. So, quit complaining, and just be thankful.

Don’t Say Your A ChristianThen Be Cold-hearted: Fore One Cannot Be The Other


In a recent Presidential Debate one Candidate said that if he were the President that people wouldn’t be dying on the streets because they couldn’t afford healthcare, I’m pretty sure that is a word for word quote. The Candidate that was to his left quickly spat out a comment about “and how are you going to pay for that”? Reasonable question isn’t it? Yet there is one fact that keeps bothering me about this situation and that is the players. Speaker #1 is a successful cold-hearted business person whom has made billions of dollars by exploiting loopholes in our political system and taxing system. His actions were done to maximize his profits at the direct cost to the American economy and workforce. You would think that this man would not care less if people are dying on the streets. Which is the book and which is the cover?


Candidate #2 has as the major theme of his Candidacy that he is a Christian and that he is very conservative when it comes to spending ‘other people’s money’. Has #2 become known as a liar during this Campaign? There has been several times that his actions have proven himself to be such, yet he keeps on trying to tell real Christian people that he is one of them, I believe for the sole purpose of conning them out of their vote. I have a question for #2, how would you see to it that the poorest of the poor could get medical care or funeral rites?


What I am getting at is simple, if you consider yourself to be a conservative Christian, have you let the dollar-bill become you God? #2 is known for being hateful then he chose a running mate who almost always has a scowl on her face whom is known for being hateful and whom also loudly confesses their Christianity. So, hate filled personas and know for being a liar, and they are supposed to be the good guys? Are they not suppose to be Christian examples? Lukewarm water is not a good example.

Should “A Trump Wall” be built Around All Islamic Nations?


Just in case you think I have lost all level of sanity, I am not serious about an actual wall. But, I am serious about the need to remove all people who believe in Islam from every country on earth that isn’t already infested with the moral disease that is Islam. I know that this is very harsh what I am saying. I am not trying to be hateful and I do not want anyone on the planet to be harmed in any way. This is why I say that this terrorist organization (Islam) must be relocated to ‘Arab/Persian’ nations only. There is nothing peaceful or kind or ‘religious’ about Islam, most everything about it is pure evil. I know that no physical wall would work because they would just blow it up.  But you (the nations of Earth) can refuse to allow any boat/ship or plane to land on your soil and if you find any in your country illegally let the stated national policy be so that they would know ahead of time that they will be jailed for life in a maximum security prison.


This paragraph is going to be about the Islamic hordes that ISIS and other Demonic groups like them have pushed out of countries like Syria and into the EU. Europe and Germany in particular are learning that this influx of evil should never have been allowed to happen. Now these EU countries are discussing sending them back to their home lands because of their purely Satanic culture does not at all mix with the kindness and generosity that is Christianity. What I am condoning is sending every single person back to their homeland and not allowing any others to ever leave those countries that are infected with this disease. Islam must world-wide be treated like a deadly plague because that is what it is. All of these people must be sent back as soon as possible. Wars like what are going on in Syria are civil wars between Sunni and Shiite that has been going on now for 1,400 years, it is not something that is new to the region. Every peace-loving nation on earth needs to cancel every single passport of every one of them and never allow any to come into their countries again.


Here in America if we were to have another internal war our citizens should be forced to put and end to it themselves. If a thousand armed murderers entered your town of lets say thirty-thousand people it is our own people who must kill those murderers, not run away. If someone threatens your families lives it is your responsibility to protect them at any cost and that does mean killing those ‘soldiers’ at every possible opportunity. I am not mincing words because you and I and every person on Earth is at war with Islam at this very moment. You may well be saying “I’m not at war with anyone, what the heck at you talking about”. What I am telling you right now is that Islam by its very core teachings are at war with every human being on the planet and the does mean you and all of your family members. They will be happy to tell you that they aren’t at war with you, as they slit your loved ones throats and put it on video for all their followers to see.

I am saying that everything to do with Islam must be removed from every country and that does mean scrapping every single Mosque off the face of the earth right down to the dust. I am not condoning hurting any of their believers in your country but I am saying that for your own safety these people must all be removed back to the Middle-East and never ever let out again as long as Islam exists. Doing these things will force the people of Islam who say that it is just a peaceful religion to either convert away from Islam or kill those doing the murdering themselves. If you have a country with say ten-million residents and they are being attacked by fifty-thousand soldiers the people must themselves crush those who have attacked them. I know that these things will not happen, at least not here in America because of the idiocy of ‘political correctness’.

Humanity, Christianity And Islam



Humanity, Christianity and Islam



This letter to you today is my attempt to get folks to deeply consider the humanity crisis going on throughout Europe, but for now I am referring to the European countries that border the Mediterranean mostly. There is also the request by the Pope for all Catholic Parishes to take in one of these war refugee families. Not just Catholic people and not just towns that have Catholic Churches in them, but all people of every country had better look long and hard before allowing anything Islamic into their communities. We must all decide if we want any people, even nice nonviolent people coming into our local community that will absolutely bring their religious beliefs and life styles with them. This is not a race issue at all, it is a life or death issue to every citizen in every country, every town.


Here in America there is a person who is trying for the Republican Presidential nomination named Dr. Ben Carson who is being slapped around by Americas extremely left liberal media outlets for speaking honestly and intelligently about how America should not ever have an Islamic believing President, (because Islam is not conducive to freedom or to democracy). That is called thumbing your nose at being politically correct and just simply speaking what you honestly believe to be the truth. I believe this question to Mr. Carson was derived from Mr. Donald Trump (another non politician) who is trying for the same voters as Mr. Carson in his recent comments on Islam and our current Shiite Islamic President (my long held personal opinion).


Here in America there is a bitter battle in the press, politics and on main street America about our porous borders especially along our border with our southern sister Mexico. The same open borders plague our northern border with our frozen sister Canada but the issue is more complicated, it is also an economic, security, jobs, taxes, language barriers, race, crime and drugs issues. It is poorer people in general who are trying to get into America from the south while there is no such rush from Canada because they have and infrastructure which creates jobs while most of the countries to our south do not. The issues southern Europeans are facing is many, including all of the ones I just mentioned that America is having.


The biggest issue on the board right now for the whole world to address is how to get these wars stopped as soon as possible so that people can quit fleeing their war torn homelands. Hopefully then they can start a migration of these believers in Islam back to their home countries so that they can live under Islamic law in their own countries there if they want it so badly, not in Paris Texas, London Kentucky or Moscow Ohio. Most polls taken in Islamic countries show that 90-92% of the people polled said they did want Sharia to be the law in not only their own country but in all countries. In Islam since the religion began in about 630 there have been two main sides in Islam and for almost 1,400 years now the two have been trying to kill all of the other clan, as well as everyone else on earth. The Shiite and the Sunni both want the same hatred to be forced on everyone on earth or they are supposed to kill you if you don’t not just convert to Islam, but to be strictly adherent to its teachings (Sharia Law).


Okay Christians now we have a dilemma on our hands. I do mean the term Christian to all the people of the planet who believe that Jesus is/was the Christ, the Son of God. The teachings of Jesus tell us to be kind even to those who hate us. The world has a problem with the migration that the world must stop quickly. We as Christians are supposed to help these people out if we can, help with such things as food, shelter and water. We are not obligated to allow the teachings of those who only wish us all dead to be spread like the poison Islam is among our neighborhoods. All this accomplishes by letting in a custom that is not only completely different than any other that you have most likely ever come across. Only an idiot would allow this ideology to move in next door to them, worse yet the spare bedroom. Islam is not a harmless peace loving religion no matter what the goof ball George W. gives lip service to.


Reality is that terrorism is not going to stop because hate is not going to ever stop, nor is ignorance. Just as Jesus said that He hates the sin but He loves the sinner, I do not want any violence toward anyone. Islam is not the only danger to the whole civilized world but it is the largest issue facing the world today. I wish no harm to anyone who believes that Allah is a god, I only hope is that they live long enough to see the error of their teachings and convert to the love of Jesus instead of the hate of Allah/Satan.


Recently Russia has moved overtly into Syria to help prop up that government which has in tern been an ally of Russia by letting them have a large Naval Yard there. Our President has made so many blunders (or pre planned treason) and Syria has been no different. President Obama has not gone hard against the Shiite led countries like Syria yet has been token in the destruction of even a Sunni group like ISIS. Maybe Russia, China, Europe and the U.S. should work together to eliminate such worldwide threats together and completely. O, but then that would create the (holy war/jihad) that crazy people like the “Supreme Ruler” of the Islamic State of Iran crave. Here is another thought for you though right now, the Islamic hoards are crushing the economies and neighborhoods of Europe. How they (Europe) handles this crisis will depend on if the Europe that we have known for six-hundred of so odd year’s stands as we know it or crumbles into a constant war zone.



What (If) Jesus Is Really Real?


What (If) Jesus Is Really Real



I know that there are a lot of people around the world that do not believe in Jesus as the Christ, God incarnate. Christians have a lot of the blame for this because so few Christians really have a clue about the meat of the Scriptures. We are good at quoting a verse here and there or telling you who begat whom or what order the Books are in but few Christians have a clue even about the beginning of the earth and what we humans call time. I personally believe mostly how the Christians who call themselves Seventh Day Adventist believe except for the part about the earth being created in seven human days. Folks I love you but this is stupid theology that cost millions from looking to the Bible for answers when so many Christians like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spout this level of ignorance the people who might be leaning toward checking out the Bible instead turn from it. We humans these days think we are so smart we think we can fathom time in millions or even billions of years yet we cannot perceive that time itself has no clock. But, do you think that the people of Moses’ time understood such equations? Even when things are in the simplest forms we sometime over look that which is obvious.


For argument sake let me say I do not believe in any form of a ‘god’. I believe that everything that our eyes see is just some kind of cosmic mistake, a huge accident. For argument sake I convince you about everything on earth being this huge accident. But now I have to figure out how all of those cosmic accidents happened also, how planets all do exactly what they are doing all on their own. They all just fell into space the way they are, all the hundreds of billions of planets that we know of and all the ones yet to be discovered. Who knows how many billions, all accidents just empty nothingness perfectly tuned, by accident?


Another thought about all of these planets, do we Christians really believe that all of these planets were created by a God? If so, then why? Why does anyone really think that God created billions of planets, just because He was bored? If you really believe in a God who created all this that we call Earth then why do we think He created all those planets for? Some say if we were to know about it then ‘it’ would be in the Bible. Um, that is sort of ignorant friends. Cars, clocks, buses, electricity, pants, glasses, none of these things and many more are not written in Scripture! God does expect us to have some common sense, to be able to think for ourselves, to not act so ignorant that we run off our own families.


Now, what if Jesus is the Christ, the promised one to Israel? What if He will be coming back to Earth one day as Scripture over and over again says He will? Folks that event, the Second Advent (coming) of Christ is exactly when Armageddon will happen. The people will have sided with the governments of the world and will fight against Jesus and His Angels and the people will be crushed like in a wine-press who followed after the Demonic governments and fought against Jesus and His Angels. Then, Jesus will rule the Earth from the New Jerusalem which will come down out of Heaven. This is the error our Jewish Brothers failed to see 1,986 years ago in Jerusalem and it is the error that those faithful to the Jewish faith today still fail to understand.


American media today has a hook through the nose of the average person. Media moguls are telling us what fashion is, what is ‘cool’ to do, and what is not. Back in the 1950’s the Washington politicians had all of the power over Holly Wood, now we have so many types of media available that it is the media who wags the tail of the politicians and the courts. American media and the small minority who say what can be printed or said inundate us with either government messages or corporate messages telling us what to buy, what to think, what to eat, what to do. It is also now very popular that our government and its allies (media) tell us how horrible Christian people are yet refrain from negatively commenting on any other religion because that would be politically incorrect, mean, and hateful. If you are a Christian person you/I are supposed to be loved based, caring, friendly and kind, not self-centered or hateful. If our attitude is what is keeping the people who meet us from asking us questions about Jesus, then we badly need to change our own ways before we close our eyes again. God (Jesus) is love, if we are preaching hate of other people then we do not know Jesus at all, we do not know God at all, Father or Son.


What if Jesus is real? What if the Christian Scriptures are correct? What will you yourself do if you found out that He is an absolute truth, that Jesus really is exactly what the Scriptures say He is? I believe that this is a question that everyone will have to answer for themselves because I do with all my heart mind and Soul do believe that Jesus is the Christ, God incarnate, the Son of Jehovah The Father of all of us. I do believe the Scriptures to be the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God, the best ‘thing’ that we humans have to guide our lives by. I pray that each of you all come to love and trust in Jesus the way that I through time have learned to do and I hope that each and every one of you before you die will develop a faith way beyond my own this day. God bless each and every one of you, I pray for peace and love to fill your day and fill your dreams. In Jesus’ name.